Adobe eLearning ?· Adobe eLearning FAQ ... (eLearning is best viewed at 100% zoom level). 5. For a…

Download Adobe eLearning ?· Adobe eLearning FAQ ... (eLearning is best viewed at 100% zoom level). 5. For a…

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<ul><li><p>Adobe eLearning FAQ</p><p>ADOBE DIGITAL LEARNING SERVICES</p></li><li><p>How can I view my eLearning and distribute to users in the license? The eLearning is accessible in the following ways: </p><p> If your organization has a Learning Management System, the LMS administrator or IT member canindividually drop in each module zip file from the SCORM package.</p><p> If your organization does not have a LMS, you can open the files directly on your web browser. Unzipthe non-SCORM package and open the index.html file found inside. To distribute, send learners eitherthe single non-SCORM package or the unzipped modules individually. Make sure you have enoughspace on your hard drive.</p><p> If you intend to use your organizations SharePoint instance for sharing the eLearning with learners: Please upload the collective non-SCORM zip package to SharePoint. Instruct your learners to download the zip package and extract each module locally. Open the index.html file contained in each module in a web browser to view the content. We dont recommend running the eLearning files directly from SharePoint. Always download </p><p>the files to your local machine and run via a web browser.</p><p>Note: Make sure there are no errors while extracting the eLearning zip files. If you get an error while extracting, please try to download the zip file again from the source link.</p><p>Does my LMS or machine support the eLearning? Adobe eLearning files are SCORM 1.2 compliant the prevalent standard for most LMS's. On web browsers, the files are supported by HTML5. </p><p>Are there web browser requirements for viewing the eLearning? Any browser that supports HTML5 will work. Please follow the browser-related guidelines below to ensure an optimal eLearning experience:</p><p>1. Use Chrome or Safari for viewing the eLearning.</p><p>2. Enable Pop-ups and JavaScript in your web browser settings, if prompted.</p><p>3. View the eLearning with your web browser maximized to a full-screen view.</p><p>4. Check your web browser zoom level settings (eLearning is best viewed at 100% zoom level).</p><p>5. For a better viewing experience, minimize the number of tool bars in your browser.</p><p>6. Set your screen resolution to a 16:9 aspect ratio, such as 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1366x768, and so on. </p><p>I am not able to load the eLearning in my LMS. What should I do? There may be a couple reasons and fixes to help with troubleshooting. We suggest: </p><p> Check that your LMS supports SCORM 1.2 compliant files.</p><p> Check that you are extracting and installing each module zip file individually. The course is made up of many modules, and each is a SCORM compliant package that must be uploaded separately. </p><p>ADOBE DIGITAL LEARNING SERVICES 2017 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. </p></li><li><p>Can my organization host the eLearning through Adobe? This on-premise eLearning is shipped to and hosted by customers at their location only. </p><p>Are there mandatory passing marks on quizzes or knowledge checks in the eLearning courses? In the individual learning modules, learners are presented with knowledge check questions but are not required to pass with certain marks to advance onto next sections, and have unlimited quiz attempts. Knowledge checks are designed to help learners reinforce key topics, and this approach allows learners take control of their learning. </p><p>Some eLearning courses come with separate assessment modules which do have a pass percentage set at 80%. If you wish to track learners on an LMS solely based on slide completion (and not assessment completion), we recommend not uploading the assessment module as a part of the courses learning path/curriculum. </p><p>I want to train my team using our own data. Can I customize my eLearning? Yes! Customization is available as an add-on. Please contact your sales rep or email us at for more information. </p><p>I upgraded my Adobe Solution to the newest version and only have eLearning for the previous version. How can I get the updated eLearning? Our eLearning is periodically updated to align with new product versions, and the Maintenance purchase option provides you with updates which we will automatically send to you. You can also purchase the updated eLearning version individually. The list of the most recent versions can be found in the course catalog. </p><p>How can I stay up to date on new eLearning courses available? Our website will keep you posted on the growing eLearning updates and new offerings. </p><p>For additional technical assistance, you can email us at </p><p>ADOBE DIGITAL LEARNING SERVICES 2017 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. </p><p>mailto: ADLS@adobe</p></li></ul>