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Aries has the honor of being the first sign of the zodiac cycle. Members born under the sign of Aries often possess strong and powerful characters. They often have a strong sense of purpose and move forward with great zeal. Indomitable energy and indefatigability are the characteristic traits that mark Aries.

Aries live by courage and therefore can become good leaders. They take a very straight forward approach towards life and face it head long. That is why the sign is symbolized by a charging ram.

According to Aries horoscope, they remain always eager for action. This can make them self-appointed leaders since they take up the leadership spontaneously. However, this can also make the Aries vulnerable as they don't much care for the pros and cons. The power that characterizes the ram is also often its weakness.

Aries the sign of FireAries is a strong Fire sign and truly it carries the warmth of Fire with it. Aries are full of energy which is not likely to run out sooner. This energy of Aries also makes them unpredictable just like fire.

Aries Characteristics Adventurous Energetic Pioneering and courageous Enthusiastic with a confident personality Dynamic Quick-witted Quick-tempered Impulsive Impatient Foolhardy Daredevil Assertive Bossy Forthright

Positive Qualities of AriesOne of biggest qualities of Arians is that they can appreciate people boundlessly. They also get easy recognition in any form of work that they do. There is an aura of rare zing around them that makes the Arians all the more special. They are very ambitious people and can go up to any extent to become successful in life.

Negative Qualities of AriesOn the negative side, Arians tend to get very dominant at times, which may harm their reputation. It has been often observed that Aries men and women with their dominant nature thrust themselves so much on others that intentionally or not knowingly, they seize away the identity from others. In this whole process, an Arian forgets to realize that their possessiveness might act negatively on their own like.

Aries Personality Traits Leaders:Aries are nothing less than born leaders. They do not wait for others to take initiative but they take the onus themselves and plunge to get the work done. Daring:Aries men and women do not waste much time analyzing about that the consequences might be. They are daring and stand erect for anything they believe in. They have all it takes to standing against the crowd. They would never think of themselves as any less and are fully confident on their abilities. Adventurous:All Arians are adventure freak. They simply love to take part into adventure sports. They feel the adventurous nature of them gives them a kick to face life with a lot of positivity. Intelligent:Arians are naturally intelligent. They also have a sharp wit. Their amazing sense of knowledge on any subject never fails to impress people around them. Smart:Aries men are the smartest of the lot. They make use of their intelligence to create the best opportunities for them. They have a very pleasing personality, which makes people simply fall in love with them. Spontaneous:Arians could be very intelligent, but at the same time they are very impulsive. They are so daring that they mostly depend on their instincts without paying any heed to what the consequences might turn out to be. They never pause when they are working. For Aries men and women there is no stopping until they finish the work they started. Aggressive:Aries are very childlike. They have a tendency to get a little aggressive if they don't find things working the way they want it to. One biggest quality of Aries men is they are go-getters. They never feel stressed until their work is done. This helps them a lot in their professional growth and success.

Aries StrengthsThere are certain characteristics traits which mark an Aries separate from the other zodiac signs. Aries are known for their strength and courage. Aries faces the challenges of life without fear.

The positive traits of an Aries make them born leaders. Often they become the natural choice for leadership. The courage of an Aries also make them protector and savior of the weak and less fortunate.

Following is the Aries Personality Traits list:

Independence Generosity Optimism Enthusiasm Courage

Aries WeaknessesThough Aries are known for the strength it doesn't make them less vulnerable. The weaknesses in Aries are also equally prominent.

Aries are pretty inflexible and stubborn in their nature. They are often not open to other's suggestions and would do what they think is right. Aries are also quick at losing their temper, especially when they are faced with obstacles and criticism.

Their energy has also made them impulsive. They care less for outcomes and jump into action immediately. Following are the weaknesses of Aries.

Temperamental Quick tempered Self-engrossed Spontaneous Impatient

Nature of AriesAries are independent in nature. They don't like the idea of taking orders from others and prefer having things in their own ways. This may make them stubborn and childlike. Aries are also moody and not compromising.

Aries would take down any obstacle that may come their way. They are also not very kind to people who would criticize them. Their straight forward attitude towards life also make them self-involved and self-centered. They may care least about others feelings.

Aries have strong senses of business which make them good entrepreneurs. But they also tend to lose interest easily if the success is not immediate. Aries possess strong ideological values which can often lead to conflicts in their workplaces.

Aries CareerAries can find success in most of the careers. Their energetic and fearless nature makes them ideal for the uniform jobs, i.e. soldiers, marines and police. They are happy in maintaining law and order around them. That is why you will find Aries joining the law enforcement force.

Aries are also adventurers by nature and therefore tend to make mistakes at the early age.

Aries also have a creative bent of mind and therefore can find success in fine arts and crafts. They make good painters, carpenters, beauticians and hairdressers.

Because of their leadership qualities Aries are born leaders. You would find that many of the leaders of the history were born under this sign.

Aries are recognized for their business acumen and find success in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Aries Love/MarriageAries are great lovers and romantic relation with Aries will never lack in excitement. Both Aries men and women are adventurers in nature.

Aries love independence and therefore they yearn for enough space even when in a relationship. Since Aries tend to lose temper easily you better be ready to take the heat when it comes. Aries are also passionate lovers and fall for tenderness of heart.

Aries look for constant support and encouragement from their partners. Aries are straight forward even in the matter of love. They attach a high value to devotion and don't take acts of betrayal lightly.

Quick FactsAries

Lucky Numbers9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63

Birthstone /Lucky StoneDiamond

Lucky ColorOrange, Pink, Burgundy, White, Chocolate, Navy Blue, Black Yellow

Ruling PlanetMars

Favorable MonthsJanuary, February, March, April, May, July, October

Unfavorable MonthsJune, August, September, November, December

Most compatible withLeo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius

Special QualitiesEnterprising Personality, Adventurous

WeaknessesBoring, Monotonous

Suitable ProfessionPolitics, Entrepreneurial Traits

Energy SignsYang

Health ProblemsBrain, Headaches, Migraines, Depression

Most Clashes withGemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

The Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which reflects power and strength. But don't let the raging bull confuse you, a Taurean can be very gentle and tender in their nature.

Just like a bull is docile until it is tempted, Taureans are also easy going till they are not challenged. Taureans are noted for their determination. It is not easy to distract Taureans from their goals. They usually stay focused on their target and continue their efforts to get there.

You put high value to stability and simplicity which let you create a life for yourself that is quite functional, though others may find it boring and lacking excitements. But Taureans are simply reluctant to take unnecessary risks that can lead to jeopardy.

Taurus Traits and Characteristics shows that Taurus attaches high value to comfortable living and material gains. These make them most practical. You take a sensible approach towards life and avoid unnecessary risks. However, the Taurus horoscope predicts that looking beyond the material gains and appreciating the beauty might add some flavors to your life.

Taurus Personality explores that the Taureans are excellent friends. A Taurean mightn't have a large number of friends around him but only chosen few who are close to him. He becomes the protector and guide to his friends. As a friend, Taureans are extremely dependable. They are also very good judge of situations and are known to offer viable suggestions. Hence, their friends often look up to them for help at the time of need.

Taurus the Sign of EarthHoroscope Traits for Taurus suggest that Taurus is one of the most prominent signs of Earth. Just like the other signs of Earth are noted for their practicality, Taurus too is extremely practical in its approach towards life.

Taureans believe in facing life as it is and there is no escaping from reality. Their practical nature provides great supports to the other zodiac signs which are of emotional nature.