A Framework of Leading towards Learning through Active Engagement of Students

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A Framework of Leading towards Learning through Active Engagement of Students. Mohammad A. Rob Management Information Systems University of Houston-Clear Lake Houston, Texas 77058 rob@uhcl.edu. Presentation Outline. The Leading-Learning Framework The Basic Concepts or Guidelines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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A Framework of Leading towards Learning through Active Engagement of StudentsMohammad A. RobManagement Information SystemsUniversity of Houston-Clear LakeHouston, Texas 77058rob@uhcl.edu

Presentation Outline Introduction

Theoretical Background Motivation Engagement and Learning What the Accreditation Agencies Say? Taxonomy of Significant LearningDesigning the Learning Environment The Role of Technology The Central Question

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

The Leading-Learning Framework The Basic Concepts or Guidelines Distribution of Learning Activities Designing the Learning Activities

Application in an MIS Course

Student Reflection



introductionTeaching undergraduates can be more challenging than graduatesTeachers complain:Undergraduates are not motivated towards learningHowever they are critical in evaluating instructorsResearch show that engagement of students can lead towards motivationAlso the art and practice of engagement is primarily the responsibility of the teacher

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

motivationMotivation means to be moved to do somethingPeople are intrinsically motivated to do something for reward or satisfaction Most students are extrinsically motivated to complete tasks with resentment & disinterestResearchers have been investigating what task characteristics make an activity interesting

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

Engagement and learningEngagement is an extrinsic motivational task that fosters learning in the educational environmentEngagement theories suggest that students must be meaningfully engaged in learning activities through interaction with others and in worthwhile tasksEngagement is not just a student-oriented activity

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

What accreditation agencies say?The National Survey of Student Engagement, AACSB Standard of Teaching and Learning, and ABET Standards for Engineering and Technology suggest:

Student engagement to enrich learning experienceActive involvement of students and collaboration and cooperation among faculty-student and student-studentCollaboration along with oral and written communication skills development and application in the IS programs

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

The role of todays teacherLeading Pedagogical Researchers say:The art and practice of engaging students towards learning is principally the responsibility of the teacherThe teacher becomes less imparter of knowledge and more a designer and facilitator of learning experiences for studentsThe real challenge in teaching is not covering the material for the students; its uncovering the materials with the studentsA Framework of Leading towards Learning

Finkss six taxonomy of Significant learningA Framework of Leading towards LearningFoundational KnowledgeConcepts and principles of a subject matter: facts, terms, formulae, concepts, principles, etc. ApplicationInvolved in various kinds of critical thinking and problem-solving skillsIntegrationConnection between ideas, subjects, people, etc. that improve intellectual powerHuman DimensionLearning about self and enabling interaction with others in the societyCaringIdentify and changing ones feelings: energizeLearning how to LearnSelf-directed learners: furthering ones knowledge towards the next level

Four Learning centers of Bransford et Al.A Framework of Leading towards LearningKnowledge CenteredWhat we want students to know and be able to do when they finish a course: the foundational knowledge, skills, and attitudes Learner CenteredConnecting to the strengths and interests of learners and helping them learn about themselves Community CenteredProviding an environment where students feel safe to ask questions, learn to use technology, work collaboratively to develop lifelong learning skillsAssessment CenteredProviding multiple opportunities to make students thinking visible, provide feedback and give chances to revise

The role of technologyIn the era of high-technology, engagement is also seen as a framework for technology-based teaching and learning. When students use technology as a tool to communicate with others, they take on an active role versus a passive role of transmitting the information by a teacher, a book, or broadcast. Instructors and students are constantly making choices on how to obtain, display, or manipulate information appropriate and useful for others. A Framework of Leading towards Learning

The central questionWhat role an instructor can play in setting up a classroom and course-related activities that motivate students to value their learning and self-regulate their activities, to carry them out on their own?The 21st century teachers acts as leaders :to engage students in important activities and challenges them with fun, in an environment conducive to learning, with technology, and guides them towards the goal of mastering the subject matter, and with an end product the knowledge of which will endure a human life beyond the academic environment.

