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  • A Canadian Perspective of Baby Friendly Initiative
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  • BCC History Est. in 1991 after World Summit for Children 1996 BCC identified as National Authority for WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative 1999 Canadas first BFI designated hospital (Brome- Missisquoi-Perkins, Quebec)
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  • 2000 BFI Community Committee formed, began BFI for Community Health Services 2001 BCC P/T Committee established 2003 second BFI designation St. Josephs Health Care, Ontario
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  • 2003 3 BFI Assessor Training workshops 2003 released Practice Outcome Indicators for hospital & community 2004 Canadas third BFI designation le centre hospitalier Saint-Eustache, Quebec; first CHS designation CLSC dArgenteuil, Quebec
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  • 2006 -5 facilities designated (7 in total) 2007-11 facilities designated 2008- 18 facilities designated 2008 BCC Board restructured 2009-26 facilities designated (10 hospitals, 2 birthing centres, 14 CHS)
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  • 2011-32 facilities designated 2012 National symposium and BFI Assessor training, BFI Practice Outcome Indicators Completed 2013- BFI integrated in Qmentum Standards for OBS/Perinatal Services for Accreditation Canada 2014- 3 Assessor Training workshops
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  • Partnerships & Contributions Partnerships with Health Canada, CPNP, CPS, Canadian Diabetes Assoc. & PHAC Contribution to WHO international meetings Contribution to: CPS nutrition committee NHTI birth-6 months & 6-24 months CPNP Practical Workbook Healthy Weights: Our Health, Our Future Family Centered Maternal Newborn Guidelines revision
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  • Structure: Membership: Past Chair Chair/ Acting Chair Chair Elect Treasurer Secretary Members at large BCC Board BCC Provincial Territorial Implementation Committee BFI Assessment Committee
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  • BFI Designated Facilities in Canada BCSKMBONQCTotal Hospitals213612 Birthing Centres77 Community/CLSC11692109 Native Health Center11 Total21119106129
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  • The Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) in Canada Status Report Summary: Provincial and Territorial BFI Activity (2014)
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  • BCABSKMBONQCNBNSPENLNTYKNU P/T Breastfeeding/BFI Policy or Strategy YNYYY yYYNYNN N P/T BF/BFI Committee/Coalition YYYYY NYYYY N N N P/T Breastfeeding Education Opportunities YNYYy yYYYY N N N P/T BFI Survey - Monitoring of BF(I) Implementation YNYYY yYNNYY Baby-Friendly Designated Facilities 2N111525NNNNNNN Human Milk Bank 11NN 1 1N NNNNN P/T Government Financial Support YYNYy YYYNY * P/T BFI Coordinator and/or Government Lead YNYYyYYYNY * BCC BFI Assessor YNNNYYYYNNNNN BCC BFI Assessor Candidate/ apprentice YYYYYYYYNYNNN *In progress YYes NNo Investigating implementation opportunities No information
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  • Provincial perspective of BFI
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  • Newfoundland & Labrador Baby-Friendly Council of NL- designated provincial body for BFI implementation Provincial Breastfeeding Consultant (0.5 position) Annual provincial government funding Provincial Breastfeeding Strategic Plan (1999, 2008, 2014)
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  • NL Working Groups- BFI, Communication & Strategy, Research, Public Education & Awareness Social marketing campaign-posters, videos, bus ads, Make Breastfeeding Your Business Toolkit Website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
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  • NL 2013-14 BFI Self-Appraisal in all four RHAs BFI education >600 hcps completed Making a Difference Breastfeeding Course and Step 2 Education online 20 hour course Physician Tool Kit resource Health professional association leadership/advocacy e.g., ARNNL, NLPHA
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  • NL Strong research agenda Provincial infant feeding study (FiNaL Study) Qualitative research (e.g., grandmothers) Health services utilization study BFI compliance study 2012-13 CIHR funded Caf Scientifque Research symposia BF hospital data for 30 years (mandatory for public health to collect BF data-90% seen by public health)
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  • Strategic Plan 2014- 2017 Physician Toolkit > 2100 Facebook Members Metrobus Ads Poster Campaign www.babyfriendlynl.ca Baby-Friendly Council of Newfoundland and Labrador New Website! Research Initiatives Health Professional Education Provincial Resources Make Breastfeeding Your Business Toolkit Mother-to- Mother Support Facebook Group Delay the Bath >65,000 views on Facebook
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  • Prince Edward Island PEI Breastfeeding Coalition hosting a Provincial Symposium - May 2015 with Janet Murphy Goodridge as Guest Speaker Baby Friendly Steering Committee established by Health PEI 2014 to provide: oversight and guidance in the implementation of the Department of Health and Wellness Breastfeeding Policy, and the development of an implementation plan for moving toward Baby Friendly accreditation for Health PEI The Steering Committee is to develop a Project Charter and Work Plan for consideration and approval by Executive Leadership.
