1 underwater surveys with mobile arrays. 2 imaging with electrostatic arrays

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  • *Underwater surveys with mobile arrays

  • *Imaging with electrostatic arrays

  • *2D 3D 2D and 3D models

  • *3D resistivity imaging

  • *3D electrode configurations

  • *3D survey strategies

  • *3D survey of a Roman villa, Orbe-Boscaz (Switzerland)

  • *3D survey of a Roman villa, Orbe-Boscaz (Switzerland)

  • *Photos: P. Martnez Pagn, Universidad Politcnica de CartagenaOrganic pollutants

  • *Organic pollutantsSource: Martinez Pagan, 2006, PhD thesis

  • *3D imaging of a waste site

  • *3. Survey strategies and interpretationBorehole and cross-hole surveys

  • *Measurements in boreholes

  • *Electrical well-loggingSource: www-ig.unil.ch/cours

  • *Source: Leroux, Palma Lopes, LCPCElectrostatic measurementsin a single borehole

  • *Source: Leroux, Palma Lopes, LCPCElectrostatic measurements in a single borehole (pseudosection)

  • *2D cross-hole electrical tomography

  • *Cross-hole configurationsSource: Bing and Greenhalgh, 2000, Geophysical Prospecting 48 One remote current electrode One remote potential electrode Four- electrode systems

  • *Anomaly effectSource: Marescot, 2002, EEGS meeting, Aveiro, PortugalPole-pole pseudosection

  • *2D cross-hole inversion



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