Yogurt Hair Mask - Rejuvenate Your Hair to Beauty

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The Yogurt Hair Mask deeply penetrates hair cuticle scales to promote connection of fibrous proteins, forming a bright and protective membrane on the surface of the hair.


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2. YogurtHairMask 3. 100ml Yogurt Hair Mask Show your beautiful and flawless hair With keratin, Yogurt Hair Mask deeply penetrates cuticle scales to promote the connection of fibrous proteins. It forms a bright, protective membrane on the surface of hair.The delicate, non-greasy texture let your hair look beautiful and flawless. 4. Direction Wipe dry your hair after shampoo.Apply appropriate amount onto hair evenly (especially strengthen on hair tip).No need to rinse.For daily use.100ml Yogurt Hair Mask 5. IngredientsandFeatures 6. Ingredients and Features Active Keratin Pure intermediate filament protein keeps activities of cystine, deeply penetrates hair to repair cuticles and moisturize hair. 7. Provitamin B5 CHC NH(CH ) OH 3 2 OH O

  • Penetrates into hair roots to condition hairand improves the gloss, toughness and smooth of hair.
  • Forms a membrane on the hair surface to prevent
  • damages from the environment.

Ingredients and Features HOCH C 2 CH 3 CH 3 8. Aloe Butter

  • Protects your hair from dryness
  • Increases moisture andnourishes hair

Ingredients and Features 9. Castor Oil

  • Rich in Ricinoleic Acid.
  • Smoothes the cuticles scales,seals in moisture.
  • Leaves the hair soft and silky.

Ingredients and Features 10. Vacuum Bottle Features

  • Avoids air entering the bottles,resulting in ingredients oxidation.
  • Protects ingredients fromenvironmental pollution.
  • Maximizes the consumption of
  • contents and minimizes the residue.

Ingredients and Features 11.

  • Deeply repair from active keratin
  • Plants extracts added fornourishing and moisturizing
  • Purely reserved in vacuum bottles