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  1. 1. Advantages of Cloud Backup Services Every business firm should understand how important it is to backup crucial data andwhen the whole business is relying on technology to connect clients and providers,intermediate communication and save files then almost all information isessential for any business which makes backup services quite critical. Cloud backup refers to protecting information by storingit on a remote, online storage space, called commonly a cloud. A recent survey has shown that a huge percentage of small and medium sized businesses still experience data loss the reason they use direct attached storage inlieu of cloud services. Data loss may be crucial and vital to a business and many small companies never recover after such an event, reason for which itis quite important to research one's options when it is storage and data backup and find the many advantages that come with cloud backup and computing as there are quite many of them. Primarily backup services provide youimproved protection for your data thusensuring that any amount of data is recoverable. Thisis achievable due to advancedencryption and security technologies thatlay at the basis of cloud based data backup.As small or medium sized businesses don't have a high IT budget, affordability is crucial to them and cloud services provide very effective price of ownership. Cloud storage and backupis quite cost effective and subscription prices are usually for a full year period, which mean expense predictability, another important benefit for small to medium size companies. Another important advantage of cloud services is quite uncomplicated as such services offer anytime remote access. Furthermore, with cloud based data you can enjoy user friendlyinterfaces and user friendly web based management systems. Minimal maintenance is imperative for those devices that are used for data synchronization to the cloud. Due to this great facility, cloud based solutions are rapid to implement which is yet another essential advantage. In a very short period business canenjoy deployment of data and effortless setup and configuration. Ongoing management is also another aspect that offers such an ease as the restoration process is also very straightforward. The mostimportant advantage of cloud backup is perhapsits immense level of flexibility. As businesses advances their IT requirements change, but cloud based storages are highly scalable and can increase or decrease their space depending on yourexact needs. If you choose cloud services, you will also be able to save costs on energy, as youwon't require huge server rooms and power consumption. Clouds are perfect for any business with green IT initiatives. The conclusion from this is that cloud based backup services are automatic, uncomplicated and quite inexpensive, presenting increased protection for business data, all the benefits that any IT organization wouldexpect from a backup service. It is definitely an alternate solution worth considering for small to medium sized companies.