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<ol><li> 1. Slide share assigment for EDUC6303 By Maricia Silvera-Batson </li><li> 2. Any where Any timeAny place </li><li> 3. FormalNon Formal Informal </li><li> 4. ADULT LEARNINGFor the purpose of social change Ball, J. (2013) Avaaz: can online campaigning reinvent politics? The guardian online, Retrieved online on 15th January 2013.Choudry, A. (2009) Learning in social action: knowledge production in social movements, McGill Journal of Education (Online) 44, No 1, 5-17. Hoskins, B. &amp; Deakin Crick, R.(2010) Competences for learning to learn and active citizenship: different currencies or two sides of the same coin? European Journal of Education 45, No. 1, 2010, Part II, 121-137. </li><li> 5. ADULT LEARNINGOllis, T. (2011) Learning in social action: the informal and social learning dimensions of circumstantial and lifelong activists, Australian Journal of Adult Learning 51, No. 2, 248268. Smolka, A. L. B. (2001) Social practice and social change: activity theory in perspective, Human Development 44, No. 6, 362-367. Scott, S.M. (2006) A way of seeing: Transformation for a new century, in T. Fenwick, T. Nesbit &amp; B. Spencer (Eds.), Contexts of adult education: Canadian perspectives. Toronto: Thompson Education Publishing, Inc. Pg. 153-163. </li><li> 6. The </li><li> 7. ADULT LEARNINGTransformation </li><li> 8. ADULT LEARNINGCompetenciesCivic The sum of the individual learning outcomes necessary for an active citizen. (P. 9) Learning to learn The complex mix of knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, that support a person becoming a life long learner. (p.9) </li><li> 9. ADULT LEARNINGExposure Awareness Connect Action </li><li> 10. ADULT LEARNINGCulture &amp; History </li><li> 11. ADULT LEARNINGparticipation engagementimmersion involvement </li><li> 12. ADULT LEARNINGActivist Participation MONTUESWEDTHURFRISATSUNCircumstantial Life LongCircumstantialLife Long Skills are learned rapidly Activism happens through circumstance Skills are learned over time Activism happens through full immersion </li><li> 13. Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world. afrahtifow.wordpress.comNelson Mandela</li></ol>


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