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  1. 1. Xray for JIRA Overview Bruno Conde Lead Product Developer Manage Automated and Manual Tests inside JIRA
  2. 2. Why JIRA? JIRA is the ideal environment for Test Management Project Management Defect Tracking (bugs) Collaboration / Comments Customizable and adaptable Advanced Workflow capabilities Searching Work Assignment Tracking changes Relating issues using links Importing issues from other systems or formats Tests Defects Requirements
  3. 3. ... so what is missing? Test related artifacts (tests, executions, plans) Visibility of testing results and progress in Agile boards Requirement Coverage visibility Advanced reporting for generating documents and drill-down on data
  4. 4. Testing with Xray Specify Test Pre-Condition Organize Test Set Test Repository (v3.0) Plan Test Plan Execute Test Execution Sub-Test Execution Test Run
  5. 5. Xray for JIRA Manual and Automated and Pre-Conditions Specifying Test Cases
  6. 6. Composed by a list of steps Each Step is defined by: Action/Step Data Expected Result Input Attachments Support for JIRA Wiki markup Importing steps from Excel (using copy&paste) CSV JSON Other Test issues Specifying Manual Tests
  7. 7. Native support for Cucumber BDD Specify tests in a business-readable domain-specific language Test definition serves as documentation Automated test steps may be implemented in Ruby, Java, .Net, etc Export specification and execute it during Continuous Integration Specifying Automated Cucumber Tests
  8. 8. Abstracts initial steps that must be ensured before starting the test. Manual or Automated (mapped to background clause in case of Cucumber) Reusable; may be linked to multiple Tests Complement specifications with Pre-Conditions
  9. 9. Xray for JIRA Organizing your Test Cases Organize Test Cases using Test Sets or create a hierarchy
  10. 10. Flat, with Test Sets Organizing Tests Cases A issue that represents a list of tests organized by some logical way. For the hierarchy/folder mindset Hierarchical (v3.0)
  11. 11. Xray for JIRA Plan which Test Cases will be included in your next release/cycle and analyze the testing progress Creating a Test Plan
  12. 12. A Test Plan has the following goals: Specify which Test Cases will be included in your testing goal (e.g. the next release) Consolidating the latest execution results for the Tests Planning with Test Plans
  13. 13. Xray for JIRA Executing Tests
  14. 14. A task for executing a group of tests on a given version and environment of the system. Contains a list of tests and their results (i.e. test runs) Can be labeled, prioritized, assigned to testers and contain components, etc. May be created manually or during Continuous Integration Executing with Test Executions
  15. 15. Set Execution Result Create Defect issues Attach Evidences Add comments Check the Execution Activity Log At the execution screen of a Test Run
  16. 16. Xray for JIRA Automated Tests
  17. 17. Supported formats Xray JSON Cucumber Behave JUnit Nunit Robot framework Calabash more to come Integrating with automated test frameworks
  18. 18. Xray REST API and CI tools https://confluence.xpand-addons.com/display/XRAY/REST+API
  19. 19. Xray for JIRA Where do I create Test cases? And what about Executions? Project Organization Scenarios
  20. 20. A single project to manage your Requirements and Defects, Test related issues and also have all your Test Executions. All for One and One for All
  21. 21. A dedicated project for Xray issue types. Don't mix my Requirements and Defects with Tests
  22. 22. Ok, great but how can I know the status of requirements? Xray for JIRA
  23. 23. Requirements with testing information With Xray: Real-time information about the coverage status of the requirement for a given version Real-time information about the associated test results, for a given version A requirement may be any issue type you may have; test coverage can be made in any issue type
  24. 24. Xray for JIRA Analyzing the status of Requirements, Tests for a given project Reports
  25. 25. Built-in reports JIRA gadgets in JIRA dashboards Agile boards Through other top-notch JIRA add-ons Multiple ways of reporting
  26. 26. Provides a quick way of evaluating the current (coverage) status of your project's requirements, so you will be able to see if they are ready to release or not. These reports are provided both as native reports as well as Gadgets. Requirement Coverage Reports
  27. 27. Shows the testing traceability, from requirements to defects. This helps you analyze the requirements and related Tests, Test Runs and defects, for quickly identifying uncovered or incomplete/faulty requirements. Traceability Report
  28. 28. Xray gives you visibility of your testing results and its progress. Enhanced Agile Boards with Xray
  29. 29. Use Xporter to generate fully customizable Word, Excel or PDF files with your testing reports to give to your management, colleagues or to your customers (e.g. Test specification, Test Execution progress and respective results, Test Plan details). Reports as deliverable assets
  30. 30. Our support is amazing!
  31. 31. Xray for JIRA Q&A Session
  32. 32. w w w. x p a n d - a d d o n s . c o m Thank you! bruno.conde@xpand-it.com