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YoPersFinAd Your Personal Financial Advisors. Paul Hazelton, Darrell Cronkright and Helen Renkas. GlaxoSmith Kline. Symbol GSK NYSE United Kingdom Pharmaceuticals and health P/E = 10.57 Price 35.72 (7-13) Div Yield 5.30. Analyst say: Buy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



YoPersFinAdYour Personal Financial AdvisorsPaul Hazelton, Darrell Cronkright and Helen Renkas

GlaxoSmith KlineSymbol GSK NYSEUnited KingdomPharmaceuticals and healthP/E = 10.57Price 35.72 (7-13)Div Yield 5.30Analyst say: BuyWas upgraded graded Jun 2010 by Jeffries.Balance SheetAssets 42 BillionLiability 32 BillionStock Equity 10 BillionCurrent ratio: 1.51 92.73 Billion CapWelcome to our officeSo you want some advice about buying or selling your stock?What information are you interested in knowing?Let me ask you a couple of questionsZachary Stockmans BackgroundElderly, married man of retirement age looking at the hill from the far sideHe indicates that he wants a growth stock and is willing to stay in the market for more than 10 years (sounds like a professor from UW-Milwaukee).He has a number of stocks and has been previously advised to move from growth stocks to more conservative or bond investment.

Zachary StockmanAs you can see I am about 70 years young.I am interested in investing in GlaxoSmithKline stock.I realize at my age I should have more bonds, but I think I might experience some growth and I like the 5% dividend for income.

Recommendation for ZacharyEarly retirement age of 70Has a will gives to sonPlanning his 80th birthday party. Other professionals recommend a buyEarnings are paying out dividendsGrowth is not a concern.Zachary is willing to hold the stock until he is 80.He watches stock activity like a hawk.

BUYHoneys BackgroundHoney is a poor chicken farmer in her late 30s and is not looking at the hill in fact she is looking at the green grass ahead with milk and honey.She is interested in growth stocks and willing to stay in the market for more than 10 years.The only stock she wants to invest in from her inheritance is Glaxo. All her eggs would be in one basket.Milk and Money - Honey

Recommendation for HoneyDiversify with mutual fundDont put all your eggs in one basket

BUYMutual FundsCurious George BackgroundCurious is 30 and is curious about investing in individual stocks.He is interested in growth stocks and is willing to stay in the market for more than 10 years.He does have mutual funds but this is a big move for him and he is risk averse.

moneyRecommendation for CuriousYoung enough to take risk.Start with a conservative stock.


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