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  • Adapting the city

  • Building & Infrastructure

    Building Retrofit

  • C40 Cities

  • The Key IssuesFor property owners; the preservation of asset value and ensuring that buildings are fit for purpose;For occupiers; ensuring that staff productivity is not impaired and where possible enhancedHow do we measure our successAdaptation is a here and now issue

  • The Importance of Time (aka The Commercial Imperative)Includes the differences betweenStrategy and tangible implementationShort term mitigation and long term adaptationTime horizon over which our investment plans are predicated

  • Building Retrofit the key challenges ?From 37% of UK emissions in 2009 to zero by 2050; principally from the existing building stockHeritage buildings How do we choose which buildings to adapt and what happens to those that we reject ?Funding

  • VRF MarketMarket VolumesInstalled VRF in UseKw Cooling Capacity

  • VRF MarketGrowth of Heat Recovery systemsWhy?Flexibility Efficiency Cost20002011Cooling onlyHeat PumpHeat Recovery

  • How do we fund ?Has to be sustainable

    Stand alone adaptation doesnt work financially, build in to current investment plans

    Inclusive rents may be the solution (Green Deal et al)

    Ultimately a move away from P & L funded costs to balance sheet investment

  • The OpportunitiesGM wide strategy

    We have a GM wide Governance Structure

    Technology exists today

    Large number of organisations keen to become involved, but haven't yet built an effective coalition for change

  • Adapting the city