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Yoga Meditation & Layers of MindYOGAIt is more than physical exercise.It is a system to develop the human being in all aspects.To attain harmony, inner peace and happiness.The Users Guide for HumansThere are yoga practices for the development of a human being in all spheres:PhysicalPsycho-physicalMental or PsychicPsycho-spiritualSpiritualSocialHow the human structure functionsProcessing of food:Rasa (chyle, fluid essence of digested food) blood flesh fat bone bone marrow lymph.Mental expansion as you think so you become ectoplasm.Spiritual awareness.Our daily lifeWhat we do during the 24 hours of our day is what determines our quality of life.How to choose what to do from what not to do?ProgressWhat is progress?Is there progress in physical sphere?mental sphere?What is real progress?Answer: spiritual progress.The Human MindIn YOGA the mind is divided into layersThe First LayerThe Conscious MindThe Second LayerThe Subconscious MindThe Superconscious MindThird Layer: Supramental intuition, creativity.Fourth Layer: Subliminal conscience and non-attachment.Fifth Layer: the golden layer.How to reach there?The Microcosm and the human being the MacrocosmCosmic ConsciousnessMental ExpansionThe microcosm is like a drop of water.The Macrocosm is like the ocean.When the microcosm thinks of the Macrocosm human mind expands to the Infinite The MantraThinking about the Infinite the Macrocosm, the Cosmic Consciousness.It is a thought or a word which expands the mind and liberates it from limitations.No side effects.Before MeditatingStart of MeditatingMeditatingMantraBaba Nam KevalamLove is all there is Everything is Cosmic ConsciousnessLet us try to meditateBaba Nam KevalamEverything is Cosmic ConsciousnessLove is all there isI love this tiny green island Surrounded by the seaTouched by the seaDecorated by the seaAm I a secluded figureIn the vast a little, a meagerNo, no, no, no I am not aloneThe Great is with me


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