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2011 Hyundai Sonata brochure provided by World Hyundai located near Chicago, Il. Find the 2011 Hyundai Sonata for sale in Illinois; call about our current sales and incentives at (866) 488-8966. Providing Chicago customers with an array of reliable Hyundai cars, SUVs, crossovers, and minivans, World Hyundai strives to help customers find the ideal vehicle that's perfectly suited to their needs and budget. As a leading used car dealer Chicago we also have a robust pre-owned inventory to offer. We're confident that you'll easily find what you're looking for among our vast inventory.


  • 1. Mixed SourcesProduct group from well-managedforests, controlled sources andrecycled wood or berwww.fsc.org GFA-COC-001615 1996 Forest Stewardship Council 2011 Hyundai SONATA World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.com NP020-F2011 2009 HYUNDAI HYUNDAI.com

2. Think About Design THE FUTURE IS HERE. AND ITS SHAPING UP NICELY. When our flagship Genesis sedan was introduced a while back, a lot of people were shocked. What was Hyundai doing building a car to compete with the likes of Lexus, BMW and Mercedes-Benz? Well, consider this an aftershock: Introducing the all-new 2011 Hyundai Sonata. Like its larger sibling Genesis, Hyundai Sonata was built to challenge the status quo. How? It starts with Design. At the studios of our California Design Center, the all-new Hyundai Sonata was conceived with the needs of car buyers here in America in mind. Its built in America, too, at our state-of-the-art assembly plant in Montgomery, Alabama. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.com LIMITED IN PHANTom BLACk mETALLIC 3. WITH A DRAG CoEFFICIENT oF JUST 0.28,IT CHEATS THE WIND. AND THE GAS STATIoN.Looking around at the competition, our designers sensed the desire for something less staid. More expressive. An affordable,fuel-efficient four-door sedan with a coupe-like silhouette, yet spacious enough inside for your family. So Sonata wasshaped by our designers into a form that flows with energy. Inside, its bigger where you need more room. In fact, the mid-size Sonata meets the EPAs Large Car classification. Its more powerful, too, thanks to a fuel-efficient 2.4L Gasoline DirectInjection (GDI) 4-cylinder engine - the first car in its class to offer GDI technology standard. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.com LIMITED IN PACIFIC BLUE PEARL 4. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.comTHE NEW SoNATA DoES WHAT GooD DESIGNS Do:mAkE YoU WANT To INTERACT WITH IT.Where do automotive shapes come from? Who sculptsthe lines that define new, more modern forms? Thedesign of the new Sonata comes from California, whereour 90,000-square-foot Design and Technical Centeris home to some 200 designers, engineers, modelmakers and technicians. Its just down the road fromour U.S. headquarters, so our designers can feel thepulse of the American market and anticipate the levelof sophisticated style and technology that demandingdrivers like you expect from your next automobile. Heres what we know for sure: You want a car that notonly looks stunning, but is built to last. Which explainswhy, in addition to our Design Center, weve built anEngineering Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan and spentmore than $60 million to make our California ProvingGround one of the most comprehensive and advancedvehicle testing facilities ever built. Anywhere.LIMITED IN PEARL WHITE 5. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.comSE IN HARboR GRAy METALLIc 6. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.comThink About SophisticationAN INTERIoR DESIGNEDTo oRGANIZE INFoRmATIoN.AND INSPIRE CoNFIDENCE.The design of an automotive interior is an exercise in making the complex simple. In the all-new Sonata,information critical to the driver is organized within a gauge cluster that includes two large, round dials. Andcontrols for the audio and climate control systems that are easy for both the driver and front passenger tooperate intuitively. Each knob and every switch is exactly where your fingertips expect them to be. LIMITED IN bLAck LEATHER 7. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. So RoomY, Matteson, IL. 60443IT EVEN oUTCLASSES ITSELF. (866) 488-8966 Our interior designers made Sonata bigger where you needed more room. In fact, the mid-size Sonata www.worldhyundaimatteson.com is so much roomier, its total interior volume actually meets the EPAs classification for Large Cars. Sono matter which Sonata model you choose - GLS, SE or Limited - youll enjoy a surprising amount ofspace. And just as important is what all that space contains: Sonata is the first vehicle in its class withstandard integrated Bluetooth hands-free phone capability. Its the first with factory-installed HDRadio Technology with Multicasting.1 And touchscreen navigation is available on every trim level. PRoxImITY kEYCarry the Proximity Key on your person, and youll be able toopen the door and start the car without ever inserting an actualkey. Standard on both SE and Limited models. GAUGE CLUSTERSonata presents the driver with two large, easily legible dials.On the left, the tachometer. On