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2. Table of Contents Introduction Adding Facebook App Searching RBTs Previewing RBTs Downloading RBTs Gifting RBTs to Friends Adding as favorites Recommend to Friends Inviting Friends History of usage Language Selection 2 3. Introduction Zain RBTs Facebook application provides a very lucrative opportunity to expand the user base of RBTs service It allows the user to preview the RBTs of their liking before they apply them It is an effective alternative medium to market RBTs to Facebook users 3 4. Adding Facebook App To add Zain RBTs app to your Facebook applications: Login to your facebook account Enter Zain RBTs in the search bar on top of the facbook home page Select Zain RBTs from the result Click Play Now button on the pop up that appears The Zain RBTs application will open and is now available under APPs menu on the left panel on Home Screen of your facebook account 4 5. Adding Facebook App 5 6. Adding Facebook App 6 7. Adding Facebook App 7 8. Adding Facebook App 8 9. Searching RBTs There are 3 ways to search RBTs of your choice: Browsing through categories and Subcategories Click on Categories on top left corner Click on any categories to get list of all RBTs in that category Click on any subcategory to get list of all RBTs in that sub category Browsing through Tags like Top, Latest, Recommended RBTs are also sorted according to usage, upload time and recommendation of the admin Click on any of these buttons in the left panel to get the list of RBTs Searching directly using RBT code or Artist name or RBT Title In case you know the exact RBTs to search on the Top Search bar, enter RBT code or Artist Name or RBT title 9 10. Browsing through Categories 10 11. Browsing through sub categories 11 12. Browsing through Tags - Top 12 13. Search using RBT code 13 14. Previewing RBT To preview any RBT, you can click on the green button right next to Type column for each RBT When you click on that button, it will switch to || to pause button and preview will start running To stop running the RBT preview, click on the || pause button or press on preview button of any other RBT 14 15. Previewing RBT 15 16. Downloading RBT To download any RBT, the following process will be followed: Click on download button (second from left) against the RBT you want to download If this is the first time user is downloading any RBT from this app, he will be asked to enter his mobile number. App will generate a PIN code and send it the user through SMS to verify his mobile number User will enter the PIN received in SMS Once the mobile number is verified, the app will check if the user is already subscribed to RBT platform If not subscribed, user will be subscribed first If already subscribed or after successful subscription, the app will check if the selected RBT is already purchased by user or not. If this is a new RBT, the app try to add the new RBT to his album and set it as default otherwise Error message will be shown. If the user has already downloaded any RBT from this app, the system will simply follow steps 6 through 7 If the user has already downloaded this RBT the app will simply make his default RBT 16 17. Downloading RBT Mobile Number 17 18. Downloading RBT PIN verification 18 19. Downloading RBT Success 19 20. Gifting RBTs to a Friend Zain RBTs Facebook app allows the user to gift any RBT to his facebook friends To gift RBT to any friend, the following steps may be followed: Click on the gift button (2nd column from the right) against the RBT you want to gift Enter the phone number of the friend whom you want to gift RBT The friend has to be a Zain subscriber to receive the gift If the user sending the gift is not subscribed, the app will first get him subscribed by following the subscription process mentioned earlier and then send gift to his friend If the friend is not a subscriber to the RBT platform a SMS will be sent to him to request for subscription before he can receive a gift 20 21. Gifting RBTs to a Friend 21 22. Gifting RBTs to a Friend - Success 22 23. Adding as Favorite User can add any subcategory as your favorite Favorite categories are viewable separately from top right menu To add any sub category as favorite, open the categories menu from the left panel Click on the white heart next to the category title To view you favorite categories, click on the profile button on top right menu button and select favorites option Clicking on favorite category will filter all RBTs in the selected category 23 24. Adding as Favorite Select category 24 25. Viewing favorite categories 25 26. Recommend to Friends You can recommend any RBT to any of your friends by posting the recommendation on your friend(s) wall Step to Recommend an RBT to friend(s) are: To Recommend any RBT, click on pink button in the last column against that RBT The pop up will open which will ask the user to select friends whom you want to recommend the selected RBT Click Recommend 26 27. Inviting friends to Zain RBTs App User can invite his friends on Facebook to add Zain RBTs App through the following procedure: Click on the invite button (right most button) on the top right menu bar Select the friends that you want to invite from the pop up that appears Click on invite button. 27 28. History of Usage User can view the details of RBTs previewed, bought or gifted by following the steps below: Click on the history button (3rd from left) on the top menu button bar Click bought, previewed or gifted 28 29. History of Usage - Played 29 30. History of Usage - Bought 30 31. History of Usage - Gifted 31 32. Language selection Zain RBTs Facebook is a multilingual and user can select language of his choice. To change the language, follow the steps below: Click on the language button (second from left) from top menu button bar Select language of your choice 32 33. Language Selection 33 34. 34