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Post on 18-Oct-2014



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Do you still remember that FEELING you had when you started your first job?

The WORLD is my oyster. NOTHING can bring me down

You would have your own apartment.

Your own car

I have personally always wanted a scooter

And you would have FREEDOM

And probably most importantly, MONEY

Then, REALITY kicks in

Work isnt what you thought it was going to beIt is actually a lot of ppt, excel, and honestly, keeping your desk company

And it doesnt help that peoplehound you

And hound you

And HOUND you

And when you make a MISTAKE, you GUILT TRIP yourself

You IDIOT, why didnt you check that?

You fall into a DARK and MISERABLE place

WHAT is the meaning of life?

Is there ANYTHING that comes after this?

Am I only worth the SUM of my mistakes?

Am I DOOMED to become BFFs with PPT?


I was walking to work todaySLOUCHED AND UPSET

When I BUMPED into an old college friend

SUDDENLY, I was the old ME againI forgot that I could be HAPPY, SNARKY, CONFIDENT

So THIS is the old ME that I had lost!

When you realize that you have let your WORRIES bring you down,it is actually a strangely LIBERATING experience

I am STRONG. I am AWESOME.And I am MORE than anyone THINKS I am.

If I dont like how theyve defined meI am going to DEFINE myself

After all, life isnt just about WORKAnd its not just about PLAYThats a Ferris wheel by the way

Its about MEAnd the PEOPLE

And the THINGSThat I care MOST about

If I approach everything with a POSITIVE OUTLOOKI can be EVERYTHING I want to be

So after my brief catharsis, I decided to delay going into work for ten minutes to treat myself to a latte

Thanks for reading

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