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Jason Waxman, General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Group, Intel


  • 1. Accelerating theSpeed of InnovationJason WaxmanGeneral ManagerCloud Infrastructure GroupIntel1

2. Cloud Adoption is InevitableThe cloud computing marketplace will reach total revenues of+$241 billion in 2020Global public cloud market size, 2011 to 2020$180.00$160.00 Total public cloud markets$140.00$120.00(US$ billions$100.00 $80.00 $60.00 $40.00 $20.00$0.002008 2009 2010 20112012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020IaaSPaaS SaaS BPaaSSource: Forrester Research, Inc.2 3. This Inevitability Comes with Challenges to Be Overcome40% SecurityInitial Cloud On-Boarding8% Security is top of mind.31%ApplicationMigrationStrategy Migrating applications,implementation strategy,Regulations7% & operational efficiencyare also priorities.11% SimplifiedManagement Powerand carbon footprint2%Source: ODCA Member survey, October 20113 4. Our Opportunity:Innovate Towards ODCA Priorities for Cloud SecureTransparency FederationIndustry Standard Solutions CommonAutomation Managementand Policy4 5. Collaboration Founded in Standards is Key Cloud ServiceGlobal ProvidersEnterprisesDelivering Top-grade Consuming andServicesOffering Top-grade Excess Capacity Emerging DynamicCloudMarketPlace Technology Solution ProvidersOffering Brokerage and Management services 5 6. From Requirements to Solution ScaleStreamlinedStandardizedShared Practices Requirements Response ChecklistsDrive ScaleAccelerate Adoption Accelerate TTMAvailable to Members at: www.opendatacenteralliance.org6 7. 2012: Accelerated Innovation is Here Delivering Standard Services Improving Big Data Response Early Security Solution Testing 7 8. Virtustream: Delivering Open Cloud ServicesKevin ReidCEO & CTO8 9. Secure Cloud Services Following ODCA StandardsHybrid HybridPrivate CloudVirtual Private Cloud Public CloudRun a Private Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Enterprise Public Cloud (At your site)(In Virtustreams Cloud) (In Service Providers Cloud) Customer operated orVirtustream managed or Virtustream or Other Serviceremotely managedCustomer managedProvider managed Infrastructure Infrastructure Management Regulation Management Security Security Regulation SecurityDomains Services Platform integrity & trust through hardware based root of trust, reported and attested through industry standard TPM and open APIs 9 10. Baidu: Infrastructure InnovationChallengeImprove solution performance to enablefaster response time to big data analyticsqueries 10 11. Baidu: Infrastructure InnovationImplementationQoS controls and IO Usersacceleration deployedon 100PB clusterProxy Network OSResults Search ApplicationReal time data retrieval, scalefor future data growth, basedHadoop Clusteron industry standard solutionsData MiningODCA IO Control Requirements based Solution DeliversImproved Analytics Performance11 12. National Australia Bank:Pushing Standard Based Security Assurance Challenge Move standard security availability forward by delivering ODCA security requirements based configuration 12 13. National Australia Bank:Pushing Standard Based Security AssuranceImplementationTiered solution mixing managedand un-managed serviceResultsPOC Results in key insights for ODCA UsageModelShared learning will help drive solution scaleLearn About POC Later Today in Cloud Ceiling Track 13 14. Our Path Forward is ClearODCA: A Massive Tool for IndustryAcceleration EngageThose Who Collaborate Will Win Through Acceleration Cloud and Big Data RepresentsMassive Industry Opportunity14 15. Cloud Formation Track Panels Moderator PanelistsService Provider Richard Villars IDC Curt Aubley Lockheed MartinJoe WeinmanTelx Petteri Uljas Capgemini Panel Jeff Deacon Terremark Moderator PanelistsCloud Hardware Barb Darrow Brandon FearsYael Maguire InfrastructureGigaOmHP Facebook Delivery PanelJason Waxman Mark Wood IntelDell Moderator PanelistsJohn Engates Elad Yoran Cloud SoftwareRichard Villars Gordon HaffRackspaceVaultive InnovationIDC Red Hat Andrew Stokes Panel Greg Brown Reuven Cohen Chief Scientist, Deutsche McAfee VirtustreamBank Global Technology IndustryModerator PanelistsStandardsJason WaxmanChet EnsignJosh Cohen Yael Maguire Intel OASISDMTF Facebook Development Pam FuscoPam FuscoPanelPresident of the CSA NY Metro CSA 15 16. Q&A16