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Chinese zodiac group poems written at the February 7 meeting of the Ula La chapter of Red Hat Society.


  • 1.
    • Chinese Zodiac Poems
    • By the ladies of Ula La
    • February 7, 2009
  • 2.
    • The Year of Minnielicious
    • I wish in black and white,
    • but I dream in vivid color.
    • I used to be quick, vivacious and daring,
    • but now I think and move more intelligently.
    • I seem to be serious and conservative, but really I am risky, fun and spirited.
    • I am the Rat
    • I am delicious, vivacious and totally Divalicious!
    • -- Emma, Lani and Ipo
  • 3.
    • I wish I was on a cruise, irresponsible and carefree.
    • I used to be conservative but now I am outrageous.
    • I seem to be serious, but really I am frivolous.
    • I dream of margaritas and diamonds.
    • I am the OX, I am strong and bold.
    • I am a steady friend, who loves my family.
    • I dream of success
    • I wish to be patient
    • I am the OX but people think I am a duck calmly gliding on the water with feet madly peddling under water.
  • 4.
    • I wish time would slow down
    • I dreamed I was floating down a river on a cloud
    • I used to be thinner, but now I am robust, like a Reuben painting.
    • I seem to be funny and friendly, but Im really serious and conservative
    • I am the rabbit and I burrow into the soil to find solace.
    • -- Elsie, Joan, Millie, Roseanna
  • 5.
    • I wish that someday I could be
    • the mystery of the universe
    • A snorting, sparkling ball of fire
    • To reign supreme oer RHSers
    • I used to be weak in mind
    • but now Im really strong youll find
    • I seem to be scary and mean
    • but really I am a compassionate soul
    • I am the fiery dragon
    • I start with a spark and fire
    • like a cannonball!!
    • -- Mysterious Maiden of Merriment, Magnificent Mistress of Musical Musings, Mandarin Madam, Sandy K.
  • 6.
    • I am the Goat. . . Ill eat anything,
    • have great legs and have the elegance and
    • artistic ability to overcome obstacles.
    • I am the Snake. . .elegant, wise,
    • passionate and determined
    • but no legs like friend Goat.
  • 7.
    • At 10 I made a hat
    • they laughed
    • At 65 I made a hat
    • they will cheer!
    • I used to be chubby
    • but now I am
    • pleasingly plump.
    • -- Wilma M., Diana M., Pat A., Judy B.
  • 8.
    • I am the rooster whos
    • riding the ox into the
    • new year. . .
    • I wish I was a princess,
    • I dreamed of living in a castle. . .
    • I am the rooster
    • I love to strut my feathers,
    • I seem to be calm
    • but I really make
    • others
    • ALARMED!!!
    • -- Carole Ishi ma ru, Linda Kahana
  • 9.
    • I wish for health
    • I dreamed of wealth
    • I used to be slim
    • But now Im sporting
    • Now I am assertive, outspoken, loyal and affectionate.
    • I am a dog!
    • -- Edith, Connie, Karen
  • 10.
    • I am the boar,
    • Ever resourceful,
    • energetic,
    • And in love with life.
    • I seem to be old,
    • But really I am a child.
    • I used to be young,
    • But now I am young at heart.
    • I used to be flesh,
    • But now I am spirit.
    • I am the Diva Boar!
    • --Silvery Sister of Angels and Seraphim, Dame Luscious of Frou Frou