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  • Alligator H


  • Smoothed MA13 shift 8

    Smoothed MA8 shift 5

    Smoothed MA5 shift 3

    Smoothed MA by use High,Low midpoint = (High+Low)/2

  • - Monitor when Alligator Sleeping- Watch 1st Fractal out of Alligator- Trade only when outside the mouth.

  • - 5 bars - High 3 2 High

    - Low 3 2 Low

  • Center bar orGroup of center

    Highest High

    Lowest Low

    - 2 /

  • Fractal Current Fractals ... Up and Down

    High/Low of Fractal bar 1 tickEntry

  • Upper Area = abs(Jaw -Teeth) , Blue and Red linesLower Area = -abs(Teeth -Lips) , Red and Green lines

  • 1.Saucer. 2.Cross Zero. 3.Twin Peak.

    - High, Low Midpoint = (H+L)/2- AO = SMA5 - SMA34

  • Awesome Oscillator (AO)

  • Awesome Oscillator (AO)

  • Awesome Oscillator (AO)

    Signal bar = 1st bar

    Signal bar = 1st bar

    Price higher high of signal bar 1 tick

    Price Lower Low of signal bar 1 tick

  • Awesome Oscillator (AO)

    only below Zero

    - 1st Peak (a) Larger than 2nd Peak (b) - Green bar - Saucer sell Peak- Signal bar = (c) -

  • Awesome Oscillator (AO)

    only Above Zero- 1st Peak (a) Larger than 2nd Peak (b) - Red bar - Saucer buy Peak- Signal bar = (c) - sell

  • Acceleration / Deceleration Oscillator Acceleration / Deceleration Oscillator

    AC = AO - sma5 of AO- Sensitive Signal , Not use Every Signal

  • AC

    Signal Bar

  • - AC Signal bar Gator High / Low Signal bar

    High Signal bar 1 tick.

    Low Signal bar 1 tick.

    Above Zero

    Above Zero

    Below Zero

    Below Zero

  • 1. Buy @ Close of 2nd bar Higher Close of 1st bar.2. Add Buy 5 Green Zone , Buy only Close Higher3. 5 Green Zone Buy Stop Low 5th bar 1 Stop Low New High

    In Green Zone ; wait 2 bars in Green for 1st Buy

  • In Green Zone 6-8 Green zone 5 Buy Stop


  • In Red Zone ; wait 2 bars in Red for 1st Sell

    1. Short @ Close of 2nd bar Lower Close of 1st bar.2. Add Short 5 Red Zone , Short only Close Lower.3. 5 Red Zone Short Stop 5th bar 1 Stop New Low

  • Grey Zone AO, AC

    Prepare Open Short in Red Zone

    Wait for AO divergence

    Not Buy , Not Sell

    Red Zone

  • Toward balance line : Base +/-2Away balance

    line : Base +/-1

    Price (Toward) Balance Line Price (Away) Balance Line

  • Base bar = Lowest High priceWait for Price Up Away balance line

  • Normally Do not Buy below balance line Price Toward the line Buy close positionBase bar = Lowest High price

  • Same principle as Buy below balance line Price Toward the line Sell close positionBase bar = Highest Low price

  • Base bar = Highest Low priceWait for Price Down Away balance line

  • 1. Alligator Teeth2. Alligator Lips

    Close Price not cross Teeth , Red line.

    3. 5 consecutive bars in Green or Red Zone 5 Green or Red Zone Stop High/Low 5 Stop new high/new low

    Lips Line , Close Price not cross Lips , Green line. - Alligator - AO divergence (Twin Peak)- Lips curve to Teeth

  • 1. Alligator Sleeping, AO&AC small near Zero2. Fractal UP/Down Out of Alligator3. Wait Break out Fractal and Close Higher or Lower Fractal bar4. Occur 2 bars in Green Zone or Red Zone5. Blue Light Special

    - AO Close Short next bar , price new low- AO Close Buy next bar , price new high