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Sports science


  • YIS Coaches Code of Conduct-ABCs ppreciation-Coaches should appreciate the presence of

    each student equally.

    ehavior- Coaches should behave appropriately at all times.

    ompliments-Coaches should compliment students when they perform well.

    rinking- Coaches are encouraged not to consume alcohol before games or practices. Coaches should not drink in the presence of students.

    xclude- Coaches should not leave students unaccounted. Everybody should be included.

    undamentals- Coaches should educate the students about the fundamentals of the sport, before letting them play a game.

    oal- Coaches should set goals for themselves, and encourage students to do the same.

  • onest- Coaches should encourage students to be honest to the team and their coach.

    ndependence- Each coach should be able to work and think independently, and should encourage students to do the same.

    eopardize- Coaches should never jeopardize the teams/students opportunities for the sake of themselves or other teammates.

    nowledge- Coaches should have sufficient knowledge of the game and its rules.

    ethargic- Coaches should not be lethargic. This will bring down the team.

    otivate- Coaches should motivate the students to do better, and to reach their goals.

    eglect- Coaches should not neglect the problems of students outside the sport.

    ptimism- Coaches should be optimistic even when a game or practice isnt going great.

  • rofanity- If students are not allowed to swear in school, coaches should not be allowed to either.

    uestions- Coaches should be open to answering any questions from the team, other than personal ones.

    est- Coaches should encourage sleep and rest after practice. Training should not continue after certain hours. Games are an exception.

    elf-Confidence- Coaches should encourage students to be self-confident. Coaches should not talk to a player in a way that would destroy their confidence.

    ouch- Coaches should know the difference between good touch and bad touch. Coaches will never cross that line. Students are allowed to refuse any kind of touch that makes them uncomfortable, and coaches should ask permission from the student before touching them for a demonstration.

    nderstand- Coaches should understand when students have issues or events (which are out of their control) that interfere with the sport.

  • ague- Coaches should not be vague when instructing a player.

    ell-being- Coaches should always have the teams well being in mind.

    -Coaches should never X (cross) any sort of line, regarding relationships with players. Fraternizing with any member of the team is strictly prohibited.

    ell Coaches are encouraged not to yell at their team on a regular basis.

    est- Coaches should encourage students to have good meals during lunch, which are provided by ZEST. J