You Are Not Your Body, Your Emotions, Or Even Your Mind

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  • 7/31/2019 You Are Not Your Body, Your Emotions, Or Even Your Mind


    You are not your Body, your Emotions, or even your Mind

    By Patricia Kenney

    - Ah! Very well, you may think: I know I am more than my existenceon Earth. Do you really? Do you know what this means?

    At a certain moment; at the beginning of the time, the human being realized

    that he was separate from the world around him. Personal experiences

    conveyed to him the idea that he was a being apart from his flock, in

    spite the co-existence they had. When their intelligence began to identify aSELF, an acting body, he gave himself a name. He began, then, to

    understand that he was an intelligent living-being who interacted with what

    existed beside him.

    Afterwards, he identified his different emotions and realized he was more

    than a body and attributed himself a personality. There was an emotional

    SELF who manifested itself, and I think that the Middle Ages well

    represents this time of the passionsdeliria.

    Hence, science emerges and man becomes a thinking, philosophical being,

    In recent decades the process accelerated: we entered the information age

    and we identified ourselves with our mind. I am what I think.

    Today, there are people still going through these different stages. Whereas

    are people who believe being just a physical being, a large majority finds

    themselves absorbed in valuing their emotional, ego-centered self, while

    the other significant portion feels proud of identifying themselves with a

    mental and rational Self.. However, we are leading to the identification of a

    new SELF, feeling amazed that, again, we are none of these things wethought to be.

    The truth is that I am tired of making a huge mental effort to understand

    humanity, reach spirituality, discipline my mind and feel frustrated in

    recognizing my few advances, as my mind, although being a fantastic data

    processor; it is subjected to emotional and physical volatilities. What kind

    of consistence can we reach if things like our ego, emotions and hormones

    can determine whether there will be clarity of thoughts, or a shady fog will

    hover over us every dayor even change from an instant to another, whensomething new takes place? How to consolidate the TRUE SELF on a

  • 7/31/2019 You Are Not Your Body, Your Emotions, Or Even Your Mind


    mind that may has been born with deficiency ; suffered a stroke, or

    forgotten their own identity, because of Alzheimer? Then, if we are not our

    minds, what is left of us? I know that you have the answer at the tip of your

    tongue: we are spirits, souls, but even to this state of being we attribute a

    personality, a history, beliefs, kinship

    The other day I read a saying of Joel Goldsmith that brought me some

    light: there are different STATES of consciousness: the physical, mental

    and spiritual. The idea of different states of conscience jumped to my eyes.

    Yes, the spiritual being manifest itself on the matter, but also on the

    emotions and, finally in the form of thought. Hence, the following phrase

    came to me: Gods thoughts are not the thoughts of man.(Because mythoughts are not your thoughts, and neither your pathways are my

    pathways, said The Lord, Isaias 55:8).

    God, certainly, does not think linearly as we do. Knowledge is a complete

    parcel, it does not involve reasoning. When we have an intuition, it comes

    through as a whole, the little lamp lights up suddenly and, only then, we get

    to reason/rationalize this knowledge. Then the mental process as we know

    must be human, not divine. Therefore, if we are the image and similitude of

    God, we can not be our minds.

    In Genesis, God creates from the word/will: there was light before the sun

    existed; the paradise before the seed. Gods creation IS. In Eden, Adam andEve were supplied with all the gifts and they went about naked. When they

    acquired the knowledge of good and evil, they were ashamed of their

    nudity/nakedness and tried to cover themselves. Acquiring the knowledge

    of good and bad, of the opposites, of being separated from God is the

    discovery that man comes to when he discovers his individual identity.

    From this episode, the most important question is: Who told you that you

    were naked? This is the question God asks man of yesterday and today.

    And the only reply to that is: OUR MIND. It tells us who we are; where we

    are; describes the world to us and determines how we should live in it.

