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<p>Liberty, Equality, Fraternity</p> <p>Fraser BohmCICS TS Chief Architect</p> <p>Notices and Disclaimers</p> <p>Copyright 2015 by International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from IBM. U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM.Information in these presentations (including information relating to products that have not yet been announced by IBM) has been reviewed for accuracy as of the date of initial publication and could include unintentional technical or typographical errors. IBM shall have no responsibility to update this information. THIS document is distributed "AS IS" without any warranty, either express or implied. In no event shall IBM be liable for any damage arising from the use of this information, including but not limited to, loss of data, business interruption, loss of profit or loss of opportunity. IBM products and services are warranted according to the terms and conditions of the agreements under which they are provided. Any statements regarding IBM's future direction, intent or product plans are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.Performance data contained herein was generally obtained in a controlled, isolated environments. Customer examples are presented as illustrations of how those customers have used IBM products and the results they may have achieved. Actual performance, cost, savings or other results in other operating environments may vary. References in this document to IBM products, programs, or services does not imply that IBM intends to make such products, programs or services available in all countries in which IBM operates or does business. Workshops, sessions and associated materials may have been prepared by independent session speakers, and do not necessarily reflect the views of IBM. All materials and discussions are provided for informational purposes only, and are neither intended to, nor shall constitute legal or other guidance or advice to any individual participant or their specific situation. It is the customers responsibility to insure its own compliance with legal requirements and to obtain advice of competent legal counsel as to the identification and interpretation of any relevant laws and regulatory requirements that may affect the customers business and any actions the customer may need to take to comply with such laws. IBMdoes not provide legal advice or represent or warrant that its services or products will ensure that the customer is in compliance with any law.</p> <p>Notices and Disclaimers (cont)</p> <p>Information concerning non-IBM products was obtained from the suppliers of those products, their published announcements or other publicly available sources. IBM has not tested those products in connection with this publication and cannot confirm the accuracy of performance, compatibility or any other claims related to non-IBM products. Questions on the capabilities of non-IBM products should be addressed to the suppliers of those products. IBM does not warrant the quality of any third-party products, or the ability of any such third-party products to interoperate with IBMs products. IBM expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The provision of the information contained herein is not intended to, and does not, grant any right or license under any IBM patents, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property right. IBM, the IBM logo, ibm.com, Bluemix, Blueworks Live, CICS, Clearcase, DOORS, Enterprise Document Management System, Global Business Services , Global Technology Services , Information on Demand, ILOG, Maximo, MQIntegrator, MQSeries, Netcool, OMEGAMON, OpenPower, PureAnalytics, PureApplication, pureCluster, PureCoverage, PureData, PureExperience, PureFlex, pureQuery, pureScale, PureSystems, QRadar, Rational, Rhapsody, SoDA, SPSS, StoredIQ, Tivoli, Trusteer, urban{code}, Watson, WebSphere, Worklight, X-Force and System z Z/OS, are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at "Copyright and trademark information" at: www.ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml.</p> <p>Agenda</p> <p>WebSphere Liberty Profile Server in CICS TS</p> <p>Developer Experience</p> <p>Feature Update CICS TS 5.2</p> <p>A Tour of the Liberty Support in the CICS TS 5.3 Open Beta</p> <p>WebSphere Liberty Profile Server in CICS TS</p> <p>Liberty is...<br /></p> <p>A LIGHTWEIGHT</p> <p>COMPOSABLE</p> <p>FAST</p> <p>'Profile' of WebSphere Application Server</p> <p>Liberty is...</p> <p>Lightweight, its composable, and its high performing.</p> <p>The WebSphere team have put a lot of time and effort into creating a simple, optimised, and easily configured runtime. </p> <p>Developers love it, because they can run an instance locally to test their code. Emdedders love it, because they can gain a lot of function for less effort.</p> <p>But there is a downside Liberty only provides a sub-set of Traditional WAS capabilities and you don't get clustering or any of those high end capabilities.</p> <p>JVM Server Architecture</p> <p>CICS TS V4</p> <p>JVM</p> <p>LE enclave</p> <p>CICSTask</p> <p>PThread</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>CICSTask</p> <p>PThread</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>CICSTask</p> <p>PThread</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>Can attach multiple pthreads/CICS tasks to the JVM at the same time</p> <p>Therefore serve more requests using a single JVM</p> <p>Result is increased tasks per region up to 256 programs simultaneously on T8 TCBs</p> <p>For 3rd party JVM technology (CICS TS V4.1)and user programs (CICS TS V4.2)</p> <p>Heap &amp;Classes</p> <p>An alternative to pooled JVMs, not a replacement (yet)</p> <p>JCICSAPI</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>JVMthread</p> <p>Configuration by Exception</p> <p>This is the entire configuration needed to run Liberty as a Web-container with Servlet support.