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

The leading-learning frameworkIt is based on the concepts of: motivation and engagement, active and collaborative learning, taxonomy of significant learning, designing the learning environment, and the role of technology, as discussed before

A Framework of Leading towards Learning

The basic concepts of the frameworkA Framework of Leading towards LearningReduce Burden of TeachingThe concept of teaching by instructors is changed to learning by students: teacher leadsIncrease Efforts by StudentsThe burden of learning goes to students: students learn through active engagementDefine a Clear Outcome or Product for a CourseThe outcome is a significant document binder or a business information systemFormulate a Group Project around the OutcomeIncorporate a semester-long group project that applies most important concepts of the subjectMake All Course-Related Materials Freely AvailableEmpower students by providing lecture notes, past presentations & systems through a websiteMaintain Dedicated Computer ClassroomsEasy access to database servers & web servers to develop applications & use multiple tools/course

Shifting Burdens of teachers and studentsA Framework of Leading towards Learning

EngagementAssessmentLecturingLeadingTeacherTeacherStudentStudentAssessment -Centered TeachingEngagement Centered LearningDistribution of knowledge areasConcept-Based: Developing individual students knowledge on the subject matter

Project-Based: Understanding the relationship between various concepts of a subject matter

Multi-Dimensional: Going beyond the subject matter and improving on human dimension collaboration, cooperation, cross-curriculum, communication, research, multi-culture, career, etc. A Framework of Leading towards Learning

Growth of Knowledge in Dimensions The engagement is seen as a systemA Framework of Leading towards Learning

Instructor InputStudentProcessStudentOutputDemonstrationWork assignmentWork assignmentLectureWork assignmentDocumentPresentationResearch PaperProgram CodeDesign/ModelWeb siteMonitor & ControlRelationship with finks taxonomyof significant learningA Framework of Leading towards LearningConcept-BasedProject-BasedMulti-DimensionalPurposeLearn the primary concepts of a subject matterGet a clear picture of the subject matter Get a practical experience through integrated application of the conceptsProvide a significant learning experienceLearning the people, the society, and other culturesKnow the purpose, value, and prospect of educationLearn about the job market in the subject areaGain knowledge towards higher educationApply technologyFinks TaxonomyFoundational KnowledgeApplicationIntegration

Learning how to LearnHuman DimensionCaring

methods of student engagementA Framework of Leading towards LearningKnowledge AreaEngagementConcept-BasedIn-class writing, In-class case studyIn-class design, In-class programmingHomeworkProject-BasedSemester-Long Group Project:Apply SDLC MethodologyStudent-student meetingsGroup deliverables documents & systemsGroup presentations, Web SiteRedo presentations until clear conceptStudent teacher meetingsOutcome: Project Binder or SystemMulti-DimensionalResearch papers (Job, MIS topics, cross-curricular)Use of multiple software tools per subjectUse network servers & electronic submissioncycle

crossThe group project & cross-curricular knowledgeSDLC Methodology should be used on the group project throughout the semester and apply overall knowledge learned from various course concepts to produce a significant outcome from the course

Development of a major website by each student or group to house all course-related documents and programs is important in this technological era.A Framework of Leading towards Learning

The teacher as a leaderThe teacher acts as a leader in engaging students in multiple activities and directs them towards the goal

He/She is mainly focused on course planning as well as monitoring & controlling the student activities in a Project Management styleA Framework of Leading towards Learning

InitiatingPlanningExecutionMonitoring & ControlClosingCourse conceptSyllabus with deadlinesWeb site updateNetwork access updateGroup project definitionPresentation schedule Research paper definition/scheduleShort LecturesDemonstrationIn-class assignmentsListen to presentationsDiscussion on presentationsMeeting with groupsMonitor Revised presentationMid-Term TestFinal TestEnd ProductSurveyApplication in the undergraduate VB-programming courseWe apply the concepts of Leading-Leading Framework by engaging students in five main activities: In-clas


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