6 mistakes healthcare marketers make

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Six Critical mistakes that can doom your efforts at lead generation. More important, you will learn how to turn lead generation into powerful customer acquisition channels.


  • 1. Why LeadGeneration Fails 6 Mistakes HealthcareMarketers Make

2. Acquire More CustomersFebruary 7, 2011Visit us at ResponseMine.com 3. OurPhilosophy 4. Efficiently acquiring a highvalue customer is the killerbusiness strategy. 5. Better leads, brought inexclusively, with a bettersales process, drive a lotmore margin. 6. If you are in the medicalfield, pharmaceutical orhealthcare business, youare probably familiar withthe following marketingstrategies 7. CPA 8. CPL 9. Cost Per Click 10. LeadGeneration 11. Performance Marketing 12. They all describe pay-for-performance relationshipsin which you pay thirdparty companies for eachlead they send you. 13. Quality Leads=Lifeline 14. However, simply payingfor leads is not a healthyway to do business. 15. 6We will share with you 6critical mistakes that candoom a companys leadgeneration efforts 16. Mistake # 1Falling into the Cost Per LeadTrap 17. Cost Per LeadStrike cost per leadfrom your vocabulary 18. Seeking a low cost-per-lead sets you up for thewrong goal. Your realgoal should be to win aprofitable customer at thelowest possible cost. 19. FocusCost Per Acquired CustomerLifetime Value of a Customer 20. Mistake # 2Wasting traffic with poorconversion 21. Improving your site conversionis the most important lever youcan pull to increase customers. 22. How can youincrease conversion rates? 23. Understand the intent of your traffic Site visitors at different stages of the sales cycle will need different content and landing pages with different offers and information. 24. Allow visitors to convert on theirown terms Provide a number to call Provide a form to fill out 25. Test. Test. Test.For more fundamental tactics and other examples, visit ResponseMine.com 26. Mistake # 3Failing to use content to pre-qualify 27. Healthcare marketers oftenmake the mistake of over-qualifying prospects. 28. Put content in the right placesso prospects can self-select. If you provide relevant andcompelling content, prospectsqualify themselves. 29. Mistake # 4Forcing the form kills interest 30. Time is the worst enemy in lead conversion 31. Our Advice:Act FAST!The internet makes it easy forpeople to just fill out anothercompanys form and go with them. 32. Provide a Toll Free Number Encourage people to call. Your chances of converting are much better with a trained human being talking to an interested human being. 33. Online Registration Form Use forms as a secondary measure or in addition to a toll free number Let the offer and value proposition carry most of the qualification load 34. Mistake # 5Stopping after you becomeNumber 1 35. Achieved A Number 1Ranking 36. Why Here? 37. Make sure toGo after long tail keywords, whichconvert at higher ratesCreate content rich feeder sites todrive additional traffic to your main site 38. Simply put, the moreoptimized healthcare leadgeneration content thatyou own online, the moreattention, leads andcustomers you will gain. 39. Mistake # 6Failing to invest in testing 40. First, ask yourself Did I allocate funds for asignificant amount of testing? 41. Do not look forHome Runs 42. Focus onSegmentation 43. Customer Segments Offer Segments List Source SegmentsAnd other building blocks ofyour digital campaign 44. Test. Test. Test.A smart testing program willproduce a stream of incrementalincreases in the conversion rate. 45. The End.If you enjoyed the presentation:Why Lead Generation FailsSix Mistakes Healthcare Marketers MakeThat Kill the Saleor would like to download the fullwhitepapers please visit us atwww.responsemine.com 46. What is Response Mine ? 47. Response Mine Interactive (RMI) is anaward-winning digital agency that helpsclients acquire more customers usingdirect response digital marketing. For thepast decade, RMI has generated billionsof dollars in revenue for leading brands inthe b2b, healthcare, travel and homeservices channels. For more informationvisit www.responsemine.com or call(404) 233-0370 x318.