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  • 1. How To Rank Item-level URLs Adam AudetteJuly 29, 2011MozCon Seattle

2. SEO is simple. 3. SEO is simple.Different CMS platforms, softwareDifferent CMS platforms, softwareDifferent stakeholdersDifferent stakeholders Different business decisions Different business decisionsToo many possibilities, where to start?Too many possibilities, where to start?Different situationsDifferent situations 4. SEO becomes complex. 5. SEO is a long, hard road9 6. Meanwhile, were doing stuff10 7. Compromise is at every step. 8. So many stakeholders. 9. Execution is everything. 10. Heres another thing: 11. SEO is situational. 12. Best practices only get you so far. 13. You need competitive advantages. 14. Risk 19 15. Innovation 20 16. SEO is easy to say, and hard to do. 17. How To Rank Item-Level URLs 18. The Home Page 19. Reasonable Surfer Patent 20. Nav links contextual links footer links 21. Limit global navs 22. Create canonical crawl paths 23. Clean, canonical links 24. Exact match anchors: veryimportant internally 25. HTML 5 structure elements 26. Categories 27. Categories are the secret. 28. Products link to their category parentand to other closely related categories 29. Products dont link to unrelatedcategories Categories link via navigations 30. Rank categories for your headterms. 31. Focus external links on categories. 32. Age & velocity of external links. 33. Minimize cross-category links (incontent) 34. Mostly: preserve category URLs 35. Everything stores in the URL 36. Items 37. Products link to their category parentand to other closely related products 38. Related links are massivelypowerful. 39. Hardly anyones doing it for SEO! 40. Its quite hard to do. 41. Less is more: 5-10 relatedproducts. 42. Quality > quantity 43. Shortest URL possible 44. Not a fan of hierarchy in URLs 45. Shallow click path 46. How were doing it at Zappos 47. 1. Focus on categories 48. (with business interest) 49. 2. Link contextually internally tocategories 50. (lean on categories to pass equity) 51. 3. Band-aid the faceted navigation 52. 4. Enter: Product Showdown 53. (also: for cats) 54. Successfully bridged categories toproduct-level URLs 55. 5. Battling for URL preservation 56. (but products constantly change) 57. Testing how to expire products 58. Testing Dead Products 59. Video is a big focus 60. SEO Results from Video 61. SEO Results from Video 62. SearchMetrics study on video 63. How likely is content to rank? 64. universal-search-blogs-images-google-87361 65. SERP Presentation & CTR 66. SERP presentation and SEO 67. Better ranking more traffic 68. Methods for Employing Usage Stats information/ 69. How To Maximize Product Visibility in Organic Search (SEW) 70. Thank you!Adam Audette