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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Do you still remember that FEELING you had when you started your first job?</p> <p>The WORLD is my oyster. NOTHING can bring me down</p> <p>You would have your own apartment.</p> <p>Your own car</p> <p>I have personally always wanted a scooter</p> <p>And you would have FREEDOM</p> <p>And probably most importantly, MONEY</p> <p>Then, REALITY kicks in</p> <p>Work isnt what you thought it was going to beIt is actually a lot of ppt, excel, and honestly, keeping your desk company</p> <p>And it doesnt help that peoplehound you</p> <p>And hound you</p> <p>And HOUND you</p> <p>And when you make a MISTAKE, you GUILT TRIP yourself</p> <p>You IDIOT, why didnt you check that?</p> <p>You fall into a DARK and MISERABLE place</p> <p>WHAT is the meaning of life? </p> <p>Is there ANYTHING that comes after this?</p> <p>Am I only worth the SUM of my mistakes?</p> <p>Am I DOOMED to become BFFs with PPT?</p> <p>DARN YOU MICROSOFT</p> <p>I was walking to work todaySLOUCHED AND UPSET</p> <p>When I BUMPED into an old college friend</p> <p>SUDDENLY, I was the old ME againI forgot that I could be HAPPY, SNARKY, CONFIDENT</p> <p>So THIS is the old ME that I had lost!</p> <p>When you realize that you have let your WORRIES bring you down,it is actually a strangely LIBERATING experience</p> <p>I am STRONG. I am AWESOME.And I am MORE than anyone THINKS I am.</p> <p>If I dont like how theyve defined meI am going to DEFINE myself</p> <p>After all, life isnt just about WORKAnd its not just about PLAYThats a Ferris wheel by the way</p> <p>Its about MEAnd the PEOPLE</p> <p>And the THINGSThat I care MOST about</p> <p>If I approach everything with a POSITIVE OUTLOOKI can be EVERYTHING I want to be</p> <p>So after my brief catharsis, I decided to delay going into work for ten minutes to treat myself to a latte</p> <p>Thanks for reading</p> <p>Willows Wednesdays MusingsImage from</p>


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