Your leadership journey starts here. ?· Your leadership journey begins in the classroom and is supported…

Download Your leadership journey starts here. ?· Your leadership journey begins in the classroom and is supported…

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  • Your leadership journey starts here.

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    58%58% of students from schools serving low-income communities leave without achieving NCEA Level 2.

    High vs. low

    Students from high-income households are nearly 3 times more likely to achieve University Entrance than students from low-income households.

    New Zealand has one of the highest levels of educational inequality in the OECD.

    Maori and Pasifika students are more likely than others to leave school without any formal qualification.

    New Zealand has one of the strongest links between household income and educational attainment in the developed world.

    Help break the link.___ Our reality

  • Teach First NZ is committed to tackling educational inequality. We believe that to achieve systemic change, we need talented leaders in our classrooms, schools, communities, organisations and government engaged in efforts to close the education gap.

    In the short-term, Teach First NZ recruits talented individuals to bring their knowledge, energy and leadership into the classroom, inspiring young people to fulfil and expand their potential.

    In the long-term, we support our participants to join a network of leaders in education and across all fields who are committed to affecting change.

    End educational inequality

    Educational inequality results in thousands of New Zealand children being confined to a life of unrealised potential.

    ___ Teach First NZ

    Educational equality Equal opportunity to succeed in education

    More choices and better life outcomesStronger NZ

    economy and positive social outcomes

    Lead change

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

  • The Alumni communityTeach First NZ is one of over 32 sister programmes around the world which together have generated a powerful network of over 35,000 talented alumni. Whether you choose to stay in the classroom or pursue other career pathways, our Alumni programme will continue to support your leadership development and on-going contribution to our goal of tackling educational inequality in New Zealand.

    The journey beginsOn acceptance of your place on the Teach First NZ programme, we will invite you to experience active classrooms to observe and reflect. You will also gain access to our online portal to connect with fellow participants and start your learning journey.

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    The school placementIn 2015 we are working with secondary schools in Auckland, Whangarei and Northland. Teach First NZ co-ordinates your school placement, and while we strive to take into account location preferences, as part of your commitment to our programme we expect that participants show willingness to be placed wherever the need is greatest.

    The classroomYou will step into your classroom at the start of Term 1 and teach on a reduced class timetable while being paid a full-time salary (to allow time for on-going study).

    Across the following two years, you are provided with professional development and support including an In-School Mentor assigned by your school, and a Learning Area Specialist from the University of Auckland. This support and guidance is designed to enable you to have the greatest impact on raising aspiration and achievement in your classroom.

    Leadership developmentWe strongly believe that we need leaders in all fields to tackle inequality and so the development of your leadership skills is a key feature of the Teach First NZ programme. Your leadership journey begins in the classroom and is supported through clinics, workshops, events and residential intensives throughout the two years.

    Ruby Knight, Teach First NZ, 2013 Cohort.Teaching English at Alfriston College.

    The Summer Initial Intensive (SII)The eight-week live-in SII runs from mid-November to January (with a break over Christmas and the New Year). The residential aspect of the SII is an essential part of the programme delivery and supports the development of strong relationships with your fellow participants. All of your accommodation, food and transport costs are paid for during the SII. A draft schedule can be found on our website.

    The SII is delivered in partnership with the University of Auckland and will not only prepare you for the classroom at the start of Term 1 but will also kick off your fully funded Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching.

    ___ How it works

    The programme

    Completing the ProgrammeAfter two incredibly challenging and rewarding years you will complete the Teach First NZ programme and receive your Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching awarded by the University of Auckland. From here, you have the option of continuing on to a Masters degree in Education.

  • Over the course of the programme you will have the opportunity to positively impact and inspire hundreds of students and directly contribute to them accessing a bright future.

    Leadership developmentThe Leadership Development programme is designed to extend your personal and professional skills and develop you as a leader in the classroom and beyond. The programme will help you realise your own leadership potential through lectures, mentoring, guest speakers and events.

    Your support teamYou are never alone in the classroom. Your Mentor and Learning Area Specialist form the backbone of your support network, which together with your colleagues and fellow participants, maximise your personal and professional development.

    Salary and Holidays For the duration of the two-year programme you will receive a full-time salary while working and studying part-time. You can also look forward to over ten weeks of holidays between terms to enjoy a well-deserved break.

    The University of AucklandThe Teach First NZ teacher training programme has been developed in partnership with the University of Auckland, and with a cohort of just twenty participants, you have unparallelled access to world class education Specialists, Professors and Advisors.

    ScholarshipYour Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary teaching awarded by the University of Auckland is fully funded and provides you with the first stepping stone towards a Masters degree in Education.

    The world is waitingThere is already a powerful network of over 35,000 alumni from 32 sister programmes around the world waiting to connect with you at the end of the programme. The networks you build locally and globally will provide you with advice, mentoring and support throughout the two-year programme and beyond.

    Connect with New Zealands leading businessesThe leadership skills you will develop on the programme are highly attractive to top NZ employers who support our programme. Some of our corporate partners offer deferred entry to our participants, enabling you to join their organisation at the end of the Teach First NZ programme.

    Make a difference___ The rewards

    We are proud to be a Founding Partner of Teach First NZ which gives talented individuals the opportunity to make a real difference whilst developing their own leadership skills. Amy de Court, Recruitment, Chapman Tripp

    The opportunity to be taught by such incredible lecturers and tap into such a wealth of knowledge and experience during our training has been a big highlight. Jason Sharma, Teach First NZ, 2014 Cohort, Teaching Mathematics at Tamaki College.

  • Jonathan Wieland

    When I found out about Teach First NZ, I was blown away that something like this existed. Listening to all of their values, I was like Hey thats what I think too! I felt like it was made for me.

