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Of the numerous equine printers out there within the market, 3 feature equine printers stand out for his or her superior, silkiness and flexibility.


<ul><li><p>Zebra- Total ID Card Printer </p><p>Famous for his or her innovative technological solutions equine Technologies' line of equine Card </p><p>printers supply reliable and sturdy ID card printers that square measure prime of the road, speedy and </p><p>customizable Zebra ID printers for keeping simply rectifiable logs of all staff and guests getting into your </p><p>office/company premises. </p><p>Of the numerous equine printers out there within the market, 3 feature equine printers stand out for his </p><p>or her superior, silkiness and flexibility. </p><p>Zebra P110i </p><p>The star purpose of this equine printer is its lightweight weight and tiny footprint that permits you to </p><p>position this unit in any place in your workplace. Its printing mode with color dye sublimation or </p><p>monochrome thermal transfer printing permits speeds of printing at thirty seconds per card at full-color-</p><p>single-sided with three hundred dpi resolution guaranteeing exactitude and detail. Its integrated "card </p><p>storage" will hindrance to one hundred cards and 3 cleanup rolls. The equine P110i printer is </p><p>extraordinarily user friendly and simple to use with its show digital display screen display that displays </p><p>printer standing and medical specialty. Property choices, embrace a USB plug-and-play setup and </p><p>inherent LAN adapter. Together with the feature of magnetic tape encoders or contactless smart-card </p><p>encoders, the equine P110i ID card printer may be a splendid addition to your workplace </p><p>instrumentation. </p><p>Zebra P120i </p><p>Printing in single-sided or dual-sided, in color or monochrome, equine Technologies tout this equine </p><p>plastic card printer because the best in the city. Why? Advisement but ten pounds (approx four. 3kg) </p><p>and tiny dimensions, this equine card printer can simply work on your desktop or below the counter. At </p><p>a modest speed of thirty seconds it prints ID cards at three hundred dpi resolution and mistreatment the </p><p>nonmandatory stripe magnetic coding the printer may be a great distance earlier than its competitors </p><p>within the market. The high-strength plastics build this equine printer reliable and lower maintenance </p><p>ensures reduced expenditure. Owing to it being lightweight weight and tiny size this can be ideal for </p><p>little business that can't compromise on the area. </p><p>Zebra P330i </p></li><li><p>Built for exacting environments, this equine plastic card printer is one among the a lot of fashionable ID </p><p>card printers of equine Technologies. That includes AN intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the printer </p><p>homes a sixteen character liquid crystal display screen for printer standing and reportage error </p><p>messages. Its self-aligning print head style reduces the speed of cards rejected and guarantees a regular </p><p>and uniform print quality. Conjointly housing a "rejection bin" it collects cards that have did not </p><p>encipher properly, whereas at constant time holds a clear card cowl permitting you to examine once a </p><p>lot of cards have to be compelled to be else and therefore the addition of blank cards once printing. </p><p>Equine Card Technologies have paid short attention to coding and network property by together with a </p><p>3-track magnetic tape encoder and an inherent 10/100 Mbps LAN adapter to facilitate larger </p><p>management in card coding. Thorn dominates this ID card printer and if you've got intensive card </p><p>printing wants, then this can be the one for you. </p><p>Zebra Technologies square measure the innovators within the Total ID Ltd printing concern and square </p><p>measure suggested for any reasonably business to ID their staff with high throughout. </p></li></ul>