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Adult Basic Life Support S enior Medics. In Hospital Life Support. Objectives. Summary of current RC(UK) guidelines Equipment Focus on In Hospital BLS Out of Hospital Paediatrics Choking. 2222 Adult Calls. Survivor / non survivor by rhythm 2013. 7% - Not required 53% - BVM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Post Resuscitation Care

Adult Basic Life Support

Senior MedicsIn Hospital Life Support

ObjectivesSummary of current RC(UK) guidelinesEquipment Focus on In Hospital BLSOut of HospitalPaediatricsChoking2222 Adult Calls20122013Total323331Arrests168194Resp Arrest911Peri-arrest6070False Alarm4946Unknown1110No 2222 call2618This is a comparison of the calls in 2012 and 2013 for ONLY in hospital calls. Pretty straight forward. Unknown are where we cant find any data no audit form completed, staff cant remember who the patient was so we cant follow up in notes etc. The NO 2222 calls are where the teams werent called eg. Cath lab, ITU or theatres etc.

Survivor / non survivor by rhythm 2013This is a breakdown of the survivors versus non survivors based upon initial rhythm if known.

7% - Not required53% - BVM15% - IGEL/LMA (2x IGEL fails)20% - ETT