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Polynomial Functions Exponents- Coefficients- Degree- Leading Coefficient- Slide 2 Constant Function- Linear Function- Quadratic Function- Ex) Write an equation for the linear function f such that f(3)=4 and f(-2)=-1. Slide 3 Quadratic Functions Ex) Graph (sketch) f(x)=(x3) 2 +5 Vertex: Opens: Axis of Symmetry Equation of a Quadratic Function in Vertex Form f(x)=a(x-h) 2 +k Vertex:Axis of Symmetry: a: Slide 4 Ex) Find the vertex, axis of symmetry, and determine which direction the parabola opens. a) f(x)=-(x+2) 2 -4b) g(x)=3x 2 Equation of a Quadratic Function in Standard Form f(x)=ax 2 +bx+c Slide 5 Ex) Find the vertex and axis of symmetry of the parabola. f(x)=3x 2 +6x+7 Slide 6 If asked to describe a quadratic function/graph, use the following words: Vertex, axis of symmetry, opens, stretch/shrink, even, x-intercept, y-intercept, etc. Ex) Write a quadratic function given a vertex (1, 5) and point (4, 8). Slide 7 Linear Correlation Strength Direction Slide 8 Examples of Linear Modeling Word Problems Constant rate of change (slope) Depreciation Examples of Quadratic Modeling Word Problems 2 things changing Area of rectangle, free fall motion, min/max value Slide 9 Ex) A car depreciated to $17,000 after 3 years. If the initial cost was $25,000, what was the value for the 6 th year? Write an equation to model this problem and find the answer. *If the question says that something depreciates and doesnt give a value it depreciated to, that means it depreciated to $0. Slide 10 Projectile Motion/Free Fall Motion Slide 11 Ex) Jill threw a ball in the air from a height of 4 ft with initial velocity 20 ft/sec. a) Write the function. b) Whats the maximum height of the ball? c) How long does it take to get to the max. height? d) When is it at 9 ft? e) After how long does the ball hit the ground? Slide 12 Ex) T.F. South sells cans of pop in vending machines. They find that sales average 10,000 cans per month when the cans are $0.50 each. For each nickel increase in price, the sales per month drop by 500 cans. a) Determine a function R(x) for total revenue where x is the number of $0.05 increases in price. b) How much should TFS charge per can for maximum revenue?


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