    From its perceptions, our mind is formed by everything that our senses

    supply us, and have supplied throughout our lives, All that you have heard,

    seen, felt, learned, captured, tells you what you are today; how is the world

    around you; and how to expect the things to be and take place. Your

    expectations are based on pieces of information that comes from your

    mind. God has not said anything about evil that scares you; about your

    problems, your anguishes, your fearsit is your mind that is telling you

    about the truth of your world. However, this is not Gods truth. Everythingis reduced to a unique substance that we call God and, therefore, there is

  • 7/31/2019 You Are Not Your Body, Your Emotions, Or Even Your Mind


    nothing separated from God; there are no opposites; there is no good, and

    no evil, all there is, is the unique being, the consciousness Where God is,

    there is peace, love, full knowledge; therefore it is stable, eternal and safe.

    however, as the creations of God present themselves through ourhuman senses, they seem to be physical, material and limited. The reason

    for this anomaly is that our mind, in its non-illuminated state, interprets

    just what we can take notice through our senses. We cannot contemplate

    what it IS: we can only contemplate the interpretation of that which IS.

    (The thunder of Silence - Joel goldsmith).

    Can you understand why the world you see can only be a construction of

    your mind? In fact, it is a collective manifestation, but your mind has

    composed and selected its own repertoire. And this world is rather tangible

    for our mind. It has constructed its data base from its perceptions, but it

    also identifies and judges what exists outside considering its internal

    context. Despite the world seems to be quite consistent... think about this:

    each one sees the world their own way. There are extreme cases - mad

    people - who see a world completely different from the majority. For

    example: there are people who only see hate, attract hate, and therefore

    confirm their own theory of the world. For that reason, take into account

    that your mind is nothing more than a powerful NOTEBOOK which

    collects and registers all the information and images related to you. Now,

    place your notebook at an imaginary distance and look at it. Despite ofits efforts, it is going to go round and endlessly process your information,

    with no chances of reaching the creator, the being that makes use of it.

    THIS is all your mind is, and ITS NOT YOU!

    Your emotions react to your thoughts and yourbodys health is also

    affected by your mind, however, attention, the reverse also takes place.

    Your thoughts are affected by your emotions and by your physical health.

    Therefore, body, emotion and mind are three links of equal weight and

    importance. All of them are in the same level and they are only tools of thebeing that you really are.

    Your mind deserves respect. It is indeed a powerful tool, and we know little

    of what it is capable of. It is a fact that any mind may mold itself instantly

    to any degree of perception. Minds under the influence of drugs,

    meditation, altered states of consciousness, may have its perception

    increased substantially. That is, this amazing machine is ready to meet any

    level of demand, however, we use only 10% capacity. But, however

    powerful it may be, it is only a tool.

  • 7/31/2019 You Are Not Your Body, Your Emotions, Or Even Your Mind


    Physical bodies are also capable of unimaginable feats and can instantly

    respond to impulses. We all have knowledge of feats performed by humans

    that haunt our imagination, of miraculous healings, to the sensory

    capabilities developed beyond the "normal", even overcoming limitations

    that we thought were insurmountable.

    Fewer still is known about the power of our emotional body. We still think

    it serves only to generate emotions. And not rare we fear where our

    emotions can lead us. The truth probably is that the emotional body can be

    the motive power that makes everything come from a non-manifest state to

    the manifest one.

    Everything can respond immediately to the greater being that you are, with

    needless of whatever upgrade. Remember: everything, absolutely

    everything, is reduced to energy (for lack ofa better world), that molds

    itself according to the will of our consciousness.

    So, finally, to discover that we are not our minds can remove an enormous

    weight from our back. With easy general acceptance, we have already

    learned that we are not our bodies and we have also learned to forgive

    ourselves for not being our own emotions; now, being able to understand

    that we are not our minds releases us even more so. Not only because we

    are not the set of our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, but for discovering

    that whoever is tormenting us is no more than a powerful notebookdescribing the worl


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