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|O bhrbhuva sva tatsaviturvareya bhargo devasya dhmahi dhiyo yo na pracodayt |(May Almighty illuminate our intellect and inspire us towards the righteous path)- Rigveda 3/62/10; Samveda 1462, Y ajurveda 3/35, 22/9, 30/2, 36/3 Yajurveda

Volume - 5 Issue - 2 March-April, 2007 Date of Publication: 01.03. 2007

Annual Subscription India: Rs. 72.00 Abroad: Rs. 720.00

Evolution The Inherent Urge of LifeEvery living being has a natural urge to find its original source in a higher, evolved and enlightened state. This subliminal impulse of inner consciousness is what generates the natural cycle of progressive evolution of consciousness through ascending order of life forms. A seed grows into a tree which fructifies in the developed state and gives rise to its origin the seed. A childs inner desire is inclined towards becoming a fully grown up man. The force of evolution in human life manifests as quest of human mind, through its curiosity to know and interact with its surroundings, with the systems, and mechanisms of his personal and social life, and its wonderstruck appreciation of the beauty and mystery of Nature. The perception of Nature works like a mirror for the human mind. It tries to seek and visualize its evolved states in the ever-new expressions of Nature. This is how it acquires knowledge and experience and endeavors for further progress. Life in the unlimited expansion of the universe manifests itself in progressive and dynamic states of consciousness. Rigidity, backwardness, complacency and self-centeredness are against the laws of evolution. Evolution is a perpetually progressive manifestation of Divine Consciousness. The dimensions of the gradual evolution in human life are much wider and have their higher horizons rooted in the sublime realms of divine consciousness. These emanate from the aspiration of the soul to awaken and unite with its Supreme Source. Spiritual transmutation is a progressive evolution of consciousness towards this ultimate goal.Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Amrit chintan

( c.f. Rishi Chintan)March-April 2007



Amrit Chintan Evolution The Inherent Urge of Life -------------------------------------------- 03 From Chief Editors Desk: Life is Incessant Change -------------------------------------------------------------- 05 What is Fate, Who Regulates it? ---------------------------------------------------- 06 Health for All Rejuvenation without Medicines -1 ----------------------------------------------- 14 Know the Essence of Tender Emotions - 13 Siddhi through Sadhana- 2 The Need of Refined Environment for Success of Sadhana ----------------- 16 Ya g y a Therapy 2 Yagya: Medicinal Effects and Therapy for Eyes ------------------------------- 19A r to fL i v i n g7



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Develop Self Respect- 24Youth Column


Shantikujs Campaign for Awakening of Youth ------------------------------- 26


Science and Spirituality

Can Animals Predict weather? ----------------------------------------------------- 29 On the Road to Freedom -3 3 Companions in Solitude-13 The Inner Aspect of My Sadhana of Life -II --------------------------------------- 39My Life: Its Legacy and Message- 24

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T h a tw h i c hIa mD o i n ga tP r e s e n t- 43Amrit V

F o u rP i l l a r so fS e l f D e v e l o p m e n t-I I -4 7 154

Shantikunj news ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 50March-April 2007

From Chief Editor's Desk


Life is Incessant Change

he two-month period of March-April is the transitional link when the vibrantly alive and radiantly fragrant spring peaks out and there are subdued signals of the slow advent of dry, sunny and scorching summer.

Change is the fundamental law of Nature and Life. Of all the creations on earth only human beings have been gifted with the free will and wisdom to make choices and yoke the Law of Change for self-improvement, self-growth and collective well-being. At present, changes are occurring in nature and humanity at an unprecedented pace; and call for conscious, concentrated and enlightened efforts by human beings individually as well as collectively to rise out of egoencaged, divisive consciousness into the unitive cosmic consciousness. This alone can reverse the present helpless hurtling down of Earth with all its myriad manifestations of Life (including human) into the abyss of Doom.

