1 invitation to attend executive vipassana meditation course in dilsen, belgium november 2008

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  • INVITATION to attend

    Executive Vipassana Meditation Course in Dilsen, BelgiumNovember 2008*

  • Wondering what you are doing here?Introduce Vipassana meditation to youHow it can help you and your organisation*

  • What is the meaning of Vipassana?Vipassana - Pali word which means insight, seeing things as they really are*

  • What is Vipassana Meditation?

    Its a technique of mental training whereby the systematic process of self-observation leads to increased awareness, self control and real peace of mind.*

  • How did the Executive Vipassana Meditation Course start?

    Mr. S N Goenka, ex CEO and industrialist before becoming a full time Vipassana meditation teacher in 1969.*

  • How did the Executive Vipassana Meditation Course start?

    Invited as keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2000.He spoke on Vipassana meditation during the WEF and Spirit in Business Conference in New York in 2002. Led first Executive course in 2002.Due to its success, more Executive courses are being offered in North America, India, Europe and Australia.*

  • Executives realised that Vipassana Meditation can be an effective management tool

    to help achieve important corporate and personal objectives


  • Corporations are already striving to provideSupportive, safe and challenging work environment

    Equal employment opportunities-treat with respect, dignity

    Avenues for staff to reach maximum potential*

  • Despite Corporations best efforts and intentions, Work pressure, Social and economic expectations, A hectic lifestyle are making Executives lives stressful*

  • Vipassana Meditation is an opportunity to address some issues facing corporations today;

    Executive burn outLoss of work/life balanceDownshifting/ SeachangeIncrease in workers compensation through stress claims*

  • As Leaders, executives must have the ability to self manage AND to be an inspirationto others*

  • A sage once said.a balanced mind is necessary to balance the unbalanced mind of others*

  • How can Executives continuously maintain a balanced mind to tackle all challenges?*

  • Vipassana Meditation A self management tool which can assist Executives*

  • What Vipassana MeditationIS NOT

    A cult, not dependent on a guru or master*IS

    Receive guidance from teacher on the technique, then become your own master, become self dependent

  • What Vipassana meditationIS NOT

    Use mantra or chanting special wordsUse visualisation of religious figures or symbols*IS

    Uses natural breath and physical body sensations as objects of observation, so anyone from any background, any gender, any religion can practise

  • What Vipassana meditationIS NOT

    Only practised in the Eastern countries*IS

    Taught in more than 90 countries such as Rep of China, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia, Mexico, Cambodia, USA, Australia, Israel etc

  • *

  • What Vipassana meditationIS NOT

    Only for Buddhists*IS

    Non sectarian- Being practised by Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Jesuits, Hindus, Catholic priests and nuns, Jain ascetics etc

  • What Vipassana meditationIS NOT

    A relaxation exercise*IS

    Relaxation is a by productMany more benefits

  • Benefits of Vipassana meditationDecreased stress and anxietyImproved concentration and mental clarityIncreased energy and efficiencyStrengthening of ethical foundationGreater balance when facing challengesImproved relations with co-workers and family*

  • How Does It Actually Work?It is to be experienced just like riding a bicycle*

  • Can the Executive spare 10 days?

    I have learned more about myself in ten days than I have over the last two decades and this has given me some valuable tools to deal with high-pressured work situations.

    Louise Mc Bride, Lawyer*

  • How can the Executive spare 10 days?

    By adopting the 10 day Executive Vipassana meditation course as a residential management training course*

  • Executive Vipassana Meditation course can you afford to miss it?Vipassana is by far the best training Ive ever had in management and leadership. Emotional balance and inner peace are extraordinary useful assets in a normal day at the office.

    Rob Moodie, CEO, Vichealth*

  • How Courses Are FundedNo charges for attending courseNo payments to teachers/workersAll expenses paid for by donations from previous participantsVoluntary donations only accepted from participants who have completed a courseVipassana offered free from any commercial interest*

  • Residential 10 day Vipassana course for Executives

    12-23 November 2008Vipassana Meditation CentreDhamma PajjotaDilsen-Stokkem, Belgium(nearby Maastricht)*

  • In closing, apart from productivity and profits, there is a need for peace in the worldWhen there is darkness, light is needed. Today, with so much agony caused by violent conflict, war and bloodshed, the world badly needs peace and harmony.*

  • Peace in the world cannot be achieved unless there is peace within individualsOne way to achieve inner peace is Vipassana meditation: a non-sectarian, scientific, results-oriented technique of self observation and truth realization.*Mr S N GoenkaVipassana TeacherAddress to world spiritual leadersat the UN Millennium WorldPeace Summit, 2000


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