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Baby Shower Games

Whats In Your Purse?Add up your total points... Whoever has the most wins!1. Make Up (1pt.) __________ 2. Calculator (3pt.) __________ 4. Perfume (2pts) __________

3. Chap stick (1pt) __________ 5. Coupons (2pt.) __________

6. Checkbook (1pt) __________ 8. Tampon (1pt) 10. Mirror (1pt.) 12.A Snack (3pt) __________ __________ __________

7. The Invitation (3pt.) _________ 9. Tissue (1pt.) 11.Lotion (2pt.) 13.Mints (2pt.) __________ __________ __________

14.Old Recipe (1pt.) __________ 16.Hand Sanitizer(2pts.)_______ 18.Calendar (2pt.) 20. Gloves (2pt.) _________ __________

15.Pen or Pencil (1pt.) _________ 17.Tylenol (3pts) __________

19.Cell Phone (1pt.) __________

My Score _________ / 35 total points

Baby Animal Name GameWhat are these grown up animals called as babies?1. Kangaroo: __________ 3. Sheep: __________ 5. Whale: __________ 7. Horse: __________ 9. Cow: __________ 11.Goat: __________ 13.Chicken: __________ 15.Pig: __________ 17.Bear: __________ 19.Dog: __________ 2. Cat: __________ 4. Frog: __________ 6. Deer: __________ 8. Rabbit: __________ 10.Duck: __________ 12.Turkey: __________ 14.Eagle: __________ 16.Gorilla: __________ 18.Goose: __________ 20. Squirrel: __________

My Score _________ / 20 total points

Baby Shower Word SearchFind the Baby words hidden belowY C M H L K D O M T T V K M I Q B B R E I K Q M Y R E S R U N D B O A R C G B Y B I N J O G R Z S B T L T L H T O F N F R V T M R G A T L Y B C A Y O A L U M R O F P S L U H J H E B F T R V S O J P Y S E L R H A S Q R B I Q E W H B J I D B C Q I R H E J A E H C A F V N V D L T R A Z I L H L S B G D U E S C E J D C R F C C L J F D P D T M N U S O Q R I M G O N E S I E L X D W O I B I C R N X E L T T A R E V N W G T A A E I B W A L K E R S I M W Z O I P J K K T M B H B V X T I W W E A N G C X X B K V H K B K F K W B L M M O W H D I A P E R A X P R E L L O R T S C V O X F N

Words Baby bassinet bonnet booties Bottle car seat Desitin Diaper formula highchair lullaby Nursery pacifier Rattle Rocking chair stroller swaddle walker

Baby Name RaceWrite down a name for each letter of the alphabet. Whoever finishes first wins!

a) c) e) g) i) k) m) o) q) s) u) w) y)

b) d) f) h) j) l) n) p) r) t) v) x) z)

Celebrity Baby Name Match UpMatch the crazy baby name to its celebrity parent 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Apple Elijah Blue Suri Pilot Inspektor Blue Ivy Kal-El Coppola MoxieCrimeFighter Blanket Jermajesty Cruz David Exton Elias Satchel Seamus Bear Blu Moroccan Scott Zowie Speck Wildhorse Coco Riley Lisa Marie Seven Sirius Blingham Hawn A. JohnCougarMellencamp B. Michael Jackson C. Jermaine Jackson D. Beyonce Knowles E. Kate Hudson F. Alicia Silverstone G. Andre 3000 H. Cher I. Robert Downey Jr. J. Woody Allen K. Gwyneth Paltrow L. Nicholas Cage M.Penn Jillette N. Elvis Presley O. Courtney Cox P. David Bowie Q. Mariah Carey R. Tom Cruise S. Jason Lee T. David Beckham

My Score _______________ / 20 points

Baby Shower Price Is RightGuess the price of each baby item, whoevers total is closest wins 1. Soft-tip Infant Spoons - 6 Count 2. Gerber 5-Pack Onesies White 3. Playtex 9 oz Bottles - 3 Pack 4. Pampers Sensitive Wipes 180 Count 5. 1 Can (12.5 oz) Infant Formula 6. Carters 6-Pack Washcloths 7. Huggies Diapers 84 Count 8. Johnsons Baby Shampoo - 15 oz

My Total ______________

Baby Shower Word ScrambleUnscramble the baby words below1.



My Score _______________ / 13