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Design for the Majority


  • 1. X-Ray Group: Final Project Proposal Parsons: Andrea Bradshaw & Xian Zhang Siva: You Hongtao, Yin Xiaoming, Jia Jun & Tan Weiming

2. X-ray technology: What it is used for

  • joints (arthritis)
  • bone density (osteoporosis)
  • look at arteries
  • mammography
  • spinal cord/column
  • chest: heart failure, lung cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, TB
  • GI Tract: tumors, cancer, ulcer, blockages, hernias, scarring
  • kidney stones, enlarged prostate

3. X-ray technology: How it works

  • Traditional & Digital


  • Medical Imaging Today (China)
    • Experience
      • Rooms are cold and uninviting
      • Machine is uncomfortable and inaccessible, especially in rural areas
    • Technology
      • Technology is in disrepair, did not take the advantage of digitalization
      • Many operators do not understand how it works


  • Medical Imaging Today (US)
    • Experience
      • Rooms are cold and uninviting
      • Machine is uncomfortable and inaccessible
      • A lot of waiting time is involved
    • Machine
      • Expensive
      • Low Mobility
      • Uncomfortable


  • Ease of Machine Operation:Give it a familiar interface
      • Physical: similar to a camera
      • Digital: simple and clear, easy to transmit
  • Patient Experience
    • Provide More Information
      • Directional Posters & Pamphlets
    • Make it more comfortable
      • X-ray bed design
      • Waiting room design
  • Safety
    • Promotion of the use of lead aprons
    • use lead fiber fabric to increase comfort
    • Keep non-x-ray patients out of the imaging room

7. Current Portable X-Ray Machines 8. Deliverable 1: Imaging Transmission

  • Using easy templates to assure image quality with low dose machines

9. Deliverable 1: Continued

  • Transmit X-Rays
    • Send via cell phone or internet
    • Can be send faster for the smaller image size
    • Send the data to trained doctors in Tier 1 Hospitals
    • Label small images from template
    • Able to be read by all computers
    • Reassemble images using template information & image labels
    • High-quality image to allow for diagnosis
  • Communicate Findings
    • Interface allows for easy diagnosis
    • Diagnosis received as simple, understandable text message

10. Deliverable 2: Lead Fiber Apron

  • Currently not used in rural x-ray process
  • Designed to protect the glands
  • Designed to be used with different procedures
  • Give the patients a greater sense of respect and privacy

11. Deliverable 3: Machine Improvement

  • Designed to work for mammogram, dental, breaks, sprains, etc.
  • Easy to carry, install and dismantle
  • 360 degree turn tray


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