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  • Graph Algorithms

    高晓沨高晓沨高晓沨高晓沨 ((((Xiaofeng Gao))))

    A Brief Introduction

    Department of Computer Science

    Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.



    Graph and Its Applications

    Introduction to Graph Algorithms


    2015/5/7 2Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    3 References

    2015/5/7 3Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Definitions and Applications


    �Once upon a time there

    was a city called

    Konigsberg in Prussia

    �The capital of East Prussia

    until 1945

    �Centre of learning for

    centuries, being home to

    Goldbach, Hilbert, Kant …


    2015/5/7 4Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

  • 2015/5/7 5Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Position of Konigsberg

    �Pregel river is passing through Konigsberg

    � It separated the city

    into two mainland

    area and two islands.

    �There are seven

    bridges connecting

    each area.

    2015/5/7 6Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Seven Bridges

    �A Tour Question:

    Can we wander around the city, crossing

    each bridge once and only once?

    2015/5/7 7Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Seven Bridge Problem

    Is there a solution?

    Euler’s Solution

    �Leonhard Euler Solved this

    problem in 1736

    �Published the paper “The

    Seven Bridges of


    �The first negative solution

    The beginning of Graph


    2015/5/7 8Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

  • �Undirected Graph:

    G=(V, E)

    V: vertex

    E: edges

    �Directed Graph:

    G=(V, A)

    V: vertex

    A: arcs

    2015/5/7 9Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Representing a Graph

    �Train MapsTrain MapsTrain MapsTrain Maps

    2015/5/7 10Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    More Examples

    2015/5/7 11Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    More Examples (2)

    2015/5/7 12Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    More Examples (3)



  • 2015/5/7 13Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    More Examples (4)

    Family/Genealogy Tree

    2015/5/7 14Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    More Examples (5)



    Icosian Game

    � In 1859, Sir William Rowan Hamilton

    developed the Icosian Game.

    �Traverse the edges of an dodecahedron,

    i.e., a path such that every vertex is visited

    a single time, no edge is visited twice, and

    the ending point is the same as the

    starting point.

    �Also refer as Hamiltonian Game.

    2015/5/7 15Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Icosian Game


    �3D3D3D3D----DemoDemoDemoDemo � http://mathworld.wolfram.com/IcosianGame.htmlhttp://mathworld.wolfram.com/IcosianGame.htmlhttp://mathworld.wolfram.com/IcosianGame.htmlhttp://mathworld.wolfram.com/IcosianGame.html

    2015/5/7 16Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

  • �The four color theorem was stated, but not

    proved, in 1853 by Francis Guthrie.

    2015/5/7 17Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Four Color Theorem

    �The theorem asserts that four colors are

    enough to color any geographical map in

    such a way that no neighboring two countries

    are of the same color.

    2015/5/7 18Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Four Color Theorem

    �Each point has degree 3

    �Strong connectivity

    (breaking any three edges will not violating

    the connectivity of the graph)

    2015/5/7 19Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Snark Graph

    Single Star Snark (Petersen Graph)

    Double Star Snark

    2015/5/7 20Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Petersen Family



  • 2015/5/7 21Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Snark Family


    �Complete Graph Kn

    �Bipartite Graph Km,n

    �Star K1,n

    �r-Partite Graph Kr(m)

    �Subgraph H⊆⊆⊆⊆G

    � Spanning/Induced Subgraph

    �Handshaking Theorem

    2015/5/7 22Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Well-Known Results

    ∑ ∈



    Evd 2)(



    2015/5/7 23Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Three Categories


    �Elementary Graph Algorithms

    � Breadth-First Search

    � Depth-First Search

    � Minimum Spanning Tree

    �Shortest Path Problem

    � Single-Source Shortest Path

    � All-Pairs Shortest Path

    �Maximum Flow

    � Max-Flow vs Min-Cut

    � Applications 2015/5/7 24Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Algorithms on Graphs

  • �Basic Strategy

    � visit and inspect a node

    of a graph

    � gain access to visit the

    nodes that neighbor the

    currently visited node

    �Applications and Theories

    � Find nodes within one connected component

    � Find shortest path between two nodes u and v

    � Ford-Fulkerson method for computing the

    maximum flow in a flow network 2015/5/7 25Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Breadth-First Search

    �Basic Strategy

    � Starts at arbitrary root

    � Explores as far as possible

    along each branch before


    �Applications and Theories

    � Finding (strong) connected components

    � Topological sorting

    � Solving mazes puzzles with only one solution

    � parenthesis theorem

    2015/5/7 26Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Depth-First Search

    �Classical Algorithms

    � Prim: maintain an optimal subtree

    � Kruskal: maintain min-weight acyclic edge set

    � Reverse-Delete: circle-deletion

    � Borüvka Algorithm

    �Fundamental Results

    � All greedy Approach with exchange property

    � Correctness proof: cycle/cut property

    � Efficiency: time complexity � heap

    2015/5/7 27Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Minimum Spanning Tree

    �Dijkstra’s Algorithm

    � Greedy Approach

    � Graph with positive weights

    �Bellman-Ford Algorithm

    � Dynamic Programming

    � Graph with negative weights (without


    2015/5/7 28Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Single-Source Shortest Path

  • �Basic Dynamic Programming

    � Matrix multiplication

    � Time Complexity: Θ(n3 lg n).

    �Floyd-Warshall algorithm

    � Also dynamic programming, but faster

    � Time Complexity: Θ(n3)

    �Johnson’s algorithm

    � For sparse graph

    � Time Complexity: O(VE + V2 lg V).

    2015/5/7 29Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    All-Pair Shortest Path

    �Maximum Flow and Minimum Cut

    � Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem: The value of the

    max flow is equal to the value of the min cut

    �Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

    � Find s-t flow of maximum value

    �Augmenting Path Algorithm

    � Augmenting path theorem. Flow f is a max flow

    iff there are no augmenting paths

    2015/5/7 30Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Maximum Flow Problem

    2015/5/7 31Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

    Berkeley, Princeton, Cornell, MIT


    2015/5/7 32Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

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  • 2015/5/7 33Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

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    2015/5/7 34Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

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    2015/5/7 35Algorithm--Xiaofeng Gao

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    Xiaofeng Gao