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2. Digital printing in Central India has changedthe entire scenario of the industry.The larger than life printinghas given a new dimension to the brand.The visibility has increased manifold.And The quality is mind blowing.At Zero Graphics, we strive to give youthe best of all solutions.From concept to completion,Zero Graphics has handled Why Usthe most challenging projects anddeliver them well in time and We can provide creative printsolutions of highest quality at WE SET THE PACE;of course in budgets.reasonable cost, giving you thecutting-edge communications YOU WIN THE RACEsolutions.Quick estimates, quality work, and We have 14 years of experience inextraordinary customer servicecreating outstanding advertisingZero Graphics We produce all kinds of indoor and outdoor material ranging from (screen printedare the facets that our customers appreciate. material. began its cloth banner to digitally printed roll media and rigid substrates. This state-of-the-arttechnology combined with traditional values and experience provides great solutions toA visit to the place can change the whole Flexibility of printing on an ever- journey inincreasing range of materials/the clients, whether they are end-users, trader, design agencies or corporatemindset.advertisingsurfaces with no need for organisations, with an efficient and high quality service.additional finishing or over- materiallaminatingprinting services ZERO GRAPHICS is a one stop printing solution provider for all digital imaging and Versatile print run sizes, even short in 1995 and screen printing requirements to all types and sizes of businesses. Focused on highruns at competitive pricesstandards of fine quality print were passionate about developing creative andnever High standards of fine qualityinspirational visual ideas to make people sit up and take notice. Our team will work withscreen and in-house large formatturned backyou to turn your vision into printing. since than. High resolution, outstanding near When visibility We can create designs of incredible widths and unlimited length (DIGITAL PRINTING).photographic quality, even up and brandingWith our State of The Art DIGITAL UV flatbed, DIGITAL UV printers (ROLL TO ROLL) ANDcloseare keys forSOLVENT PRINTER outputting unparalleled detail, the image will explode off the surface in Our capability to manage projects vibrant color, delivering your message every time.accurately by closely reproducing your success inspecified colours and using business, there From concept to completion Zero Graphics can handle your most challenging projectssophisticated colour managementprofiles; using our team of skilled is no betterand deliver them in time and budget. Quick estimates, quality work, and extraordinaryprofessionals with backgrounds in solution than customer service are the qualities that our customers always appreciate.traditional print.Zero GraphicssIn a short span of time, we have even installed worlds best digital printing machinesLarge Formati.e., HP Scitex XP5300, HP Scitex FB950, HP Scitex XLjet 1500, HP Designjet 8000s, whichScreen andis remarkable achievement. These will enable us to offer you breakthrough levels of printsDigital Printing. in terms of quality, productivity and creativity to help you to achieve your businesses goals. 3. BIGGEST Digital & ScINFRASTRUCTUREin reen Pri Centralnting UnitDIGITAL PRINTING IndiaWith 14 years of experience andwalking hand in hand with the technology, Our Print Production Unit at Indore & RaipurProductionwe have installed the best of machinery Equipments (Digital)Technology Resolution/Size Units Capacity/Dayin an excellent infrastructure. HP Scitex XP5300UV Printer 360x720 dpi1 UV PrintHP Scitex FB950 UV Flatbed Printer 1200x600 dpi 140,000 Sq.Ft.HP Designjet L25500 Waterbased Latex Ink 1200x1200 dpi1 Flatbed PrintHP Scitex XLJET1500 Solvent Printer360x720 dpi110,000 Sq.Ft.HP Designjet 8000SEco Solvent Printer720x1440 dpi 1Thunderjet V1802s Eco Solvent Printer1440x1440 dpi3Solvent Print 75,000 Sq.Ft.Caldron (SEIKO) Solvent Printer360x720 dpi3Epson PRO 9880Inkjet Printer 1440x1440 dpi1Eco Solvent Print 5,000 Sq.Ft.AXYZ 4010 CNC Router 5x10 1Laser LEO 1224CO2 Laser Cutting4x81 Latex Print2,000 Sq.Ft.Mercury II M-25 Laser Engraving25"x18"1 100*Thunderjet HP 8000s100* HP Designjet L25500HP SCITEX