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Greenwich, London

Greenwich, LondonThe Prime Meridian of the World

2D Wong Tsz Hin Donald (32)Aprime meridianis a line oflongitude, at which longitude is defined to be 0. A prime meridian and its opposite in a 360-system, at 180 longitude form agreat circle. This great circle divides theEarth, into two hemispheres. If one uses directions of East and West from a defined prime meridian, they can then be called Eastern HemisphereandWestern Hemisphere. A prime meridian is finally random, unlike anequator, which is determined by the axis of rotation and various conventions have been used or encouraged in different regions and throughout history.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

What is Prime Meridian?The Prime Meridian is connected eight countries which are Britain, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, etc.The longitude of Greenwich is 00 There is a line of Prime Meridian in the Royal Observatory in GreenwichThe info of Prime Meridian

Why does the Prime Meridian set up at Greenwich?The reason for the Prime Meridian sets up at Greenwich is that finder of Prime Meridian is born in Greenwich. Therefore, Greenwich is used to be the centralization of the Prime Meridian. In 1884, the International Meridian Conference was held in Washington, the Greenwich was also elected to be the Prime Meridian for most of the countries in the world. Finally, Greenwich became the Centre of Longitude, which is also known as the Prime Meridian.

Prime MeridianGreenwichRoyal ObservatorywhereIn 1884International Meridian ConferencewhenwhatThe 0o longitudeHow longIt is start from north polar to south polar

My reflectionI want to go to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich because their government use a line to divide it into two hemispheres. Thus I can step onto the two hemispheres at one time. If I go there, I can learn more about Prime Meridian, especially at the method of measurement at Prime Meridian.Rio de Janeiro 43 10 19 WHong Kong 114 10' 0" E Some Countries longitudeJerusalem 35 13 47.1 EFlorence 1115 ERome 12 27 08.4 ENew York 74 0' 23" WTokyo 139 45' 5" EGreenwich 0 00 00 W

West HemisphereEast HemisphereSources of Materialshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_meridianhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_meridian_(Greenwich)http://education.nationalgeographic.com/education/encyclopedia/prime-meridian/?ar_a=1