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  • 1.Maximizing the Potential of YourDatacenter Using XenServerSeptember 2012

2. Citrix XenServer Best virtualizationplatform Free XenServer Impact 900,000+ downloadsXenServer 5.5 now meets 100% of our 150,000+ unique organizationsenterprise requirements > 50% of Fortune 500 run XenServer-BurtonGroup,2009 Proven with leading vendors technology Look closely at Citrix as an alternative to Entrusted by demanding organizations VMware. [Citrix] offers many of the same features as VMware with more flexibility and ato run the most mission critical appslower price. Optimized for XenDesktop deployments-Info-TechResearchGroup,2011 Used by the largest clouds Magic Quadrant Leader" noted for features and price/performance Optimized for Cloud deployments -Gartner,2011 Validated by market thought leaders 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 3. Gartner Magic Quadrant ReportCitrix placed in the leaders quadrantThe competitive market for x86 server virtualizationinfrastructure has matured,leading more enterprises toreconsider their choices,and, instead, considermultiple virtualizationinfrastructures.**Gartner references extracted from Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure published June 11, 2012 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 4. Leveraging Multiple HypervisorsThe BenefitsHow many server virtualization Many organizations leverage a combination vendors are you using?The Challengesof VMware, for advanced management of54 32 1 When possible, ensure one of yourcritical workloads and apps, and Citrix or1% 3% 7% solutions can manage the other for day-Microsoft for cost savings in non-critical to-day management tasks like livesystems. migration & P2V. Microsoft can also bring high performance Microsoft & Citrix can manage VMware for Microsoft apps like Exchange orand each other. SharePoint. VMware is beginning to offer Citrix XenServer is often utilized to support 31% management of Microsoft VMs. Citrixs XenDesktop.58% What pair of vendorsWhat vendor are2%are you using?you using? 4% 5%7%VMware/CitrixVMware 9% VMware/Microsoft20%41%VMware/OracleMicrosoft 9%Microsoft/OracleCitrix 71%Oracle/Red Hat 32%Red Hat Microsoft/Red Hat Source: Info-Tech Research Group; N = 71 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 5. Why Customers Virtualize with XenServer? 10 minutes to Xen No single points of failure1 Ease of Use Centrally manage hundreds of virtual servers Enterprise-class features such as live migration, disk snap shots, high availability, memory overcommit Enables you to optimize resources with zero-2 Performancedowntime to users. Cloud and Desktop Optimized for high density workloads with usage specific optimizations Industry-leading server virtualization, free! Extends your server consolidation savings into3 Affordable capital equipment, space, power and cooling costs Per host pricing for premium editions 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 6. XenServer Meets All Virtualization Needs High performance, resilient virtualization platform Enterprise Simple deployment and management modelData Center Host based licensing to control CAPEX Desktop Optimized for high performance desktop workloads Virtualization Storage optimizations to control VDI CAPEX Platform for IaaS and Cloud Service ProvidersCloud Powers the NetScaler SDX platformInfrastructure Fully supports Software Defined Networking Enhanced integrations with Citrix CloudPlatform 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 7. EnterpriseData Center Virtualization 8. Workload Placement Services Feature name: Workload Balancing Automated guest start-up andmanagement based on definedpolicy Guests automatically migrate fromone host to another based onresource usage Power-on/off hosts as needed Report on utilization of poolresources by VM, by host, etc. 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 9. Integrated Site Recovery Supports LVM SRs Replication/mirroring setup outsidescope of solution Follow vendor instructions Breaking of replication/mirror also manual Works with every iSCSI and FCarray on HCL Supports active-active DR 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 10. Delegated Web Based Administration Enables: IT delegation for administrators VM level administration for end users Support for multiple pools Active Directory enabled Leverages XenServer RBAC XenVNC and RDP console access 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 11. Live Storage XenMotion Extends standard XenMotionLive Migrates VM disks from any Virtual Machine storage type to any other storage typeLocal, DAS, iSCSI, FC XenServer Hypervisor Supports cross pool migrationRequires compatible CPUs VDI(s) Encrypted Migration model Specify management interfaceXenServer Pool for optimal performance 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 12. Desktop Optimized XenServer 13. Supporting High Performance Graphics Feature name: GPU pass-through Enables high-end graphics in VDIdeployments with HDX 