the right, the speedometer. Setinto deeply shrouded bezels to minimize glare, and backlit bya soothing blue light, the dials surround a center bridge withgauges for fuel and water temperature.8-WAY PoWER DRIVER SEATWith its foam cushions made from soy beans, the 8-waypower drivers seat (standard on SE and Limited) is certainlyeco-friendly. And with firm support and power lumbar controls,its friendly, period. Sonata is also the first in its class to offerheated rear seats (standard on Limited).4 GoLF BAGS AND moREOpen the trunk lid: Thats 16.4 cubic feet of cargo room, justwaiting to be filled. So go ahead, volunteer to drive the entirefoursome.1The Hd Radio, Hd digital Radio and Hd digital Radio alliance are word marks and trademarks of iBiquity digital Corporation, usedunder license by the Hd digital Radio alliance. LIMITED IN bLAck LEATHER 8. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443IF TECHNoLoGY IS THE PRICE oF ENTRY, (866) 488-8966 CoNSIDER US PAID. IN FULL. www.worldhyundaimatteson.com Sit inside the all-new Sonata, and youll be surrounded by features capable of doing things that will transform your expectations of what a car can do.Whether its technology designed to enhance your enjoyment of the audio system, offer visual aids to assist the driver, or simply make your travels morerelaxing, the 2011 Sonata raises the bells-and-whistles bar. HomELINkBACkUP CAmERA Garage doors, gates, home lighting and securityWith guidelines that rotate with the steering systems can all be operated at the touch of awheel, reversing out of driveways and parking button with HomeLink, which is integrated intospaces is easy thanks to a backup camera thats Sonatas electrochromic auto-dimming rearviewoptional on Limited. mirror.1iPoD / USB CoNNECTIVITYNEW AUDIo DImENSIoNSTake your music with you. Portable MP3 players Sonatas top-of-the-line tunes - an optionalplug right into Sonata, so you can select songsDimension AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 audio systemfrom your playlist and listen to them throughwith subwoofer and 360-watt external amp, oryour Sonatas audio system. And its standard on premium Infinity AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 systemall models.2 with 8 speakers, subwoofer and 400-watt external amp - give music more dimension.3xm SATELLITE RADIoBLUETooTH Sonata comes with XM Satellite Radio (3-monthsCoNNECTIVITY free). Youll enjoy more than 170 channels ofWith Bluetooth installed as standard digital radio. Sports, talk, comedy, news and theequipment, you can connect yourmost music on satelliteBluetooth-enabled phone to Sonatasradio are available in crispbuilt-in mic and stereo speakers.4 digital sound quality coast-to-coast.5 1 HomeLink is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls, inc. 2 iPod is a registered trademark of apple inc. 3 infinity is a registered trademark of Harman international industries, incorporated. 4 The Bluetooth wordmark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SiG, inc., and any use of such marks by Hyundai is under license. Other trademarks are those of their respective owners. 5 XM Satellite Radio and XM navTraffic require XM subscription, sold separately after complimentary introductory period. all fees and programming subject to change. Traffic and weather channels only available in 21 metropolitan markets. See your dealer for details. XM service only available in the 48 contiguous united States. The XM name is a registered trademark of XM Satellite Radio inc. all other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 9. Think About PerformanceHoW YoU HANDLECERTAIN SITUATIoNS SAYS A LoTABoUT YoUR CHARACTER.An automobile confronted with slippery roads shouldnt panic. When the pavement beneath it is rough, unevenor peppered with potholes, a sedan shouldnt lose its composure. As it winds through a twisty mountain pass,a car cant lose its cool. Its those kind of character-building experiences that our engineers recreate everyday at our 4,300-acre CaliforniaProving Grounds. The remote desert facility was constructed to simulate the roads and highways across NorthAmerica in order to test and refine our industry-leading safety systems, such as our Electronic Stability Controland standard side-impact airbags. Our commitment to the development of safe, reliable, high-quality vehicles- designed especially for the North American driver - must be proved every day. World Hyundai 5337 Miller Circle Dr. Matteson, IL. 60443 (866) 488-8966 www.worldhyundaimatteson.com SE IN HARboR GRAy METALLIc 10. moRE HoRSEPoWER THANANY NATURALLY-ASPIRATED4-CYLINDER ENGINE IN ITS SEGmENT.Hyundai engineers gave Sonata plenty of power from its 2.4-liter engine -198 horsepower to be exact(200 horsepower on our SE model). Do the math, and that means Sonata gets 82.5 horsepower per liter.Its a measure of efficiency the engineers call Specific Output, and its another way Sonata outperforms4-cylinder sedans like Camry, Accord, Altima and Fusion. CVVT ENGINE Continuously Variable Valve Timing modulates the engines intake-valve timing relative to the exhaust valves. The result is improved response and fuel efficiency at all engine speeds, as well as a smooth idle a