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  • Nova Scotia Provincial Breastfeeding Steering Committee (est 1999) Provincial Breastfeeding Policy (est 2005, revision 2015) Thrive! government strategy for healthy public policy 2012 (breastfeeding a key priority) Breastfeeding Grants - over $800,000 Cost effective analysis for increasing access to pasteurized donor milk Provincial BFI Coordinator (time limited position with specific objectives)
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  • NS Provincial Formula Purchase Agreement Data collection: pilot project for community exclusivity and duration
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  • New Brunswick The NB BFI Advisory Committee provincial authority Support to Health Care Facilities: BFI roundtable, annual breastfeeding management workshop and series of case studies Mock assessment and capacity building visits Mentorship model for the supervised clinical practicum Provincial processes and tools Policy and Protocols Department of Health Breastfeeding policy statement BFI / Breastfeeding policy /BFI workplace policy in both Regional Health Authorities Practice protocols for Health Care Providers
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  • NB Public Awareness, Education and Breastfeeding Community Support Promotional and educational materials, Facebook page, video vignettes Supportive environment for breastfeeding (libraries, restaurants, municipalities, etc.) Surveillance, Research and Evaluation Data collection on breastfeeding initiation, exclusive breastfeeding at hospital discharge BFI self-assessment to monitor BFI implementation progress in Health Care facilities
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  • Quebec 1997 mandated implementation of BFI Provincial breastfeeding guidelines 2001 to present Provincial Public Health Program 2003-2015 mandated the implementation of BFI for hospitals and community Ministre de la Sant et des Services Sociaux lead provincial role for BF Responsible for assessment and certification of BFI in Quebec
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  • QC Quebec has 106 designated facilities 92 CLSCs or community health centers 7 birthing centers 6 hospitals 1 aboriginal health center
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  • First Baby Friendly Aboriginal Centre Kanesatake Health Centre Rural community of 1500 Mohawk people South West of Montreal in Quebec Peer counselor program- empowering other women to remember their ancient tradition of breastfeeding their children 1995 32% initiation rate 2011 90% initiation and duration rates!
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  • Ontario BFI Ontario provincial authority for BFI implementation in Ontario (over 300 people) Knowledge exchange: Ask and Assessor and BFI expo Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Government goal to reduce childhood obesity by 20% by 2018 2009: Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) led Breastfeeding Supports expert panel 2011: Implemented the BFI Status performance indicator for Ontarios 36 Public Health Units 2013: Healthy Kids Panel report, No Time to Wait: The Healthy Kids Strategy http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/common/ministry/publications/reports/healthy_kids/heal thy_kids.pdf
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  • ON In October 2013, Ontario announced new investments of $2.5 million each year, 2013 to 2016, for enhanced breastfeeding supports: Providing 24-hour telephone access to expert support for mothers who are breastfeeding. Supporting Ontario's hospitals and community health care organizations with training, tools, guidance and resources and adopt clinical best practices in infant feeding that meet BFI designation requirements. Targeted support for mothers in population groups that have lower rates of breastfeeding.
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  • ON Ontarios Human Milk Bank 2013 Mt Sinai Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children and Sunny Brook Breastfeeding Matters, a parent- friendly resource, maintained by Best Start Resource Centre, updated in 2013 2009: Better Outcomes Registry and Network (BORN) and recently LDCP supports collection of BF data
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  • Manitoba Baby Friendly Manitoba designated by Manitoba Health, Healthy Living & Seniors as the provincial authority for implementing BFI Manitoba Breastfeeding Strategy (2013 & 2006) 75% all birthing facilities and community health sites to be designated by 2018 BFI hospital and community provincial working groups with members from all birthing hospitals/regions Baby Friendly Provincial Consultant 5 BCC BFI Assessor C


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