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Downtown Incentive Zoning International Downtown Association September 22, 2012 Jason Wittenberg, AICP. Zoning in Downtown Minneapolis. Policy 10.1: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Downtown Incentive Zoning International Downtown Association September 22, 2012 Jason Wittenberg, AICP

Downtown Incentive ZoningInternational Downtown AssociationSeptember 22, 2012Jason Wittenberg, AICP

Zoning in Downtown Minneapolis

Policy 10.1: Promote building designs and heights that enhance and complement the image and form of the Downtown skyline, provide transition to the edges of Downtown and protect the scale and quality in areas of distinctive physical or historical character.

Policy 10.2: Integrate pedestrian scale design features into Downtown site and building designs and infrastructure improvements.

Policy 10.3: Use skyways to connect buildings Downtown.

Intersections: Downtown 2025 Planhttp://www.downtownmpls.com/page/show/423275-2025-plan

Zoning in Downtown Minneapolis

The Basic Idea Zoning bonuses allow a developer to build a project that would not normally be allowed by the citys land use regulations in exchange for providing a something that is in the communitys interestsomething the city would not otherwise require of the developer.

Incentive Zoning: Meeting Urban Design and Affordable Housing Objectives Author: Marya MorrisAmerican Planning Association2000

Bonuses Outside of DowntownMixed use

Enclosed/underground parking

Affordable housing


549.190. Purpose. These regulations are established to promote development of exceptional quality by allowing the maximum floor area ratio of structures on a zoning lot to be increased where it is determined that the development on such zoning lot includes amenities that benefit the public and that contribute positively to the design and function of the downtown districts.Downtown Bonuses (Premiums)Skyway Connections

Extra Credit?

Indoor Open Space

Through-Block Connections

Outdoor Open Space

Retail Sales & Services

Public Art

Public Art

Historic Preservation

Arcades No Longer Eligible for Bonus

Large Buildings Can Be Built Without Bonuses

Lessons and Questions

Many of Minneapolis downtown bonuses have not been used thoroughly because of the timing of the ordinance

Plazas - The difficulty of getting it right

What amenities should be required rather than offered as an incentive?For example:Bicycle amenitiesLandscaping & green infrastructure

Downtown Incentive ZoningJason WittenbergCity of MinneapolisInterim Planning Director



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