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Zone 6 8 - 9 Meeting. Operations Update Mr. Bob Hayden Director, Performance and Policy. Directorate of Performance and Policy. CARTS Overview. C ommissary A dvanced R esale T ransaction S ystem. CARTS Overview. GOALS and OBJECTIVES Improve customer service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Zone 6 8 - 9 MeetingOperations Update

    Mr. Bob HaydenDirector, Performance and Policy

  • Directorate of Performance and Policy

  • Commissary Advanced ResaleTransaction SystemCARTS Overview

  • CARTS OverviewMissionThe CARTS program is a totalsystem replacement of DeCAsaging existing point-of-sale(POS) systems , including allcommissaries, server centers,and test beds

    Acquisition Strategy

    Single-step to full operational capabilityOne prime integrator of COTS/non-developmental itemsPerformance-based contract with performance incentivesFull and open competitionIndefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract10-year contract (5-year base and five 1-year options)Strategic Partner


    Improve customer service - Keep pace with commercial industry

    Lower cost of ownership - Achieve high POS system availability -Improve business functionality

    Comply with DoD system mandates - Enhance security - Achieve flexible open system compliance

  • Benefits of Shelf Checkout% of Shoppers

    Survey conducted in 2006 by IDC Corp of 6,359 shoppers.










    Shorter Lines53

    Speed or faster checkout51

    Having a choice on how to checkout48



    Greater accuracy than a checkout operator34

    No interaction with a checkout person19











  • CARTS Solution Overview Self-Checkout

  • CARTS Solution Overview Non Checklane Hardware and Back Office Solution ComponentsHand-held TerminalHand ScannerData Entry TerminalElectronic Shelf LabelCustomer Price Check StationBack Office PrinterCash ManagementPortable PrinterMK1100QL320


    Symbol MC3000

    CumminsJetScan 4068 Currency CounterJetSort 1606 Coin Sorter

    Lenovo PCCAC Enabled Keyboard

    IBM InfoPrint1532 Express




  • CARTS Solution Overview(Store Front) Checklane HardwareHand-held ScannerReceipt PrinterScanner / ScaleCashier Entry DeviceCustomer DisplayCustomer Access TerminalCheck Stands4820-2GBSurePOS 742Cash Register4610-TG9

  • Deployment Schedule Criteria

    No installs on Federal holidays, paydays, peak sales periodsInstalls on lower sales volume days as much as possible (Mon/Tues/Wed)Commissaries open 7 days/wk will not close for installBRAC sites or closure scheduled at end of deploymentNo installs during holiday black-out periodThanksgiving / Christmas peak sales periodWill provide training to all employees in advance of deployment

  • Recommendations for Success of SCOProperly train our employees and patrons for self checkoutMonitor and manage self-checkout as part of front-end, use the registers in slow timesMust have full management by-inCommit to using the self check outs as cashier driven during busy periods

  • DeCA Swell Allowance ProgramUpdate

  • Swell Allowance Program16 Companies in the program (listed on next slide)Letters sent to companies not participating or offers too lowWill bring new companies on monthly as offers are acceptedCAO will soon be able to track vendor throwaways along with store throwaways to validate percentages used in the swell allowances

  • Swell Allowance ProgramBavarian MeatsCallard Bowser Suchard Inc DurexJack and JillJC PotterJelly BellyJohnson & JohnsonJTM ProvisionsKelloggs

    Nabisco Food Group Planters Nuts Nestle Novartis Performance Seed Picsweet Rivianna Roger Wood Foods Seattle Fish Companies Participating as of January 1, 2007

  • Swell Allowance Program Exclusions to the program:Price Reductions items reduced voluntarily by the vendor in order to promote the sale of products or short dated items reduced for quick sale Returned Merchandise products in good condition voluntarily returned to the vendor at their request and/or items donated by a vendor to other organizations on military installationsGuaranteed Sale Items items that do not sell and are not unsaleable; items that do not sell within a specific period of time, such as holiday or seasonal items and promotional items, and items that are under a specific buy-back agreementVoluntary Recall/ALFOODACT medical recallsDistributor VCMs shortages, mis-picks, etc.Product Demonstrations Manufacturer Deletes

  • Swell Allowance ProgramStores still have latitude to flush out deleted items, close dated items or agreed upon distressed purchases from manufacturers with manual VCMs under mutual agreements or requests from the manufacturer

    Companies are still responsible for close-dated merchandise

    Ensure store staff and vendor stockers are handling product properly and watching for close- dated items


