You Are NOT Your Idea

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Post on 11-Aug-2014




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Don't quit your job until you watch this! 3D animation by Andr Kutscherauer Created by Bruce Kasanoff


You have startup idea burning inside you. You decide to give it a try. You gather your courage Quit your job And take the leap! Voila! Your idea is a company. Meet your new boss: But you still do not feel free. You do not have any customers... And your limited funds are disappearing fast. You are scared. So you decide to pivot. Pivot is a fancy word for change your mind. Your old job is gone. Your first idea failed. What now? Hmmm. You strap together some stuff Rethink your plan And get back on the horse. You start to get a rhythm going. Your second idea stirs to life. But you are not having fun. You used to feel like a slave to your employer. Now you feel like a slave to your idea. You hate feeling like a slave. So you pivot once again. It is two years later. You realize that a good idea is not enough. Entrepreneurs need an idea that fits their personality and abilities. You may not be a 24/7 entrepreneur. Maybe you are better suited to a clever little idea. One that gives you real freedom, and still enough income. Before you jump into a startup, take a hard look at yourself. You are NOT your idea. Credits All visuals by Andre Kutscherauer From his short film Selfillumination Created by Bruce Kasanoff