5 ways pirates can make us better leaders

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  1. 1. b e y o u r k e y . c o m WAYS PIRATES CAN MAKE US BETTER LEADERS
  2. 2. b e y o u r k e y . c o m While their business dealings were far from respectable, leading a crew of 100+ free- spirited men was no easy task. Pirates lived by a code of conduct and displayed a brand of leadership that we can still learn from today.
  3. 3. b e y o u r k e y . c o m 1 RECOGNIZE WHERE YOURE A GOOD LEADER The captain had full authority during battle, but the quartermaster was responsible for day-to-day operations. Youre not good at everything, and learn to recognize where others can do a better job (and let them do so).
  4. 4. b e y o u r k e y . c o m 2 REWARDS SHOULD BE DIVIDED EVENLY The captain received at most 2-3x the reward and pay of the lowliest man on the ship. Sharing the wealth creates a motivated team, while hoarding the reward (be it money, praise, etc.) only leads to conflict.
  5. 5. b e y o u r k e y . c o m 3 LEADERSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT The captain and quartermaster were elected by their crew (and could be deposed by them). Being a leader is not something you deserve, its a right you earn by having the trust of your team.
  6. 6. b e y o u r k e y . c o m 4 EACH SHIP HAD A CODE OF CONDUCT Rules and rights on each ship were agreed upon by every crewmember and laid out in writing. Having your entire team agree on how to work together ensures you all have the same expectations and can resolve conflicts.
  7. 7. b e y o u r k e y . c o m 5 YOURE NOT TOO GOOD FOR ANYTHING Captains ate the same meals, slept in the same quarters, and lived just like their crew. Simply being the leader of a team doesnt mean youre above doing the things the rest of your team has to do.
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