  • Surcharge Funded SRM ProgramsFacility maintenance and repair includes Recurring M&R funds for projects > $150K Inter Service Support Agreement costs M&R for the overall sustainment and major construction program including prior year contract M&R modifications, and unprogrammed M&R requirementsRefrigeration equipment maintenance and repair is the refrigeration and heating, ventilation and air conditioning contracts managed by the regions Refrigeration replacement includes: Contractor and Government furnished equipment costs associated with current year sustainment projects Prior year contract equipment modifications and unprogrammed equipment requirements

  • Surcharge Funded SRM ProgramsContinued

    Minor construction includes projects under $750K and include design and construction costs associated with current year sustainment projects, prior year contract modifications, and unprogrammed construction requirements and future design

    The energy & environmental component includes projects to improve energy consumption and reduce environmental impacts

    Major construction includes costs of $750K or more and require reporting to Congress. Costs include design, construction, equipment, prior year contract modifications, AETC salaries and PMAC contract costs

  • DeCA Surcharge Investment Plan ($ In Millions)

  • Surcharge Funded SRM Programs$102M ObligatedFY2006FY2007$232M ProgrammedFY2008$176M Programmed

  • Management Challenges Funding Budget Shifting emphasis to sustainment reduces number of major projectsNon-construction programs competing for Surcharge reduces available funding Info Technology Programs Operational Equipment Programs Lack of BRAC funding Higher construction cost trendsHigher costs impact project approval levels/execution timelinesReduces program

  • Management Challenges Planning/Programming/ExecutionBasing initiativesOIGPBS - 6 locations impacted; Ramstein, Spangdahlem, Ansbach, Wiesbaden, Vilseck, Vicenza Total Cost $92.9 M OIGPBS Impact $77.6 M BRAC - 10 locations impacted; Fort Bliss, Fort Riley, China Lake, Fort Benning, Fort Carson, Fort Lee, Norfolk, Fort Sam Houston, Moody AFB, Fort BelvoirTotal Cost $189.2 M BRAC Impact $143.9 M Lack of OIGPBS/BRAC funding disrupted the normal prioritization process Requires a shift towards more facility sustainment

  • Ongoing HQ Projects All ZonesRoofsTREMCO is currently the contractor for this service with one 800 phone number to call if a covered store has a roof leak (1-800-5TREMCO). FY06 Major Maintenance and Repair Projects (>$150K) Handled through HQ DOFMaintenance and Repair Projects (
  • Major Construction ProjectsCompleted FY2006/FY2007

    CostFYLocationScope $M Completed03Osan AB/ CDCUpgrade14.1Oct 0504Whiteman AFBUpgrade7.2Oct 0504Randolph AFBUpgrade12.2Feb 0604Bangor NSBUpgrade13.6Mar 0604Fort SillUpgrade12.9Sep 0604Mayport NSUpgrade12.7 Oct 0605NS San DiegoReplace32.6Dec 0605Camp ZamaConversion3.9Feb 0706Ft McCoyReplace5.2Apr 07Total114.4

  • Major Construction ProjectsUnder Construction Scope CWE ExpectedFYLocation M2 $M Completion04Ft Detrick (Replace) 3,239 12.5Jan 0805Peterson AFB (Replace/Joint) 9,506 22.1Mar 0705Grafenwoehr (Replace/Joint) 5,162 16.1Jun 0705Rota NAS (Replace/Joint) 5,098 12.8Sep 0706Harrison Village (Replace/Joint) 4,366 8.0Apr 0706Barksdale AFB (Upgrade) 8,770 21.5Apr 0806Keesler AFB (Replace/Joint) 8,568 29.0Jun 09Total 44,709 $122.0

  • FY 2007 Major Construction Program Scope PA CWE ScheduledLocation M2 $M $M Award Robins AFB (Replace)17,03616.6 16.6 May 2007Dyess AFB (Upgrade)1 6,619 10.6 12.5 Jul 2007Ft Drum (Upgrade)1 7,69222.3 22.3 Jun 2007Richards- Gebaur (New)11,8848.0 8.0Jul 2007Keesler AFB (Replace/Joint)29,21839.0 29.0 AwardedWillow Grove3 (New/Joint)2,0254.3 4.3 On HoldSaratoga Springs (Replace)2,0827.1 7.1 Aug 2007Livorno (Replace)2,2448.9 8.9 Sep 2007Chievres (Replace)4,08816.1 16.1 Sep 2007Eglin AFB (Upgrade)10,85215.6 15.6 Jul 2007Total51,715 $144.2 $136.1Approved in FY 2007 Construction Report for Cost IncreaseFunded with Hurricane Katrina Recovery FundsFunds withdrawn and reprogrammed. Placed on hold per Congressional guidance

  • FY 2008Major Construction Program Scope PA CWE Location M2 $M $M New Orleans (Replace/Joint) 4,658 19.7 19.7Ft Riley (Upgrade)1 10,152 23.5 23.5Ft Bliss (Replace) 1 10,825 31.2