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    Instead of realizing their dreams, too many people never get started, too

    busy, instead listing all the reasons why they cannot achieve their


    Things like:

    1. I do not have enough money.

    2. Im not talented.

    3. I do not have enough knowledge.

    4. I do not have enough experience.

    5. I have failed many times in the past.

    6. Im not lucky.

    7. Who I am to dream of making such an impact.

    8. and so on.

    They defeat themselves before they even get started!

  • This is not what you deserve.

    So, here are 10 reasons why YOU CAN achieve your dreams:

    1. You can because its feels great!

    To be able to get out of bed and do what you love for the rest of the day is

    beyond words. - John Schroeder

    Your dream exists to turn your life into a masterpiece of joy and

    contribution. Doing what you love and living your life on your own terms

    are the best things you can do for yourself.

    2. You can because its YOUR dream

    Writer Richard Bach says, Youre never given a wish without also being given

    the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.

    The dream that is born inside your heart will never exist, if you do not

    have the power to make it come true. Thats a timeless truth.

    Since you have thought about it, then you have an innate ability to

    achieve it.

    Its so unique that only you can make it true.

    3. You can because it shapes your future

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said, The future belongs to those who believe in the

    beauty of their dreams.

    The worlds movers and shakers are those who believed in their dreams

    and persevered until they manifested what they have dreamt about.

    Envision your dream and see by your hearts eyes how it can change the

    world and have a huge impact on so many lives.

    4. You can because you can land on the clouds

    Im a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I

    grab a handful of clouds. -Mike Tyson

    When you work on your dreams, you will create your best life possible.

    Even if you cannot reach the stars, you will at least land on the clouds.

    5. You can because you are hungry

    If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish

    your dreams. -Les Brown

    Nothing will feed your hunger for making a difference more than

    pursuing your dream.

  • It will add meaning to your life and make your efforts worthwhile. It will

    make you wake up every morning with exhilaration and enthusiasm.

    As Les Brown says, You gotta be HUNGRY

    6. You can because you dont want to die again

    When you cease to dream you cease to live. -Malcolm Forbes

    If you ignore the love and light in your heart, your soul will die of


    Too many people are living, but very few are actually ALIVE!

    Following a dream is the only way to start living. When you dream, you

    become alive. And I do not think you want to ignore your dream and die


    7. You can because you are a pioneer

    A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment

    is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. -Oscar Wilde

    You will face criticism, not because you are wrong, but because you are a


    People are not used to see dreamers who have crazy ideas to make the

    world a better place.

    Most people are so stuck in the rut that they do not believe someone

    can get out, spread his/her wings and fly high in the sky.

    8. You can because you deserve it

    Dreams are the touchstones of our character. -Henry David Thoreau

    You deserve to have a big dream and to become remarkable. If you do

    not leave your mark in the world, no one will remember you.

    Living small makes you small and you are born to be great. You have a

    dream because you have a strong character that strives to live big and

    be big.

    9. You can because there is a problem that only you can solve

    Dreams are todays answers to tomorrows questions. -Edgar Cayce

    You dream because you have a burning desire to solve a problem or

    fulfill a need that would make the world a better place.

    You are our answer to our most difficult questions. You owe it to us and

    to the world.

  • 10. You can because youve got the courage

    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt


    All what your dream needs is courage that will nurture it and make it

    grow beyond all limitations. And you have this courage within you.

    If youre passionate about it, unleash it. No matter what you think or

    what other people think, YOU CAN.

    You can.

    You deserve.

    You owe it to yourself and to the world.

    Its time to believe in the beauty of your dreams and show the world the

    promise and brilliance of your legacy.

    Mohamed Tohami is a bestselling author and the creator of The P.A.S.

    Technique: The Worlds Easiest Way To Find Your Passion and Purpose In Life. If

    you want to set your heart & soul free from the prison of the paycheck and

    discover how to proudly follow your passion, give a visit to his Transformational

    Motivation blog now.

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    Amir Abou el rous 3 years ago

    see more


    I have a dream that appears to be fading away (with my soul too) because I am surrounded by all types of glues that prevent me fromstarting it.

    I am born to be a great scientist , I know what I am looking for , I know how to accomplish it , but I just need the start. My dream willsolve the energy problem of the planet , advance space exploration to a very great extent and other applications that I don't know butmust exist. I have always loved great scientists and wanted to be like them.

    I don't want money , fame or anything in life. I just want to do the thing I was born to do and then die. I NEED TO ACCOMPLISH MYDREAM NO MATTER WHAT I WILL FACE.

    I live in Egypt and since it's a developing country it has no room for people like me , it has no room for innovators , no room for thosewho want to make an enormous impact to the world , and to say the truth , I CAN'T LIVE MY LIFE ANYMORE.

    I am already 24 and haven't taken any actual steps to see it true. I have read the book of " THINK AND GROW RICH " but can't makethe start because I exist in the wrong place. Einstein's life was much much easier than mine since he was in Germany and never hadproblems such as mine.



    Sakura 2 years ago> Amir Abou el rousthis I Hope this will help..You said you exist in the wrong place..just think that this wrong place of yours is the white paper...andyour a crayon(just think what color it is,black,pink, yellow,green anything)And you start to do your passion step by step..one by

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    your a crayon(just think what color it is,black,pink, yellow,green anything)And you start to do your passion step by step..one byone..slowly and carefully..the importance is youre happy and your making a mark on this white paper..you will be shock whenthe time comes that you almost cover this white paper of your crayon.And you dont know if you become successful yourecountry can be proud of you..you know im from the philippines and whenever some filipinos achieve one great thing it wouldbe a great pleasure to know that she/he once lived in this country..Please achive your dream..think of the bright side.. :)) do youwant to lose without fighting? no ,right?and if youre a scientist please let me know ok? :)) ahaha



    Alyshanelson97 3 years ago> Amir Abou el rousIt doesn't matter where you come from, what matters is where you go on from there.



    Reality 2 years ago> Amir Abou el rousStfu



    bernadette carmen zoleta a month ago> Amir Abou el rousnational geographic gives grants.. go search national geographic grands they give funds to researcher, explorer, innovations.GO! LIVE YOUR DREAM:)


    Looks Edrina 2 years ago> Amir Abou el rousHey, you just were born in the exact right place. Because of this, you've seen many deficiencies, you've seen hungry, poverty,corruption, so much it has carved your soul so it longs for a better place. The so-called "first world" don't need you that much,but your homeland does. It needs to be improved by people like you. Don't be fooled to think that your bright destiny issomewhere in the US or in Europe receiving a high salary as an astronomer or something similar. Although there's a lot ofchances you'll go study overseas to fulfill y