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<p>&amp;</p> <p>Closed and Zero Flares:Environmental Protection &amp; Gas Back to Value Chain</p> <p>Flaring seen from satellite</p> <p>City</p> <p>Flaring</p> <p>Why Closed &amp; Zero Flare Systems?</p> <p> Political Goals in many areas of the world Reduced Emissions (smoke, SOx, NOx &amp; CO2) Environmental Friendly Less Noise &amp; Light Disturbances Gas Returned to the Value Chain Reduced CO2-Taxes (in some areas, North Sea) Reduced Maintenance (on PSVs &amp; Tip) Reduced Purging Requirements (less fuel gas)</p> <p>First Zero Flare Plant in Middle East Client: ADCO. BAB Field, United Arabic Emirates. Delivered in 2003 Design Capacity (recovered gas): 2.2 MMSCFD Reduction in H2S emissions: ~50 tonnes per annum Safety Integrity Level 3 required. Actual level (SIL4): 10- 4 to 10- 5 Comprising the following deliveries (EPC): Gas Recovery Compressor Inert Gas Package Valve Skid (Quick opening Valves, QOV) Auto Ignition System Control &amp; Monitoring</p> <p>Zero Flare System at BAB, UAEContinuousINTEGRATED FLARE CONTROL PACKAGE(IEC 61508/61511 SAFETY STANDARD) STATOIL PATENTED UK,Norway, USA MARKETED BY ABB DCS</p> <p>Ignition System</p> <p>LOGIC</p> <p>GAS RECOVERY</p> <p>PT PT</p> <p>K.O.DRUM K.O. DRUMN</p> <p>N2 Purge PURGING2</p> <p>INERT</p> <p>GAS FOR</p> <p>TANK FARM</p> <p>Process</p> <p>Control &amp; QOV</p> <p>Ignition System</p> <p>May 2003</p> <p>Zero Flare Project References: First zero flare pilot plant for the Middle East.Client: ADCO. BAB Field, United Arabic Emirates (2003) Kristin Platform. Client: Statoil (2005) Snorre B Platform. Client: Norsk Hydro (2001) Oseberg South Platform. Client: Norsk Hydro (2000) sgard B Platform. Client: Statoil (2000) Pierce FPSO. Client: Enterprice Oil (1999) Oseberg Gas Platform. Client: Norsk Hydro (1999) sgard A Platform. Client: Statoil (1999) Siri Platform. Client: Statoil (1998) Njord Platform. Client: Norsk Hydro (1997) Heidrun Platform. Client: Statoil (1995)</p> <p>Gas TechnologyGas Production Closed Flare Pilot Plant in UAE Optimum Flare Design Hydrate Production</p> <p>CO2 Capture &amp; Green Power AK Main Contractor CO2 Capture from gas Reinjection in aquifer Fuel Cell</p> <p> Gas Transport Own Technology, IPR LNG Facilities Onshore &amp; Offshore Production &amp; Terminals</p> <p> Multi- MW Demo Plant Developments, IPR CO2 Membrane</p> <p> Compact Design Pilot @ Krst HiOx Development Zero Emission Power Demo Plant 45 MWe</p> <p> GTL / Methanol / CNG Offshore Application Stranded GasAker Kvaerner TechnologyContact: Oscar Fr. Graff, Tel. +47 91 37 58 59</p> <p>SAAS SystemSAAS System is a specialist integrator of Environmental and Safety applications to the Petroleum Industry. Have since 1998 worked closely with Aker Kvaerner Technology to promote environmental friendly technologies in selected export markets.</p> <p>SAAS` latest delivery to MalaysiaHIPPS system;last barrier to protect the Top side on this unmanned platform in offshore Borneo waters. Reducing CAPEX by spec-break. Offshore commissionig due in October.Shell Sarawak`s first HIPPS in accordance with IEC 61508 Safety Standard.</p>