5 Ways to Totally Sabotage Your Cookie Franchise

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5 Ways to Totally Sabotage Your Cookie Franchise

Topics of Discussion: Dont Listen to Your Employees Dont Listen to Your Customers Do Everything Yourself Never Think Outside the Box

#1 Dont Listen to Your Employees

To run a strong business, youll need to pay equal attention to both your employees and your customers. Its no secret that happy employees make a strong business, which in turn makes happy customers. So why do franchise owners continue to ignore the wishes and demands of their employees? Keep your business an open environment where employees feel comfortable speaking their mind, and youre opening a gateway to a happy work environment.

#2 Dont Listen to Your Customers

On the opposite end of your employees are your customers, who truly are the lifeblood of your business. If youre not striving every day to make sure that your customers are happy, youre failing at Franchising 101! In addition to gaining more customers, its critical to make sure that youre retaining existing customers who will stay customers for life. Strong customer service is non-negotiable.

#3 Do Everything Yourself

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In a classic case of egomania, theres the franchise owner who insists on doing everything himself or herself. Newsflash: its impossible to run a sustainable business if you insist on doing everything yourself! A good cookie franchise is about trust and teamwork, in addition to the desire and drive for performing well. Hire a qualified, competent team that you can count on and watch your business flourish.

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