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  • 1 RESUME WRITING Presenting Yourself on Paper Ali Dastangoo Alireza Vahdatpour Mohammad Khabbazian By:
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  • 2 Agenda 4 Purpose and Impact of a Resume 4 General Guidelines 4 Various Formats 4 Scannable Resumes 4 Email & Electronic Submissions 4 Key Components 4 Optional Categories 4 Resume Check List 4 Cover Letters/ Thank You Letter 4 Follow Up
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  • 3 Purpose and Impact 4 Marketing Tool Designed to create a favorable first impression May get you an interview, wont get you the job! 4 Personal Account of Your: Education and Training Experience Skills and Abilities
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  • 4 Purpose and Impact 4 Provides an accurate, concise, and original presentation of who you are 4 Resource for employer at interview 4 Remember: Employers spend 4 - 5 minutes at most reviewing a Resume. Make each word count!
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  • 5 General Guidelines 4 Length Generally one page (especially recent grads) Two pages with extensive related experience 4 Layout Direct readers eye using headings and layout Choose standard font in 10-14 point size Use appropriate color & high quality 8 1/2 x 11 paper, one-sided only!
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  • 6 General Guidelines 4 Layout continued Leave white space for uncluttered look One inch margins on all sides is standard Be consistent with: indentations capitalizations font spacing
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  • 7 General Guidelines 4 Content Proofread! Dont rely on Spell-check grammar spelling typographical errors punctuation 4 Stress accomplishments and results 4 Tailor contents to each position (e.g. rewrite Objective/revise Skills section)
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  • 8 General Guidelines 4 Omit information which could be used in a discriminatory way Leave all these things off your CV: Marital status - Description of health Citizenship - Age - Irrelevant awards, publications, scholarships, associations, and memberships Recreational activities or hobbies Travel history - Previous pay rates Reasons for leaving previous jobs The words References available upon request.
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  • 9 Resume Formats 4 CHRONOLOGICAL FORMAT Easy to read, most commonly used Presents education and work experience in reverse chronological order 4 Very effective if majority of education and work experience is related to objective
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  • 10 Resume Formats 4 FUNCTIONAL FORMAT Focuses on skills and abilities, not dates of employment Lists skills youve demonstrated which are required for a particular job 4 Allows you to emphasize skills gained through volunteer work and extra curricular activities 4 Often used by career changers, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars
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  • 11 Resume Formats 4 COMBINATION FORMAT Uses elements of Chronological and Functional Emphasizes skills and abilities Provides job/experience descriptions 4 Effective when job objective has multiple components (e.g. research and management, marketing and administrative)
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  • 12 Resume Formats 4 TECHNICAL FORMAT Used as a term to describe a resume prepared for technical positions (e.g. computer science or engineering) Can use any format; emphasizes technical skills such as specific computer languages, laboratory skills, etc. List GPA if 2.5 or above
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  • 13 Resume Formats 4 CURRICULUM VITAE Used by individuals seeking teaching and/or research positions in a post-secondary institution or high-level research industry Often two or three pages for masters or doctoral degree candidates Specific CV workshops are offered through the Internship & Career Center
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  • 14 Scannable Resumes 4 Uses nouns indicating specific job functions, skills, responsibilities (see detailed job description to select key words to use) 4 Use key words associated with position you are seeking. Include terminology of the business or industry 4 Do not fold, bend or staple resume. Mail in a large, flat envelope
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  • 15 Scannable Resumes Forget fancy fonts, flashy graphics and colored paper 10 - 14 point size, standard font white, off-white, 8 1/2 x 11 paper shading avoid shading, graphics, bolding, italicizing, and underlining
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  • 16 Scannable Resumes 4 Avoid: Bullets Lines Columns Brackets
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  • 17 E-mail and Electronic Submission 4 Maintain professional tone 4 Use professional sounding email address (not tweetybird@wherever.com!) 4 Be specific in subject header 4 Follow employer directions carefully! 4 Avoid use of characters and symbols 4 Use left-justified format
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  • 18 E-mail and Electronic Submission 4 Do not underline, bold, or italicize text Use standard font, such as Arial or Times New Roman 4 Use hard return to insert line, not word wrap 4 Sign your email with your full name 4 Proofread and use spell-check before sending 4 Do a trial send to yourself or a friend to see how your resume looks after sending
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  • 19 Resume Components 4 What goes where?
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  • 20 Resume Key Components 4 TITLE BLOCK/HEADING The identification Resume at the top of the page is unnecessary. Your name Address, including postal code Daytime telephone number(s) - dont forget area codes Email address - ONLY IF YOU CHECK DAILY! Cell phone or pager number(s)
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  • 21 Resume Key Components 4 Example: Ali Kuchulu 210, Azadi Avenue Tehran, Iran, 34512
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  • 22 Resume Key Components 4 OBJECTIVE Gives resume focus, credibility and direction Be concise and logical - develop different resumes for different types of jobs Avoid cliches such as like working with people Emphasize short term aspirations Considered by some to be optional
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  • 23 Resume Key Components 4 OBJECTIVE continued May be oriented to: A degree A position A field Skills
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  • 24 Resume Key Components 4 Example: Computer Engineering internship which will use my design skills. A position in software design, development, and testing. Pursuing graduate studies toward PhD Degree in Electrical Engineering field with special interests in Wireless and Digital Communications, Information and Coding Theory.
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  • 25 Resume Key Components 4 EDUCATION List highest degree first, followed by other degrees received Degree level Major(s), minor(s) and emphasis if applicable If your major/degree is relevant, list that first; if not, emphasize university name, then list major. Sharif University of Technology
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  • 26 Resume Key Components 4 EDUCATION continued Date to be conferred GPA if 3.0 (16/20) or higher NOT necessary to include High School degree!
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  • 27 Resume Key Components 4 EDUCATION continued Lower division students seeking an internship should consider listing class standing first followed by major(s), minor(s) and emphasis if applicable then listing Bachelors degree expected in month and year
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  • 28 Resume Key Components 4 Example: Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, May 2002 Sharif University of Technology Overall GPA: 17.80/ 20.00 Major GPA: 18.00/ 20.00
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  • 29 Resume Key Components 4 EXPERIENCE Summarize significant full and part time positions Include relevant volunteer work or internships Volunteer experiences may be incorporated into Career Related Experience or listed separately under heading: Community or Volunteer Experience. Highlight responsibilities, skills developed, and accomplishments List job title, employer, city, state, and dates of employment, followed by description
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  • 30 Resume Key Components 4 EXPERIENCE continued Present information in reverse chronological order OR Create special sections (e.g. Related Experience, Research Experience) Use action verbs and sentence phrases, NOT complete sentences Always put verbs in the past tense even though you may be currently performing these duties.
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  • 31 Resume Key Components 4 EXPERIENCE continued May include significant academic assignments and relevant extra-curricular activities List accomplishments and contributions you have made Quantify accomplishments, if possible
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  • 32 Resume Key Components 4 Example:
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  • 33 Optional Categories 4 SKILLS List skills you can perform with little or no direction Computer - list hardware, software, and operating systems Laboratory - list techniques, procedures and/or equipment Language - indicate fluency level, specify if you can read/write/speak the language
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  • 34 Optional Categories 4 SKILLS continued Research - list research skills with which you are familiar General skills, including communication (written and verbal), problem-solving, managerial, etc. Presentations Others specific to the job Skills are often underestimated by students!
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  • 35 Optional Categories 4 Example
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  • 36 Optional Categories 4 Publications List articles published and those accepted for publication Include in Experience section 4 Qualifications or Skills Statement If major is not obviously related to job objective, this provides an opportunity to tie everything together


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