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  • 1. A thought-provoking, soul-stirring eye opener.Its about human weakness and the ability to triumph over it. Nash could just as easily be a lawyer, a doctor or a construction worker and the essence of the story would not change. A Beautiful Mind is consistently engrossing as a trip to the mysterious border-crossing between brilliance and madness, and as an unusual character study.

2. DirectorRON HOWARDMovie Collection Gross: $170,708,996 (USA)RUSSEL CROWEJOHN NASHED HARRIS PARCHERJENNIFER CONNELLY ALICIA NASHCHRISTOPHER PLUMMER Dr. ROSENPAUL BETTANYCHARLESJOSH LUCASHANSEN 3. SYNOPSIS John Forbes Nash, Jr in 1947 arrives at Princeton for graduatestudy in mathematics on a scholarship. He has high desires of coming up with a truly original idea. He is a brilliant mathematical genius, He has a only friend androommate, Charles who aids him through those difficult years. Later he started code-breaking work for a government agent,William Parcher (Ed Harris). John meets, falls in love with, and marries Alicia Later he started hallucinating about people who always keeptracking him. He is diagnosed as having an advanced case of schizophrenia Nash struggled for years to keep his equilibrium despite his illnessand win over his illness. 4. ANALYSISJohn Nash is an awkward man, not good insocial situations, but an amazingly talentedmathematician.The twist of the movie, which happens about halfwaythrough, is that Nash is suffering from a severe formof schizophrenia, and half of the situations/places thatexist in his life, are only part of his beautiful mind 5. ANALYSISOne imaginary character that he creates is his roommate,Charles.The other character that Nash creates is named Parcher, who isworking to solve a conspiracy case of an atomic bomb threattowards the U.S.He is given intense treatment in hospital for his hallucination.He no longer can think right, feel right, or act right. He stopstaking the medication, and loses another battle with hisschizophrenia. Instead of going back to the hospital, he tries tobattle the hallucinations on his own. This is the turning pointof the movie, where Nash learns how to really live his life. 6. LEARNINGWhat Nash learnsFrom his experience John Nash learns that life is more than making adiscovery, or solving an equation. There is love and emotion involved; Awife, taking care of your baby, and the everyday joys of life.What it teaches usNightmares will continue, as long as we feed our attention to them.A Beautiful Mind is a movie about the importance of enjoying every dayof life, and not getting caught up in ridiculous theories or fantasies of afuture that may never be. If we dont focus on the present moment, itmay be the biggest regret in our life. Embrace life each day, dontembrace a fantasy world. 7. Oscar 2002AJennifer Connelly best supporting actress CRon Howard Best Director, Best PictureHBAFTA 2002Best actor : Russell CroweEBest Actress : Jennifer ConnellyIVMTV Music Award 2002Best male performanceEMGolden Globes 2002Best Motion Picture EBest ActorBest ActressNBest Screen PlayTS 8. Thank youDreams will gradually disappear, if we do not focus on them, andtake constant action towards them. John Nash (A Beautiful Mind)Presentation by:Hemant AgrawalJatin AgrawalSamir KumarSurya PrakashNikhil Mundra