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  • EDITORS NOTELaunch Party SuccessWow. Thats all we can say.

    What an amazing time we had on August 30 at the Mercer Tavern celebrating the launch of our digital magazine. It was great seeing so many members of the fitness community out to join us and it was a packed house.

    We were able to help Ronald McDonald House raise over $250 through your support with raffle ticket sales. We hope everyone had as good a time as we did. It was great chatting with old friends and making some new ones.

    This is just the start of some great things to come as we continue to showcase all the great things YEG has to offer.

    TJ SADLER Editor

    JOEL VERHAGEN Graphic Design

    SEAN WILLIAMS Photographer

    CHAN RIN Photographer



  • EDMONTON EVENTS2014 TransCanada Corp. World Triathlon Grand Final TUESDAY, AUG 26, 6PM MONDAY, SEP 1, 2014, 6PM

    2014 Edmonton Open Table Tennis Championships SATURDAY, SEP 6, 2014, 9:30AM6PM

    Edmonton Walk for Muscular Dystrophy SATURDAY, SEP 6, 2014,

    Strides for Change - Everyday Heroes SATURDAY, SEP 6, 2014, 10AM2PM

    Vendetta Run SATURDAY, SEP 6, 2014,

    Tour of Alberta SUNDAY, SEP 7, 2014,

    Run for the Brave SUNDAY, SEP 7, 2014, 8:15AM12:30PM

    Tour du Cancervive WEDNESDAY, SEP 10 SUNDAY, SEP 14,

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  • EDMONTON EVENTSMEC Race Four 5K/10K/Half Marathon SATURDAY, SEP 13, 2014, 9AM1PM

    Run for Brain Research 2014 SATURDAY, SEP 20, 2014, 9AM2:30PM

    Open Minds Walk & Run SATURDAY, SEP 20, 2014,

    Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life SATURDAY, SEP 20, 2014, 59PM

    Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure SUNDAY, OCT 5,

    Merriott Turkey Chase MONDAY, OCT 13, 2014,

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  • Choosing A Chiropractor by Dr. Tyler Fix

    There are a lot of options when it comes to Chiropractic care, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right

    Chiropractor, or even to choose whether to see one altogether. Here are some important things to consider when

    choosing a Chiropractor.

  • 1. Exercises

    I would look for someone who will give you exercises (not just stretches). To me this is mandatory, no matter what type of injury or even if you are getting regular treatment for no injury. Regardless of the reason you are seeking care and the type of treatment or treatment plan, exercise should be incorporated. This helps you help yourself in between office visits and when done properly, can help with preventing injury

    recurrence and even with improving performance.

    You can simply ask if rehabilitative or other exercises will be given as part of the treatment. Most of the exercises we commonly prescribe can be found on our

    YouTube channel.

    2. Hands on Treatment

    There should be some sort of hands on treatment with most Chiropractors. This often includes some sort of Chiropractic adjusting and may include soft tissue therapy such as Active Release Technique, Graston Technique,

    and various other general muscle treatment techniques.

    For sports injuries and soft tissue injuries, some sort of soft tissue therapy is often helpful.

    Types of AdjustingThere are many different types of adjusting, rang-ing from what most people are familiar with (ad-justments that make a popping type noise) to very gentle techniques with very little force and no noise. All forms are very safe, but some people prefer more aggressive types and some people prefer more gentle options.

    The typical popping adjusting is closer to what other types of practitioners like Physical Therapists or Osteo-paths do, while the more gentle types of adjusting are typically only performed by Chiropractors.

    Some common types of adjustments that make noise include Diversified or Gonstead Technique. Often, if there is no specific mention of a type of treatment used, I would assume a more typical adjusting that often makes a noise.

    More gentle techniques with no noise and very lit-tle force include Activator technique, Torque Release Technique, MC2 technique, Network Chi-ropractic and various upper cervical techniques like NUCCA. Most often these will be advertised by the prac-titioner. Most are remarkably gentle, probably the gen-tlest form of hands on treatment you can find.

  • 3. Additional Options

    Some Chiropractors also use acupuncture, orthotics and nutrition recommendations as additions to exercise and adjustments. Acupuncture is often a useful treatment

    for people and has some good supporting evidence.

    Orthotics will provide some foot support 100% of the time and can be helpful. Nutrition is obviously important and is something I would expect from any-one who is offering wellness care, preventative care, or claiming to improve or

    maintain general health.

    4. ModalitiesVarious therapy machines like Ultrasound, TENS, Laser therapy, shockwave therapy, trac-tion, and spinal decompression will also be used by some Chiropractors in some situations.I would recommend these as additions only, if at all, and not as primary treatments.

  • Redefined Health is an Edmonton Chiropractic studio that strives to provide the most current and effective conservative health care available. Some of the treatment options include:

    Chiropractic ServicesCustom Rehab Programs

    Soft Tissue TherapyWellness Nutrition

    Custom Foot OrthoticsWellness Lifestyle Program

    They are conveniently located at :10118 124 Street NW

    Edmonton, AB T5N1P6

  • Photography by Sean Williams

  • Free pop-up fitness classes have become quite the rage in Edmonton this past year. With the likes of November Project Canada, Spontaneous Fitness Edmonton and others, people are flocking to these workouts for their variety and family like atmosphere.

    MoveYEG is one of these free weekly exercise programs that allows Edmontonians to become physically active with the benefit of the aid from a family physician and a kinesiologist. This community-based program encourages participants to be active outside, without needing to go to a gym or buy any exercise equipment. The exercise program combines walk-ing, strength training, and physical activity in the beautiful surroundings ofHawrelak Park.

    Everyone is welcome. Its targeted for beginner and intermedi-ate fitnesslevels. All you need is running shoes, a water bottle and weather-appropriate clothing. Its free to join!

    The program was started by Dr. Doug Klein and Matt Kallioo. Dr. Klein is an Edmonton family physician and an Associate Pro-fessor with the Department of Family Medicine at the Universi-tyof Alberta. He is a recognized expert on lifestyleintervention in primary care and has several ongoing research and health promotion projects based in primary care in Alberta. Matt Kallio is asessional instructor at Grant MacEwan University and aKinesiologist/Exercise Specialist at Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network. His passion is to reduce sedentary behavior and increase physical activity while considering each individuals unique lifestyle.

    The inspiration of MOVE was to help people get active rath-er than tell people to get active, says Dr. Klein. The goal was to support people to become more active while enjoying nature and the river valley Edmonton has to offer. Further, this program provides a way for participants to establish relation-ships with other individuals in their community while increasing their physical activity levels.

    This seems to be one of the biggest attractions people have to groups such as MoveYEG. Gyms and fitness studios for various reasons often intimidate people. Perhaps they are overweight and shy away from large fitness facilities, or maybe they are feeling that their strength or endurance will cause embarrass-ment in front of other gym members. Whatever the reason for them staying away from fitness studios, groups such as Mov-eYEG create that sense of belonging and encouragement so that people, regardless of their abilities, will become active and healthy.

    Our program is meant for beginner to intermediate fitness levels so this would be a perfect activity for individuals looking to gradually get more active following their injury and rehab, he says. Our varying intensities of walks and exercises allow individuals to push themselves at an intensity that is right for them. This program is a great starting point for anyone to look at getting more active or returning to activity following an injury that has been properly rehabilitated from a medical team.

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