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Your Questions About Personalized Wedding FavorsCheap

George asks

is this wedding favor have cheap written all over it?

were having a new years eve wedding and were on a tight budget. we have the ideaof personalized packets of hit chocolate (shown here: but a friend of mine said it is tacky. anyopinions?its not really about the chocolate its about the HOT chocolate (coffee, whatever) somethingthat goes with winter.

Suzan answers:

I think its cute. Its doesnt have to be expensive or fancy. For our wedding I bought some tulleand M&Ms. Put the M&Ms in the center of a small piece of round tulle and tied it off with aribbon and note that said Thank You. Everyone seemed to like it. We used Spring ColoredM&Ms because it was in May, but you could use holiday green and red ones too. You can findthe cut tulle at a craft store like Michaels, I think I got mine at either Target or Walmart.

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Richard asks

Wedding favors: cute or cheesy?

For my wedding favors I though it would be cute to do jelly beans in little organza bags. Mycolors are peach and brown so I bought some organza bags from the dollar store and got somejelly beans in peach, brown, and a cream color (as a filler) and made a few samples.

I thought they looked adorable. My MIL thought they looked adorable. Even my groom said heliked them.

My mom, however, said they looked cheap and cheesy and I should go with something moreproper, like personalized chocolates, or wedding mints or something.

I chose jelly beans because were a young couple (20 yrs old) and I think jelly beans are funand would reflect our fun personalities and our youth. The wedding is also in september andoutside so its still a bit warm and I think chocolate could melt.

What do you guys think? Are jelly beans cute or cheesy? Would guests prefer chocolates ormints?

(and on a side note, the peach jelly beans arent the best tasting. Is that going to be a problem?The brown and cream ones are good. I just dont want guests miffed at me because my favorswerent completely delicious. I also dont want them to think Im being cheap by going with jellybeans instead of nice chocolates)I should probably point out that this is NOT a super formal wedding. It is a dinner, but itscosting us around $7,000 total so its not extremely fancy or anything. I usually associatechocolates with super fancy weddings.

And I know its supposed to be MY day, but I do want my guests to be happy and content.

Suzan answers:

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Honey relax-your favors sound just fine!!

I did something similar with my first marriage (getting married again next october and having acandy bar for my favors). I used plastic swans and filled dark purple and lilac tulle w/dessertmints,tied them with silver ribbon and placed them inside the swans. It set off the reception hallwith my colors and looked super pretty.

Ignore your mother-its your day and as long as you and the groom are happy with them,nothing else matters.

For a side touch you could add two little wedding rings (found at craft store or the dollar storemight have them too) and a slip of cardstock with your names and wedding date on it.

But otherwise, I think they are fine-most people arent going to look to much into themanyways. The day is about you guys-not your favors

good luck and congrats!!!

Maria asks

Flower seed wedding favors?

My fiance and I are getting married in June. Since we are going to have wildflowers for our wedding, we were thinking about having flower seeds for our wedding favors. My mom foundthis site where you can order personalized flower packets and small white flower pots. Theflower seeds would be $1.25 per packet and the pots would be $.25 each.packets:

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My mom also found seed packets at the dollar store for $.10 each they wouldnt be personalized or quite as cute, but they are a whole lot cheaper. We could still decorate the potwith blue ribbon to look really nice.

My questions:1. Would flower seed favors be a good or bad idea?2. Do the white pots look too cheap?3. Should we get personalized seeds or dollar store seeds?

Thank you!We will have 200 wedding guests. We are definitely on a budget, so we are trying to be wiseabout how we spend our wedding money.I would love to make my own pouch! Any ideas on how I could do this? (My sister and I canpaint, and my fiance and I both do calligraphy, if that helps.)

Suzan answers:

I say just go with the plain seed packets. At a recent wedding we were at, we receivedforget-me-not seeds, and planted them the next summer and we DID think of the couple whogave them to us, as we looked at the flowers all summer.The pots are fine Id stick a little spanish moss in each one, then the seed packet.GREAT idea!

Lisa asks

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Where can I buy cheap wine glasses personalized?

For a wedding, I am helping with the favors and need plastic wine glasses monogrammed atan affordable price. I have searched Yahoo and Google, and have already contactedpromotional drinkware companies but their custom glasses are too expensive. Suggestionsgreatly appreciated. Thanks ;0)

Suzan answers:

My girlfriend is a wedding planner and she orders through Drinkware Company. From what Ican tell, they offer the highest quality with low minimums and the prices are good so she keepsgoing back.

Jenny asks

Did you go overboard with the wedding extras?

I discovered the craft stores a little late. I am not a crafter by any means and never thought tolook there for wedding stuff. Now I want to get all kinds of things. but it would be goingoverboard! So I cant.

My mom ordered personalized shot glasses as wedding favors. We still have to figure out

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if/how to dress them up. I have little swan boat thingys that we could dress up and use as favors. I saw some inexpensive toasting glasses through Oriental Trading. They are so cheapits tempting to get them. My mom wants to get personalized napkins! I think I got tons of giftsfor my attendants. I have tons of decorations, but no centerpieces.

Everytime I see some cute favor, I want to get it.

I also ordered some wedding activity pads and plastic wedding cups from Oriental trading forthe kids, so they dont get bored.

I got a recipe book with blank cards at my shower. I would love to have people somehow sharetheir favorite recipes with us to put in the book.Since someone asked. No, I am not an alcoholic. I probably average about one alcoholicbeverage a year! But I do know some people collect shot glasses from places they visit, etc.because its a rather inexpensive souveneir.

Also, shot glasses, depending on the shape and size can double as a votive holder. Maybe Illput votive candles in them so people dont get the wrong idea..

Suzan answers:

No, I didnt go overboard. It was hard choosing, though. I just kept it simple and elegant. I madea lot of stuff myself.

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