3D Pro Optimal CAD application supportwith XenDesktop More powerful thanRemoteFX, virtual GPUs, or othergeneral purpose graphics solutions 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 14. Controlling Shared Storage Costs IntelliCache Caching of XenDesktop 5 images Leverages local storage Reduce IOPS on shared storage Supported since XenServer 5.6 SP2 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 15. Cost Effective VM Densities Supporting VMs with up to: 16 vCPU per VM 128GB Memory per VM Supporting XenServer hosts with up to: 1TB Physical RAM 160 logical processors Yielding up to 150 Desktop images per host Included at no cost with all XenDesktop purchases Cisco Validated Design for XenDesktop on UCS 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 16. Cloud Optimized XenServer 17. Distributed Virtual Network Switching Virtual SwitchVM Open source: www.openvswitch.org Provides a rich layer 2 feature set Cross host internal networksVM Rich traffic monitoring options DVS Controller Virtual appliance Web-based GUIVM Can manage multiple pools VM Can exist within pool it managesVM 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 18. NetScaler SDX Powered by XenServer Complete tenant isolation Complete independence Partitions within instances Optimized network: 50+ Gbps Runs default XenServer 6 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 19. XenServer Customers 20. U.S. Army Shared Services Center Part of the Armys Armament Research, Development and EngineeringCenter, leads the design, build, training and deployment of Army ERPsolutions. Looking for cost savings through hardware consolidation How XenServer helped: Consolidated SAP environment from 21 to 4 servers. Increased processing capacity 300% Reduction in operating costs yielded savings of $414,181 in first year Next steps: Moving additional workloads to XenServer to capitalize on costsavings Implement Disaster Recovery solution Examining XenDesktop for desktop virtualization 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 21. Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina based teaching hospital State funding cuts threatened services XenDesktop for application delivery 300 applications virtualized Supporting rural out reach programs Facilitating mobile access to patient information XenServer used for additional server consolidation IT and capital costs shrunk Power and cooling reduced by 73% Service uptime objectives met for clinicians, physicians and researchers 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 22. 1&1 Internet Leading global Web Hosting provider 5 data centers with 70,000 servers in Europe and USA Over 11 million customers on paid services Manage over 18 million domain names Searching for best solution for its public cloudoffering, Dynamic Cloud Server XenServer chosen for cloud platform due to: product maturity open source code-base flexible pricing model Citrix worldwide support and services Looking at other Citrix offerings Evaluating Citrix CloudPlatform for cloud orchestration layer 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 23. XenServer Pricing andPackaging 24. Product Packaging and Pricing XenServer Data protection and resiliency for enterprise- $5,000 wide virtual environments /hostPlatinum XenServer Automated, integrated, and production-ready$2,500 offering for medium to large enterprise /host Enterprisedeployments Highly available and memory optimized virtual XenServer$1,000 infrastructure for improved TCO and host/host Advancedutilization Free, enterprise-ready virtual infrastructure with XenServer management tools above and beyondFREE Freealternatives 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 25. Subscription AdvantageCitrix Subscription Advantage entitles customers the ability to upgrade to the latest software version for their productat no additional charge. Support not included. Renewal CategoriesCurrent:Renewal SRPActive membershipsReinstatement:Renewal SRP + pro-rated renewal for time expiredMemberships that are expired 1 through 365 days + 20% feeRecovery:Recovery SRPMemberships that are expired more than 365 daysEdition Renewal SRPRecovery SRPXenServer Platinum$675.00 per SVR$2,800.00 per SVRXenServer Enterprise$325.00 per SVR$1,400.00 per SVRXenServer Advanced$130.00 per SVR$560.00 per SVR 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 26. Support OptionsXenServer Support OptionsPremier SupportCost 7% of license cost (SRP)Product Coverage XenServer Advanced, Enterprise and PlatinumCoverage Hours 24x7x365IncidentsUnlimitedNamed Contacts UnlimitedType of Access Phone/Web/EmailAdd-on Service OptionsSoftware or Hardware TRM 200 hours/Unlimited incidents/1region $40,000Additional TRM hours 100 hours $20,000Fully Dedicated TRM1600 hours/Unlimited incidents/1 region $325,000On-site Days On-site technical support service $2,000 per dayAssigned Escalation200 hours/1 region (must have TRM)$16,000Fully Dedicated Assigned Escalation1600 hours$480,000 2012 Citrix | Confidential Do Not Distribute 27. Its Your B