</p> <p>Composability Based on features</p> <p>Convergence</p> <p>Of features, fix packs and timing</p> <p>What is a Hybrid Application anyway and why would I want one?<br /></p> <p>Now let's get a little more technical .</p> <p>Liberty in CICS a Hybrid Runtime</p> <p>What do you see, CICS or Liberty?<br /></p> <p>...It's all a matter of perspective</p> <p>Each 'Invocation' (think Servlet Request) on a Hybrid Thread is also a CICS Transaction (Has a Tranid, Task Context etc).</p> <p>This gives you</p> <p>A single common Transaction (UOW) and CICS Managed JDBC</p> <p>Which can cross between Java and Cobol</p> <p>Full JCICS API Access</p> <p>In particular, LINK and access to VSAM</p> <p>WLM (CICS WLM, Performance Classes etc).</p> <p>Monitoring / Statistics</p> <p>CICS Transaction Tracking / Association Data</p> <p>Benefits of Hybrid Threads</p> <p>Developer Experience</p> <p>CICS TS 5.2 Liberty Feature Update</p> <p>What's supported in the CICS TS Liberty Profile?</p> <p>Subset of the the WAS for z/OS Liberty profile </p> <p>Additional CICS specific integration features </p> <p>Only configure the functions you use</p> <p>CICS TS V5.2</p> <p>Web/servlet/RESTful technology </p> <p>Integration with CICS security &amp; transactions</p> <p>Local and remote JDBC, JEE security &amp; SAF integration</p> <p>Java web services (jaxws)</p> <p>z/OS Connect integration (APAR)</p> <p>JEE6 Web profile</p> <p>EJBLite, CDI &amp; Managed beans</p> <p>MongoDB, JMX</p> <p>CICS TS V5.1</p> <p>CICS TS 5.3 Open Beta support</p> <p>CICS TS 5.3 Open Beta support</p> <p>New API features (EJB..)</p> <p>EAR deployment</p> <p>LINK to Liberty - Prototype</p> <p>JCA feature support</p> <p>Simplified JVM server administrationJVM server zFS log file management</p> <p>Redirection of zFS logs to JES</p> <p>Unified time stamps in log files</p> <p>Common zFS structure for zFS log/trace files</p> <p>02/23/15</p> <p>Summary</p> <p>Summary of Key Benefits</p> <p>Local. Lightweight. Fast. Web Applications run locally in CICS with direct access to CICS data and resources. No adapters, no converters, same address space.</p> <p>Standard tools for developers. Familiar, industry standard tools with Eclipse and Dynamic Web Projects. CICS Explorer SDK enhances the deployment experience.</p> <p>Portable. Presentation logic in Servlets, business logic in OSGi bundles. Servlets are portable across runtimes. Bundles provide componentization. </p> <p>Modular design. Architected in a modular way using OSGi, the server only enables and starts the features required by the applications and configuration. If you're not using a feature, it won't start in your server runtime </p> <p>Dynamic runtime. Features can be added to the server dynamically, using the OSGi framework, while the server is running, with zero downtime and server restarts. Similarly server and application config can be updated without the need to restart.</p> <p>Eclipse based tools. The eclipse tools for the Liberty Profile are small and very well integrated with the Liberty Profile environment</p> <p>Thank You</p> <p>Your Feedback is Important!</p> <p>Access the InterConnect 2015 Conference CONNECT Attendee Portal to complete your session surveys from your smartphone, laptop or conference kiosk.</p> <p>1) Create a JVM server resource in Explorer, CEDA, or CPSM.</p> <p>2) Configure the JVMProfile- Copy the sample DFHWLP - Check JAVA_HOME is correct.- Ensure Auto Configure option is set to true for first time- Point your JVM server definition at the new JVMProfile</p> <p>3) Enable the JVM server</p> <p>! </p> <p>4) Liberty is running! (check the logs).</p> <p>Server defaultServer created.Launching defaultServer (wlp- on IBM J9 VM, version pmz6470sr1-20120302_01 (SR1) (en_US)[AUDIT ] CWWKE0001I: The server defaultServer has been launched.[AUDIT ] CWWKG0028A: Processing included configuration resource: file:/u/ivanh/IYK3ZIH1/LIBERTY1/wlp/usr/servers/defaultServer/installedApps.xml[AUDIT ] CWWKG0028A: Processing included configuration resource: file:/u/ivanh/IYK3ZIH1/LIBERTY1/wlp/usr/servers/defaultServer/cicsSecurity.xml[AUDIT ] CWWKZ0058I: Monitoring dropins for applications. [AUDIT ] CWWKF0011I: The server defaultServer is ready to run a smarter planet.</p> <p>5) Install Eclipse 3.6.2 - preferably JEE version, but Classic will suffice.</p> <p>http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/helios/sr2</p> <p>6) Install IBM CICS SDK for WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile v5.1</p> <p>7) Create a Dynamic Web Project, or choose one of the Examples</p> <p>8) Export the CICS bundle project</p> <p>9) Pick a zFS location for the CICS bundle project</p> <p>10) Create a CICS bundle definition to control the life-cycle of the Application</p> <p>11) Install the CICS bundle definition </p> <p>12) Run the application! </p> <p>[AUDIT ] CWWKT0016I: Web application available (default_host): http://winmvs2c.hursley.ibm.com:27245/com.ibm.cics.server.example.wlp.tsq.web/</p> <p>zFS</p> <p>zOS</p> <p>App</p> <p>App</p> <p>App</p> <p>CICS</p> <p>Liberty</p> <p>JVM server</p> <p>Deploy</p> <p>Eclipse with Liberty Tools</p> <p>Use</p> <p>CICSResources</p> <p>Enable</p> <p>Putting it all together</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatClick to edit Master title style</p> <p> 2015 IBM Corporation</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatClick to edit Master title style</p> <p>Click to edit the outline text formatSecond Outline LevelThird Outline LevelFourth Outline LevelFifth Outline LevelSixth Outline LevelSeventh Outline LevelEighth Outline Level</p> <p>Ninth Outline LevelClick to edit Master text styles</p> <p>Second level</p> <p>Third level</p> <p>Fourth level</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatClick to edit Master title style</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatClick to edit Master title style</p> <p>Click to edit the title text formatThank You</p> <p> 2012 IBM Corporation</p>