In the modern era it is our Gurudev who had clearly visualized the gravity and grimness of the situation (mostly brought about through mans own diabolic exploitation of Nature for selfaggrandizement) and had outlined a precise plan of action for ushering in an era of peace, holistic harmony and happiness ensuring universal well-being through life-transforming Gayatri Sadhana. We Gayatri Pariwar Parijans, have therefore to work wholeheartedly and resolutely towards the fulfillment of our Gurudevs vision and mission. The coming Chaitra Navratri (March 19-26) will be a special occasion for us to undertake intensive Gayatri Sadhana through Laghu Anushthan of 24000 Gayatri Mantra Japa during this holy Parva for self-purification and spiritual recharging. 19th March (The first day of the Parva) will also mark the beginning of the new Vikram Samvat 2064, which makes the Navratri Parva all the more auspicious for Sadhana. All Parijans are exhorted and advised to take up an intensive Laghu Anushthan for their own as well as humanitys spiritual well-being. The annual school examinations in many parts of the country will be held during March. We send our best wishes to all examinees for excellent performance. Faith-filled Gayatri Japa will be a source of special inspiration for them. All worthwhile and purposeful change in human affairs begins through individual self-awakening, which then spreads as a ripple effect in the society. In this connection, let us as Sadhaks listen to the clarion call of Swami Vivekanand: Arise, awake, sleep no more. Within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and all miseries. BELIEVE this, and that Power will be manifested. With Navratri Parva and Ramnavami Greetings,

-Pranav PandyaMarch-April 2007


Who Regulates it ?

What is Fate,

The Indian mythology states that Chitragupta maintains the records of our karma, which shapes our future destiny. But who is Chitragupta? Is it another name of God? Or, does it refer to a superhuman, angel or is it simply an allegory?

ost of us are generally curious to know our future. As rational beings we feel that it is by and large determined by our efforts but still cant create or predict it. Some of us may consider the uncertainty to be governed by some unknown random law of Nature (or Murphys Law!). Whatever be the case, the word fate or destiny is very much a part of our natural inquisitiveness to know why different people have different fates, or why people born in the same family, brought up in same environment, having the same qualifications and talents end up getting drastically different destinies in their professional and social lives? To a varied extent, we do feel concerned about our stars, horoscope, palm-maps, cards, etc that are commonly regarded as indicators of fate. So let us examine what this fate is? The Indian mythology states that Chitragupta maintains the records of our karma, which shape our future destiny. But who is Chitragupta? Is it another name of God? Or, does it refer to a superhuman, angel or is it simply an allegory?6


The number of human beings inhabiting this earth itself is in billions. If we take into account the other living beings of millions of nonhuman species, the total number would be beyond mathematical calculation. It would be an impossible task for an individual being, howsoever superbly evolved, to work day and night without rest for millions of years maintaining records of each moment of life of innumerable beings of the cosmos. Impracticability of maintenance of such a stupendous record puts a question mark on the very existence of Chitragupta . Modern science, however, substantiates the reality underlying the metaphorical descriptions given in the scriptures. Science has now established that all mental, verbal and physical activities carried out by an individual having a discriminative mind leave subtle impressions on the deeper levels of the psyche. In this way, like the compressed audio-visual recordings of events on a microchip of the computer or compact disc, all good and evil deeds are being recorded in the hidden chambers of theMarch-April 2007

subconscious mind. This record, like that of an ultra compact disk, remains in storage till it is required to be processed at a desired moment through an appropriate mechanism. In Indian science of spirituality, karma stands for any physical, verbal, mental or social activity. Because of the evolved state of human-consciousness, each karma automatically and instantaneously generates a subtle mental imprint. These imprints cannot be erased before the karma results in the consequent effect ( karmaphal ) at the appropriate time in this life or in any future life in any form. The scriptures also describe that the Supreme Creator (Lord Brahma ) inscribes the destiny on the forehead of a human being and this Divine Inscription cannot be erased by anyone. Let us examine this concept from a scientific point of view. Studies based on sophisticated mapping of brain activities by functional MRI etc, show innumerable furrows in the grey matter all over the brain. Medical science has not so far fully deciphered the biological implications of these indentations. Comparative studies of different subjects have shown that density of these crenulations in the