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  • Yoga Meditation & Layers of Mind

  • YOGAIt is more than physical exercise.It is a system to develop the human being in all aspects.To attain harmony, inner peace and happiness.

  • The Users Guide for HumansThere are yoga practices for the development of a human being in all spheres:PhysicalPsycho-physicalMental or PsychicPsycho-spiritualSpiritualSocial

  • How the human structure functionsProcessing of food:Rasa (chyle, fluid essence of digested food) blood flesh fat bone bone marrow lymph.Mental expansion as you think so you become ectoplasm.Spiritual awareness.

  • Our daily lifeWhat we do during the 24 hours of our day is what determines our quality of life.How to choose what to do from

    what not to do?

  • ProgressWhat is progress?Is there progress in physical sphere?mental sphere?What is real progress?Answer: spiritual progress.

  • The Human MindIn YOGA the mind is divided into layers

  • The First LayerThe Conscious Mind

  • The Second LayerThe Subconscious Mind

  • The Superconscious MindThird Layer: Supramental intuition, creativity.Fourth Layer: Subliminal conscience and non-attachment.Fifth Layer: the golden layer.

  • How to reach there?

  • The Microcosm and the human being the MacrocosmCosmic Consciousness

  • Mental ExpansionThe microcosm is like a drop of water.The Macrocosm is like the ocean.When the microcosm thinks of the Macrocosm human mind expands to the Infinite

  • The MantraThinking about the Infinite the Macrocosm, the Cosmic Consciousness.It is a thought or a word which expands the mind and liberates it from limitations.No side effects.

  • Before Meditating

  • Start of Meditating

  • Meditating

  • MantraBaba Nam KevalamLove is all there is Everything is Cosmic Consciousness

  • Let us try to meditateBaba Nam KevalamEverything is Cosmic ConsciousnessLove is all there is

  • I love this tiny green island Surrounded by the seaTouched by the seaDecorated by the seaAm I a secluded figureIn the vast a little, a meagerNo, no, no, no I am not aloneThe Great is with me