FB950Eco Solvent Printer Eco Solvent Printer 100*(Latex Printer) Digital UV Flatbed Printing 800* Sq.ft./hr Sq.ft./hr Sq.ft./hr Sq.ft./hrCALDRON SEIKO900* Head Solvent PrinterSq.ft./hr1000* 3200* Sq.ft./hr Sq.ft./hrHP SCITEX XL 1500 HP SCITEX XP 5300 Solvent Printer Digital UV Printing (Roll to Roll) *Speed at production mode, it may be vary. 4. INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTUREROUTER & LASER CUTTING SCREEN PRINTING PRODUCTSDESCRIPTION PRODUCTION CAPACITYAXYZ 4010CNC Router (5x10)Cloth BannerRoll to Roll Multi Colour Screen Printing 7000 Banners/DayAXYZ has combined the proven precision of theSunpack, Sunboard Max size 30x40 (Multi Colour Screen)2000 Sheets/Dayi-cut Vision workflow with an 24,000 RPMrouter, specifically selected for its ability tocontour router-cut the kinds of rigid materialsUV Lamination Max size 18x2320000 Impression/Daybeing printed on in todays digital print world.Fully functional AXYZ Controller with over 75?Flanges Max size 15x15500 Units/Day operator programmable functionsHigh speed, High Accuracy, high torque drive?Blow Molded Box Max size 18x12500 Units/Day motors? Pinion transmissions, Double driveRack and UmbrellaMax size 6 100 Units/Day on X axis and Single drive on Y axis? length:144" overall width:76"OverallCanopyMax size 6 x 6 x 7 100 Units/DayProcess? length:120" process width:60", Process Depth 6 SALIENT FEATURES Screen Printing (Roll to Roll and Flatbed) (up to 5 Colour) UV Printing for rigid substrates up to 4 Colours Printing on Cloth, Acrylic, Polycarbonate Sheet, Sun Board, Sunpack, ABS Polyester Laser Pro Mercury II M-25 Installations of POPs, Signage & Banners High Resolution Laser Engraver (25"x18") UV Spot Lamination Acrylic ? Wood ? In-house Separation, Designing, Scanning and Printing Granite ? facilities ? Aluminium Anodized Cam Shell Screen Printing Machine (30x40), (24x36), Barcode ? Two (18x23) Sunpack/Sunboard Sheet Cutting Machine UV Conveyor fast drying equipments Unique Stretching Unit with Digital Tension Meter Auto Exposure Hi-tech Screen Dryer Semi-Automatic Screen Washing Booth LEO High Speed Laser Cutting Machine (4x8) High Pressure Pump Acrylic ? Leather ? Fabric ? Rubber ? MDF ? Wood Veneer ? Cloth ? Cardboard ? 5. WE STRIVE; YOU SUCCEEDFor us your achievement and satisfaction are the foremost. Your decision to choose us will never let youDigital Print & Signagedown, rather you will have pride into the same. Your one step will inspire us to take on the extra mile!Choose from our wide range of products and servicesCutoutCloth Banner (Screen Printing) DIGITAL PRINTING l to Back PrintingBack l SignageBacklit lBus Shelters lBackdrops lFrontlit lBillboard lBannersDangler l of SalePoint lVinyl/Reflective Vinyl lFrosted Films l & Window GraphicsFloor Blow Molded Box Charging Unit Umbrella lWay VisionOne(Screen Printed) lVehicle Graphics lTranslit lWallpapers (Eco Friendly) lTextilesSunpack (Screen Printing) DIGITAL FLATBED PRINTING ACP Mobile Charger lSunpack, Sunboard lCutoutRoll-up Standy Dispencer lACP Acrylic Sheet, lInterior Applications Backlit Flange lPanelDoor lGlass lTiles (Ceramic) lLeather lFlagSatin SCREEN PRINTING & POP lSunpack /Sun BoardInshop Branding l Banner (Multi Colour)Cloth(All over MPCG with Installation) lTin PrintingCanopy lTents lUmbrella Arch GateCubical PillarCrystal Slim Light Box l Moulded BoxBlowEdgelit Acrylic Sign Vehicle GraphicsVehicle Graphics lSunpack Box lFlanges Interior (CNC Router) l Panel Door l Wall Panel l Cut Acrylic Laser 6. Premium Signage/ Acrylic ACP LED GSB WE GO THE DISTANCE; YOU GO FURTHER Actions for sure speak louder than the words. Our detailed list of clients mirrors our quality and promise of perfect performance. Following are our esteemed associates: CNC and laser Interior Applications CENTRAL 7. Fastest Growing NameINDORE | BHOPAL | JABALPUR | GWALIOR | RAIPUR | MUMBAICorrespondence Office:11, Pologround Industrial Area,Near Post Office, Indore - 452 015Ph.: +91 731 4046819, 4005027Cell : +91 98930 21027Registered Office:518/B, Kalani Nagar, Airport Road,Indore - 452 005Raipur Office:Natthani Compound, Behind ITI,Shyam Nagar, Raipur Ph.: +91 771 4013303Mumbai Office:Samadhan, A/14 Raheja Township,Malad East, Mumbai - 400 097M.: +91 99876 21027E-mail : zeroindore@gmail.cominfo@zerographics.inWeb :


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