    Going into the Summer Initial Intensive, I didnt realise how much there was to learn. It was such a privilege to be taught by University staff who are very much at the forefront of their field. It is truly intensive, but knowing that you are getting the best training motivates you to make the most of the learning opportunities on offer and at the end of the eight weeks, it was cool to see how much personal and professional development Id gained.

    2014 Cohort

    BE(Hons) Mechanical Engineering

    University of Auckland

    Teaching Mathematics at One Tree Hill College

    Louisa King

    I was drawn to the opportunity to work with youth from the kinds of communities that I grew up in, and play a role in helping them to believe that they can achieve anything. I also saw in the Teach First NZ programme the chance to gain practical experience straight away in an environment that would support my own growth and development. Tautoko mai, tautoko atu.

    To someone thinking about the Teach First NZ programme. Id say be prepared for a huge, life-changing journeyId say welcome to the start of the race of your life.

    2014 Cohort

    BA(Hons) Te Reo Mori/Tikanga Mori

    University of Waikato

    Teaching Te Reo Mori at Massey High School

    Its been challenging, but I havent once felt that this wasnt the right place for me.Louisa King, 2014 Cohort.

    Teach First NZ grabbed my attention as a programme striving for better outcomes for young people in our country.Jonathan Wieland, 2014 Cohort.

    Nadeen Papalii

    I have always been passionate about initiatives addressing low academic achievement and, in particular, Pasifika development. When I completed my Masters degree, my plan was to continue towards a Doctorate focusing on water quality issues in developing countries. But when I came across Teach First NZs mission, I felt like we had the same heartbeat.

    After one year in the classroom, I can tell you this has been an incredible journey. It is so tough at times. You have to be prepared to develop, to change, to constantly question yourself, to have your weaknesses laid bare. In return you get this amazing opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. Its something Im so grateful to be a part of.

    2013 Cohort

    BE(Hons) Chemical and Materials, ME Environmental Engineering

    University of Auckland

    Teaching Chemistry at Tangaroa College

    Joshua Irving

    I feel like the aims of the Teach First NZ programme perfectly align with my own commitment to working with disadvantaged youth. The practical nature of the training also matches the way I learn best.

    It is such a steep learning curve, but I have amazing support both within the school and through the Teach First NZ staff. When I look back over the past year and see how much Ive learnt and how much Ive grown, it is pretty satisfying. Ive still got a long way to go, and the pressure to keep striving to do my best for my learners never lets up, but the rewards are provided in equal measure and Im looking forward to getting back to school for the second year of the programme.

    2013 Cohort

    BA English Literature and History

    Victoria University of Wellington

    Teaching English at Tangaroa College

    I realised that if I wanted to make a difference this is the spot where I need to be standing.Nadeen Papalii, 2013 Cohort.

    This is easily the hardest thing Ive ever done, which is what makes it such a great development opportunity.Joshua Irving, 2013 Cohort.

  • Lead in your classroom, lead in your school, lead in your community, Lead in your country.










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    Teaching is an incredibly powerful job... you literally have the ability to shape these students futures.Mervin Kissoon, Teach First (UK)

    My goal is to make a real contribution to tackling educational inequality while developing my own leadership capability in the classroom.Ruby Knight, Teach First NZ

    Im convinced that through quality education it is possible to create opportunities for every single one of our children and youth. Darlin Ibarguen, Ensea por Colombia.

    I never thought that [teaching] could be such a give and take experience, that every day I would be learning something new and be so positively affected by my students. Anthony Fowler, Teach For America

    Today I look back at where I started [on the programme] and take pride in who I have become and the value I have added to the lives of many.Macdonald Chapwanya, Teach South Africa I feel really privileged to

    be a part of this group of individuals who all want to make change make that practical difference in the lives of young people. Katy Fernandez, Teach For Australia

    I have a dream that one day, my village will be proud of me and will not look down on me or my family for being poor anymore. Form 3 student, Rural Negeri Sembilan, Teach For Malaysia.

    I am able to connect everything I do today with what I did at Teach For India. No matter what team I am managing, the principles behind leading people and achieving outcomes remains the same. Ankit Dixit, Teach For India

    My experience as a teacher has given me strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of the greatest challenges we face as a country.Pablo Princz, Teach for Argentina

    South Africa

  • Assessment centreOur one-day assessment centres are held in Auckland for all applicants. Teach First NZ covers the costs associated with your travel to an assessment centre. The day includes two interviews, a sample teaching exercise and a group activity and is fully interactive to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the programme and the Teach First NZ organisation.

    OfferIf you are successful, congratulations!You will be given the opportunity to undertake school observations and connect with other successful applicants through an online portal. We will also start our matching process to identify a school placement for you which we aim to confirm before the Summer Initial Intensive in November.

    4 5Online applicationAll applications must be submitted online. You can save your application and return to it at any time. We recommend you review our competencies and application hints and tips at We want you to submit the best application you can, so dont hesitate to call us for advice or to ask any questions on 0800 TO LEAD.

    Register onlineRegistration is quick and easy and will trigger an email to provide you with your unique link to access the application form.

    Phone interviewIf your application is successful, you will be invited to a 20 minute phone interview. This provides an opportunity for us to get to know you better and answer any questions you might have.

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    Recruitment and selection

    ___ The process

    How to applyTo apply for the Teach First NZ leadership development programme register online at Our website also includes more detailed information on the programme, selection process, key dates, and the subjects we recruit into.

    Subjects for 2015 CohortEnglish, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Te Reo Mori*.

    To be eligible to teach in one of our subject areas, you will need at least one paper at third year/300 level or higher. To discuss your eligibility call us on 0800 TO LEAD. or email us at

    Applicants must be a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand.

    *Fluent Te Reo Mori speakers may qualify if the...


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