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  • 1. Start here: How will you travel to Chicago from Indianapolis? During this slideshow you will need to make some decisions. You will choose a travel option to Chicago. You may take an airplane, a train, a bus or you can drive a car. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. You may pick thefastest way or the cheapest way or the most scenic travel route.You will also answer questions about Indiana Geography too!By: Margaret Kline

2. Lets begin press here:Airplane Bus How do Trainyou want to travel? Automobile 3. click on a picture End slideshow press here: 4. Indianapolis International Airport Take your picture I.D. and leave your house in time to get through security. 5. Did you make arrangements to have someone pick you up at the airport? Will you rent a car? Will you take public transportation? the Great Lake you flew over before landing inChicago? ErieMichiganOntarioHuronSuperior 6. If you said Lake Michigan you are correct! Ooooh. you pick the most expensive way to travel But. you picked the fastest way to get thereHave a nice flight! 7. Please plan your route take I-65 north to I-90 westClick and print from On your drive you will cross a river north of Lafayette. Is it the: White River Wabash RiverOhio River 8. The Wabash River flows through Lafayette on the way to the Ohio River and eventually into the Mississippi River! Oooooh! Dont forget the toll costs! Total Travel Estimate: 3 hours 9 minutes183.63 milesFuel Cost: $31.25 at 17 MPG 9. What is a major agricultural crop in Indiana? Wheat CornCotton July 10, 2010$25.00 Departs:6:00 AM Indianapolis Arrives: 10:05 AM Chicago, IL - Union Station5 hours and 5 minutes 10. Ooooh!This trip takes soooolong But. you did see many scenic cornfields beautiful!Corn is the major crop for Indiana farmers. 11. What renewable source of energy has recently been constructed along Interstate I-65? OilWindmillsNatural GasHydroSaturday, July 10, 2010 Leaving Indianapolis 12:50 PMArriving Chicago 3:30 PM 3 hours 40 minutes $40.00 Nice Choice you also picked a refundable ticket! 12. Windmills are a renewable source of income andyou will see fantastic windmills along the interstate! 31&subsectionID=304&articleID=41130 Ooooh! Congratulations you picked the safest mode of transportation!Greyhound is the safest mode of transportation over cars, trucks, trains, planes and other commercial vehicles, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics. 13. Look what you have learned about the geography of Indiana: 1. The Great Lake bordering Indiana and Chicago, Illinois is LakeMichigan. 2. A major river flowing through Indiana is the Wabash River. 3. A major agricultural crop is corn. 4. Windmills are a new source of energy for the state of Indiana. Good job planning your trip! Try these websites to make your vacation fabulous! Have fun at the Navy Pier Visit the Aquarium Enjoy lunch Spend the night 14. Websites: 15. I enjoyed learning to create this Powerpoint Slideshow. My major fears were calmed when I sought help from my niece. She got me started and from there I simply pushed buttons and explored. I am so excited I had purchased a new laptop computer as a returning student, it has helped navigate this unbelievable program to create such a creative assignment. My aim was to use 5th grade Indiana Social Studies Standards (very limited, of course) with this project. Given a larger presentation or topic I feel I could develop and use this forum in the classroom in so many ways.I feel more confident going through the rest of the assignments in this class and I now know I will learn more than I expected! I dont know whether to say Aaaah! Or A-ha! I CAN DO IT!