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Presentation for Ms. Chang's period three class


  • 1. Zodiac Killer By: Talisa CamposGuy Ward Hendrickson Ms. Chang Period 3 April 26, 2012

2. The crime & scene Who: 18 year old, Cheri Jo Who: Paul Stine, SFBates, What: beaten and stabbedinvestigators and others multiple times with a short- What: Three bullets to Stines bladed knifeskull, When: October 30, 1966, around When: October, 1969, 9:30 pm Where: On the campus of Where: San Francisco,Riverside City College, Riverside,Washington and Cherry Street,California in an alley 3. Psychological Profile: He was a psychopathic. In his killing he was avery organized killer 4. Background: a killer obsessed with publicity,sent twenty-one letters to various news papers boasting ofhis crimes. One of the killers crazy letters he sent out to his victims . 5. Forensic Evidence: CHERI JO BATES Evidence: PAUL STINEs Evidence : Lock of hair she pulled out from Pauls shirtthe killer Finger prints A mens wrist watch Letter given to Stine An abandoned car 100 yardsaway from the crime scene And letters given to her 6. Legal Aspects:Hendricksons daughterconfessed that she did help himalthough she had thought nothingof it until latershe admitting helping him tosome of the crimesDeborah Perez (Hendricksonsdaughter) had confessed sayingI was just a child, I didntknow.Mr. Hendrickson died in 1981. ^Deborah Perez^ 7. Reflections &Interesting Facts: I chose this case because I likefinding information about my zodiacand what may or may not happenin my future. Learning about zodiacs &horoscopes are in my interest. You never know if you or any oneyou knew couldve died if he werestill alive. He also killed 37+ more victims.Just because he loved killing. Eventhough he knew it was wrong. 8. References ; http://crime.about.com/od/history/a/zodiackiller_2.htm http://www.angelfire.com/md/gina/page15.html http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com/sanfrancisco.htm