Adult Learning Context in Social Action

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  1. 1. Slide share assigment for EDUC6303 By Maricia Silvera-Batson
  2. 2. Any where Any timeAny place
  3. 3. FormalNon Formal Informal
  4. 4. ADULT LEARNINGFor the purpose of social change Ball, J. (2013) Avaaz: can online campaigning reinvent politics? The guardian online, Retrieved online on 15th January 2013.Choudry, A. (2009) Learning in social action: knowledge production in social movements, McGill Journal of Education (Online) 44, No 1, 5-17. Hoskins, B. & Deakin Crick, R.(2010) Competences for learning to learn and active citizenship: different currencies or two sides of the same coin? European Journal of Education 45, No. 1, 2010, Part II, 121-137.
  5. 5. ADULT LEARNINGOllis, T. (2011) Learning in social action: the informal and social learning dimensions of circumstantial and lifelong activists, Australian Journal of Adult Learning 51, No. 2, 248268. Smolka, A. L. B. (2001) Social practice and social change: activity theory in perspective, Human Development 44, No. 6, 362-367. Scott, S.M. (2006) A way of seeing: Transformation for a new century, in T. Fenwick, T. Nesbit & B. Spencer (Eds.), Contexts of adult education: Canadian perspectives. Toronto: Thompson Education Publishing, Inc. Pg. 153-163.
  6. 6. The
  7. 7. ADULT LEARNINGTransformation
  8. 8. ADULT LEARNINGCompetenciesCivic The sum of the individual learning outcomes necessary for an active citizen. (P. 9) Learning to learn The complex mix of knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, that support a person becoming a life long learner. (p.9)
  9. 9. ADULT LEARNINGExposure Awareness Connect Action
  10. 10. ADULT LEARNINGCulture & History
  11. 11. ADULT LEARNINGparticipation engagementimmersion involvement
  12. 12. ADULT LEARNINGActivist Participation MONTUESWEDTHURFRISATSUNCircumstantial Life LongCircumstantialLife Long Skills are learned rapidly Activism happens through circumstance Skills are learned over time Activism happens through full immersion
  13. 13. Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world. afrahtifow.wordpress.comNelson Mandela