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    Hysucat ® The HYdrofoil SUpported CATamaran (HYSUCAT) is an integrated design comprising a catamaran hull equipped with a hydrofoil system between the demi-hulls which carries a part of the craft’s weight at speed.

    This development reflects 30 years of Professor Karl-Gunter Hoppe’s research before and while employed by the University of Stellenbosch, as Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics and Marine Engineering.

    The efficient load carrying capability of the hydrofoil system combined with the inherent stability and pleasant seakeeping properties of the planing catamaran result in a most economical high speed surface craft with excellent seakeeping behaviors. The specific hull design is an asymmetrical catamaran hull with a centre-pod rounded tunnel, with the foils fitted forward and aft.

    powerful, functional . . .

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    Performance Technology

    surface propulsion

    STEALTH integrated surface propulsion 6-blade surface piercing propeller

    Low maintenance Smooth and quiet

    engineering excellence Man R6-800 common rail engines

    BOSCH in-line injection pump Electrical engine speed governor

    Globally recognized for efficiency, and an early flattening torque curve while being the quietest

    reliability factors Superb marine engineering Service access to systems

    Fuel and oil management systems

    hydrofoil system Central main and aft stabilizing HYSUCAT

    foil system

    instinctive innovation

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    integrated surface drive (ISD)

    The STEALTH technology Integrated Surface Drive (ISD) unit is built as part of the vessel’s hull. This optimally positions the surface pierc- ing propeller in the water flow from the transom with minimal external moving components – no hydraulic cylinders, steering rods or thrust bearing with their vulnerable soft covers exposed to grounding and collision damage and vulnerable to corrosion and marine growth. The ISD is considerably simpler and more robust than most conven- tional drive systems, competitor surface drives, stern drives, water jets and pod drive units.

    Extremely low maintenance costs as the surface propeller and rudder are the only eternally fitted components of the drive system – all other components are internally fitted within the hull. They are not subjected to impact and corrosion dam- age and can be easily accessed with the vessel in the water for maintenance.

    As the hull transom is positioned forward of the vessel stern and recessed into the aft hull area, the ISD does not protrude past the stern of the vessel. This protects the ISD from stern damage and safely positions the propeller away from any user activities at the stern of the vessel.

    Excellent astern performance from the surface propeller due to the angled-shape of the drive housing deflection propeller wash under the vessel’s hull when reversing.

    An integrated exhaust exit for propeller ventilation at slow speeds which aerates the surface propeller and promotes rapid acceleration to planning speeds. The concealed and in- tegrated nature of the exhaust outlet promotes rapid attenua- tion of exhaust noise which enables vessel pass-by noise lev- els to be below international limits for vessel noise emissions.

    Performance Technology cont.

    advantages of ISD It makes use of high-efficiency surface propellers which are

    typically have higher efficiency than other propeller types. Further, the drive-shafts exit the transom of the vessel at and extremely shallow angle which gives a higher useful forward thrust component than normal propeller-shaft systems.

    Shallow draft characteristics due to propeller-shaft exit through the vessel’s transom and integrated rudder mounted athwarthships of the surface propeller.

    No propeller height adjustment is necessary due to the opti- mal design integration of the ISD for each particular hull size.

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    Performance Autonomy

    vessel speed

    Versatile speed range with a loiter speed of 7-10 knots, operational speed of 30-38 knots and a maximum speed of 45 knots. In general, the HYSUCAT hull will allow the STEALTH 520 patrol to maintain a speed of 30% faster than any equiva- lent sized monohull vessel in any given sea-state.

    vessel range

    High efficiency HYSUCAT hulls mean better fuel consumption for a specified vessel speed. The ef- fect of this is a high vessel range. The STEALTH 520 patrol is fitted with 3,000 liter fuel tanks which gives the vessel and operation range of 500 nauti- cal miles at 37 knots.

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    ride quality and seaworthiness

    The ride-comfort of a catamaran hull is significant-

    ly improved by the high slenderness ratio of the

    individual catamaran hulls. The narrow hulls al-

    low the vessel to punch through waves resulting in

    lower vertical accelerations which are perceived

    as a softer and more comfortable ride for the crew.

    The ride quality is further improved in rough seas

    due to the motion damping effect of the hydrofoils.

    The overall result is a vessel with low impact loads

    which is ideal for reducing crew fatigue and stable

    when used as a weapons platform.

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    damage stability

    Each hull of the vessel is divided into six indepen- dent watertight compartments with three in each hull. If one compartment is damage and flooded, the vessel will be capable of returning to harbour under its own power. The vessel will not sink if any three compartments are damaged or flooded pro- viding a safe platform for the crew until rescue.

    ballistic protection

    The lightweight, composite construction of the hull, deck and superstructure of the STEALTH 520 pa- trol incorporates manufacturing techniques using core materials and Kevlar fabrics. Windows are bullet-resistant glass. These construction meth- ods provide vessel and crew protection against most small-armour fire such as the widely used AK47.


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    The STEALTH 520 patrol is purposely designed and developed to provide a craft that has a long range, speed and comfort and can be deployed

    for intercepter and boarding purposes.

    Safety of the crew is assured by deploying ballistic proof construction methods and

    materials while the interior space and visibility can enable crew to engage in

    offensive activities with the correct ensemble of weapon systems.

    Various layout options are available including cabins, galley and heads.

    Deck areas are strengthened to accommodate a variety of light weight weapon systems while

    ample cargo area is available for ammunition storage.

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    Specifications and Layout

    layout, accommodation and storage

    The foredeck has a secure, reinforced weapons platform acces- sible from the interior of the vessel via a watertight door.

    The aft cockpit has a reinforced deck suitable for fitting a weap- ons pedestal.

    The internal ammunition-locker is centrally located within the bal- listically protected hull with separate small-quantity ammunition lockers located at each weapons pedestal.

    Accommodation is provided for five crew. There are workstations for helmsman with two supporting navigation and tactical stations and with additional seating for two crew. All seating uses shock- mitigating, jockey style seats. Over-night berths are provided for four crew in one cabin with a private berth in a separate captain’s cabin. There are galley and toilet and shower facilities. All ac- commodation spaces are air-conditioned.

    Overall Length: 52 ft 15.5 m

    Beam: 18 ft 5.5 m

    Cruising Speed: 35 knots

    Maximum Speed: 45 knots

    Draft (maximum load): 3”9” 1.2m

    Fuel Capacity: 790 US gal 3 000 l

    Water Capacity: 114 US gal 430 l

    Weight (dry): 39 700 lbs 18 000 kg

    Range: 500 nm at cruising speed

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