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Notes for slope intercept form Different Methods


  • 1. Algebra Warm up:pg. 243 # 44 to 52 even

2. 5.4 The Slope - Intercept Form pg. 244 to 251 Recall --How do you find an equation from a table of values? (ch. 1)1. Find the constant difference 2. Find the intial value at 0. 3. Substitute info into equation 3. The constant difference indicates a Linear Pattern! Rate is constant!!!!! Rate IS the slope!The value when x = 0 is called the y - intercept.-the ordered pair where the line crosses the y axis always (0, # on y axis)In a linear equation (equation for a line):y = mx + by and x REMAIN as the variables because they change depending on the number used for xmrepresents the slopebrepresents the y-intercept


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